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8 Up and Coming Female Travel videographers to watch out for

Think videography is a male dominated industry? Think again.

Female travel videographers are increasingly dominating the travel video game, smashing stereotypes and encouraging women the world over to follow in their footsteps as they go. So, if you're seeking inspiration, looking for insight on what it's like to travel from a woman's perspective, or you just want some all out travel porn, check out these talented ladies we're currently digging...

Victoria Stanley-Tsui

A Hong Kong native and Bristol University student, Victoria started creating videos in response to the over-saturation of guys in the travel media scene. In her videos she strives to depict what it’s like to travel as a female. Her alluring content captures the magic of all that is wild, natural and adventurous, with editing skills that are not to be messed with. Check out her work here.

Stephanie Arias

Hailing from the lush land of Columbia, filmmaker Stephanie is passionate about traveling, filmmaking, yoga, music, aerial silks, longboard dancing and climbing – all of which are reflected in her envy-inducing content. She lives life to the fullest, wandering around the globe and expresses herself through the medium of video. See below for her video covering her recent travels to the Dominican Republic.


Ellenor Argyropoulos

From 16 it became evident that Ellenor had a knack for storytelling, her friends often referring to her as “Filmenor”. Sometimes her brain moves too fast for her mouth – where most would stop and wait for their thoughts to catch up, Ellenor uses her excitement & ideas as a creative channel. Her videos evoke a dream-like atmosphere, inspiring anyone to book a flight in an instant. See more of her work here.

Agnese Jasinska

Agnese is a freelance video producer from Latvia, with a passion for bold storytelling. In her videos, she captures the spontaneity of travel, proving that those are the decisions that tend to be the most memorable. Watch her latest video below about experiencing the “now” moments whilst traveling across the Netherlands in an old camper with no schedule, and no destination. Capture more of her fascinating adventures here.

Kamille Carlos

Kamille joined the European Whirl Contiki Tour in 2008 right after her college graduation, which sparked her to take a series of adventures around the world – documenting her experiences as she goes. Her trip to South America, captured below, shows her completing the Inca trail, and proving that the best view definitely does come after the hardest climb! Head here to view her trips to Russia and Turkey.


Shannon McQuaid

Shannon’s interests in photography, videography, wakeboarding and travel permeate through her work. If you’re interested in travel content with a sporty edge, she’s one to keep your eye on! In her video below, she captures the majesty of the snowy South Island of New Zealand. Check out her edit of the Australian cable wakeboarding nationals here.

Hey Im Natalia

23 year old Australian online content creator/influencer Natalie feels like she’s ‘better talking to a camera than to people’, and with a total following of over 60,000 people across her social channels – she’s nothing short of a rising star. She releases videos every week on her channel, capturing the quirks of travel – from goats in trees, to cave exploring. With a glowing repertoire and an energetic personality, she’s not one to be missed.

Angelica Smiley

USA based Angelica is a Travel Youtuber and photographer. She’s seen 26 countries and mostly travels solo – capturing the solo female travel experience in her vlogs. Her 33k insta following is a testimony to her unique and engaging content style, and after one video you’ll feel compelled to tune in for updates in her fun encounters with different cultures. Check out her travel highlights reel below!

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