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Hey Pascal!! -European Escapade July.1-July.25 2010 Spanish Spree Summer 2012!!!

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1 country \ 9 days \ from US$1405 per person

Want to catch island fever, soak up the sun & experience a few of Greece's hottest destinations? Now's your chance! Starting in the Greek capital we'll then set sail to some of the country's best island spots. With 9 days, there’s loads of time to experience everything. Chill beachside, live it up with the locals, sightsee, indulge in awesome optionals or just relax. Finish back in Athens for another slice of the ancient city. It's a great way to combine culture, partying & seeing this beautiful area of the world.

Emily_CanadaEmily_Canada (Emily_Canada)

Spanish Spree July22/23 2012?? Anybody else?

Hi soon to be travel friends, I going on the Spanish Spree on July22/23. The reason for the double date? I'm leaving from Canada and we book our trips it includes a day of travel. So I think the tour starts on the 23rd of July. SO July 23 to Aug.5 Who's going???? Summer in Spain going to be great!!

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