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ALOHOMORA THIS: A Harry Potter Escape Room Just Popped Up In England

This article originally appeared on PEDESTRIAN.TV and was scribed by travel-thirsty editor, Lucinda Price.

Harry Potter fans, whip out your wands and wave ’em in the air: Manchester is getting a got dang Harry Potter-themed escape room.

The ‘University of Magic‘ escape room corners brave Muggles inside the Academy of Dark Arts, where they are required to muster all of their magic powers to make their way out within an hour. Hermione-level use of dragon potions, unicorn hair and use of elaborate spells are the only way out.

The room is the brainchild of epic escape room company Lucardo, in the Northern Quarter. It only opened up yesterday, but you can cop a cheeky squizz inside here:

“This escape room is nothing short of magical,” says Director of Lucardo, Adam Conroy.

“Myself and the creative teams have worked hard to make this a truly immersive experience, and we want people to believe in this magical world of witches and wizards as they cast their spells.”

The best bit? Punters will complete the room (or at least try to) in full sorcerers’ robes.

You can book via their website, with prices ranging from $26AUD per person for groups of six to $36AUD per person for couples.

And in the wise words of Dumbledore:

“There are all kinds of courage. It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to escape this room.”