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21-year-old Female living in Gold Coast, Queensland Australia

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duckeggyKimberley (duckeggy)


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duckeggyKimberley (duckeggy)


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duckeggyKimberley (duckeggy)

Anyone planning to do Europe tour in summer 2014?

I am from the UK but living in Aus- Queensland at the moment (I travel quite a lot). Just wondering if any Aussies or anyone from anywhere is planning to do any European tours for the summer of 2014- I'm really thinking about it, but scared that a few of my friends who have agreed to go may drop out & I'll be left myself; just wondering who might also be going for it & may be in the same position, so I know I won't be alone in that situation!

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duckeggyKimberley (duckeggy)


Uploaded almost 3 years ago

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