Ambassadors we've worked with


On our journey we’ve worked with and learnt from some incredible humans who share our passion for sustainability and equality; people who are consistently pushing for change and inspiring others to do the same.


Celine Cousteau

A lady that needs little introduction given the credentials of her surname, Celine is the granddaughter of the legendary explorer Jacques Cousteau, and a respected environmentalist, activist and film producer in her own right.

Chelsea Yamase

Instagram superstar Chelsea Yamase grew up on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, so it’s little wonder she has such a close affinity with the ocean. A free diver, environmental campaigner and globe trotter, we first worked with Chelsea back in 2015.

Brinkley Davies

Marine biologist, environmental conservationist, founder of the Bala Blue Foundation, free diver - Australian born Brinkley has many strings to her bow, making her one seriously inspiring lady. A tireless campaigner for preserving and protecting both marine and animal life.

Seth Maxwell

Thirst Project founder and CEO Seth Maxwell is probably one of the most inspiring guys we know. Launching the Thirst Project at the age of just 20, the organisation empowers an army of socially conscious young people to work together to bring an end to the global water crisis.

Felicity Palmateer

Big wave pro surfer and Billabong team member Flick Palmateer isn’t afraid of taking risks. In 2016 she was the only female nominated in the Oakley Big Wave Awards. But it’s not just on the water where Flick inspires. It was on her 2013 Contiki Cares trip to the Galapagos Islands, that first inspired her passion for ocean conservation.

Alli Speed

American YouTuber Alli Speed is a long time friend Contiki’s. We first met her back in 2012, when we launched our YouTube series The Road Trip, that ran consecutively for 5 years with Alli a regular face on each series. Working with her on these projects her passion for environmentalism and equality shone through.