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European Explorer plus Greek Island Cruising


16 countries \ 34 days \ from US$6219 per person

The European Explorer is the ultimate holiday for those wanting to travel to all the major destinations and do it with a little luxury! Make your way through 17 countries in a little over a month with all the big names being accounted for - Paris, Barcelona, Florence, Rome and Amsterdam - as well as some of the lesser known through Albania, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia. And if you think that 33 days sounds like a long time, don't forget that you'll spend 4 nights sailing around the Greek islands. A holiday within a holiday!

walshienzRachel (walshienz)

The Adventurer

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walshienzRachel (walshienz)

Hello, Just wondering who else is booked on this tour? I was originally booked on the Winter Wanderer departing 1st November, however this got cancelled, and looks like i cant update my meetups to joing this European Vista one :( So would love to meet some others also on the European Vista tour .

Posted over 2 years ago to the European Vista Winter 2nd November 2013 discussion

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