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SHAUNASHAUNA posted on Todd's (TBryHoff) profile

Hey Todd did you ever make it to Egypt last year? My friend and I are looking into taking the tour next year. Thank you for all the advice on the China Tour it was absolutely amazing like you said. Definitely my favorite trip so far!!!

Posted about 1 month ago

  • TBryHoff


    Hi Shauna, yes I did and it was amazing. Yes, with the trouble in the area, it was a little nerve--wracking in advance, but once there, I did not even think about it. It is definitely a very different Contiki though...not really much partying or going out anywhere, but just so many unbelievable sites its surreal. I mean, your first day you see the pyramids and the Cairo museum and think it can only go down from there but it doesn't. So many different temples, etc. to see and once you get out of the crazy Cairo area (the only place I did not like, other than it being the launch point for Giza), you get a lot of time to chill out and rest mixed in with ridiculouse amount of sightseeing, from the relaxing felucca ride on the Nile to the incredibly nice Nile cruise ship with topdeck pool and lounge area, to wrapping up on the Red Sea with unbelievably beautiful waters to snorkle in. For such an incredible destination, it is sad how badly the industry has been hurt by the turmoil as Sherif (the only Contiki tour manager there) does not make nearly as much as he used to with the decrease in tours, you get these phenomenal sites nearly to yourselves, the locals are so friendly and desperate for your business and when you get to the cruise ship, you'll have this large boat also almost entirely to yourselves and when you dock at certain ports, you'll walk through numerous other boats that are docked and have turned into ghost ships that just are not used anymore because no one is visiting anymore. So, yes...this trip is totally worth it and if you need any suggestions, let me know. While in the area though, I highly recommend doing Jordan as well, and potentially a quick stop in Lebanon. Both have incredible sites worth seeing.

    about 1 month ago

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Alavallalain posted on Todd's (TBryHoff) profile

Todd - was doing some searching in the forum on "egypt" and found your question. did you already go? i'm booked for nov 2014.

Posted almost 2 years ago

  • TBryHoff


    Hey, no unfortunately not. Contiki delayed starting up the trips until later this year and I needed to take my trip somewhere in the May-July timeframe so ended up in Asia instead. Already looking to do this trip next year though so hopefully your trip goes off and you'll have to let me know how it was!

    almost 2 years ago

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