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the easy rider

hey guys, so i think i've decided i want to go on the easy rider tour, and my friend has also decided she wants to come with me. but i have a few questions i'm hoping someone will be able to answer for me. i pretty much want to know everything that anyone can tell me about this specific tour, details details details! also, i was reading some discussions just before and someone mentioned that when you do the camping tours you camp a bit further out from the main parts of where you're staying so spend a lot of time at camp. is this true? coz i'm hoping to go out partying etc on at least some nights, will camping make this hard to do? thirdly, im 19 years old, so wondering when the best time of the year to go would be if i want to tour with people more of similiar age? i was hoping for august coz thats probably the soonest i can go as im saving up really hard atm. ta! :)

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