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Grand Southern (Start New York City)

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32-year-old Male living in Perth, Western Australia Australia

Only found the desire to travel a few years ago and now I'm loving it. I'm trying to get as many contiki trips done before the age cut off.

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Wild Western (Winter)


1 country \ 14 days \ from US$2375 per person

Get to know the best of the West on this 2 week winter tour of California, Nevada & Arizona. Celeb spot in LA & go beach-side in San Diego. Marvel at the Grand Canyon, cruise down Route 66 & go wild in Vegas. Then lap up the mountain scene in Lake Tahoe and either hit the slopes or find some other mountainside activities to keep you entertained. Finish up your trip with a trolley ride in San Fran before heading back to LA. With so much to experience, this is one winter adventure you won’t want to miss.

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Waikiki Explorer (4 nights)


1 country \ 5 days \ from n/a per person

Ready for the ultimate vacation destination? Want to get your fill of Hawaii's unparalleled physical beauty? We'll set up with accommodation & loads of extras on our 4 night stopover! Perfect as a short holiday in itself, or as a stopover for a few days before or after your North American tour. Spend your time snorkeling, strolling the beach or enjoying a big night out!

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Grand Southern 14 Oct 2016 (NY-LA)

Just booked onto this tour. I did the Grand Northern last year and looking forward to returning again next year.

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hey i see that u have done the grand explorer (auckland to christchurch) …. when did u do this trip as I did the same one that departed 30 june last year :)

Posted over 2 years ago

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New York

Hi All, I've got 2 free days in New York before I start the Grand Northern tour in June and am after some ideas on what I could do. I would have liked to of had a week before the tour but unfortunately work is preventing me from going earlier. So if you had 2 in New York days to do anything you could wanted to what would they be. Thanks.

Asked over 2 years ago about Usa And Canada New York Usa United States Of America (2 responses)

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New York Accommodation

Hi All, I'm doing the Grand Northern USA tour next year and I'm getting into NY 4 days before the tour. Can anyone recommend decent accommodation which won't cost me a fortune. Thanks.

Asked over 2 years ago about New York Accommodation United States Of America Travel Advice (1 response)

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