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Travel........ I have done a lot of Contiki Tours. USA & Canada - Grand Northern, USA - Big Apple, Greece - Mykonos, North Africa - Egypt & the Nile, New Zealand - Grand Explorer and Great Keppel Island in Australia when it was a Contiki resort. Londone Scene - England, European Escapade - Europe, La Scene - USA, LA to the Bay - USA, Hawaii Stopover - USA. Eastern Africa from J'Burg north to N... More

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hey, just saw your question, i start 2 weeks after you the same tour! hope your enjoy!!

Posted about 3 years ago

JenJennifer (Jen)

Russia & Scandinavia plus Start Berlin 29/6/13

Hi, Anyone going on this tour or been on this tour that can offer advice. I'm wanting to know do I pack for Summer or Winter or a bit of both, and roughly how many Euro's to budget for each day. Any other advice you can offer would also be great :)

Asked about 3 years ago about Meeting Places Europe Scandinavia And Russia Weather Russia Spending Money Travel Advice Money (37 responses)

JenJennifer (Jen)


Uploaded about 3 years ago

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