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I'm a high school teacher from Colorado. :)

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Hey all who are looking for some insight as to what to expect for the Big Indochina Adventure (Which also encompasses the Asian Adventure, and Vietnam tours). I have recently returned. It was an amazing experience! DO THE WHOLE THING IF TIME ALLOWS YOU TO! Anyways, I know when I was getting ready for my trip I tried to find blogs or other things about the trip. gives good insight to the tour. I also wrote a blog about my trip (which also includes my few days in Koh Phi Phi before my tour started) Feel free to ask questions, or shoot me an email as well. Here is my blog--- and YES we did do quite a bit of partying, but it is not included in the blog (had to keep it relatively PG for my grandma) :) HAPPY TRAVELS!

Posted almost 4 years ago to the Just returned from Big Indochina Adventure.... discussion

MaryMoMaryMo (MaryMo)

Koh Phi Phi- June 6-9

Hey I'm planning on going to Koh Phi Phi Don for some beach fun- before my Big Indochina tour June 10. Anyone planning on being in that area aroudn the same time? Let me know!

Asked about 4 years ago about Asia Thailand Phi Phi (0 responses)

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