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Doing my first Contiki tour in 2013! Hello UK & Ireland! :-)

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JoannaJoanna (Joanna)

Good/affordable London hostels near the airport?

I'm looking for a hostel which I can stay in before and after my Contiki trip in London. As I am departing very early in the morning I would prefer to stay somewhere close to Heathrow airport. Does anyone have any good suggestions for hostels? Thanks!

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JoannaJoanna (Joanna)


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JoannaJoanna (Joanna)

UK and Ireland tour 19th July 2013 - anyone else?

Is anyone going on this tour too? It's my first Contiki and I'm going alone from Australia, so not really sure what to expect... Hoping to meet lots of awesome people along the way! :-) Also if anyone is keen to check out a bit of London, I'll be arriving in London 2 days prior to departure, so on the 17th of July. I'm into live music, museums, sight-seeing etc - always keen to explore something new!! #earlycatchups

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