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26-year-old Female living in Melbourne, Victoria Australia

Hi there. :) I love to travel. I've been in the industry for about 2 years. I grew up in Manila, Philippines then migrated to Melbourne in 2008. So far, I've been to Malaysia, N.America (West), Bali, various places around Australia and I have New Zealand coming up in July! :) One day I wish to travel around Europe, the rest of N.America and Canada. :)

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Hi everyone! WHAT IS UPPP. My friend and I are doing the Grand Explorer Auckland to Queenstown on the 24July 2012! We are flying in from Melbourne on the 23rd. :) We have not booked our accommodation yet as we are looking for cheaper options. We will be in a quad room throughout the tour so we are looking forward to meet our roomies! :) We are both going on a relaxing holiday before this contiki trip so by the time we go to New Zealand, we will both be pretty relaxed and ready to party! lol. Anyone going on this trip, give me a follow and we can talk and meet up prior to the tour! ;)

Posted almost 4 years ago to the NZ Grand Explorer Auckland to Queenstown 24JUL12 discussion

RoyceRoyce (Royce)

im doing eastern discovery with you on 21st to. YAY!! cant wait to go.!!!

Posted about 4 years ago

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    hey!! i wont be going now! i'm going new zealand with a mate instead. haha. it wont let me take the tour off my profile for some reason! :|

    almost 4 years ago

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