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Discussing the future of travel


We’ve had the whole planet at our fingertips for so long...

But as we emerge into this new world, we need to think about what travel will look like in the years to come. That’s what our new series, Travel Talks is all about. Covering topics such as sustainable travel, digital nomads and making next year count, welcome to the future of travel. Our Travel Talks are now available to watch at the links below.

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Here’s what you’ve got to look forward to

Travel Talk 1 - Introducing Detour

Are future travelers still just looking to see the icons, or are they on the hunt for something more? We think that tomorrow’s travel will immerse you in other cultures, let you see the world through locals’ eyes, and teach you new skills. This talk explores Contiki’s new range of mini adventures, Detour: travel that teaches you.

Travel Talk 2 - The Future of Travel

The future of travel - and our planet - is dependent on us traveling sustainably, supporting local communities and leaving places better than we found them. This talk is all about the latest sustainable travel trends, including getting off-grid, second cities and supporting local communities.

Travel Talk 3 - Making it Count

2020 was the year that plans got cancelled. This talk is all about how we’re going to make every moment count, discussing all the things we’ve been dreaming about. We’ll discuss our travel pledges for the year ahead, and talk about all the little things we’ll never take for granted again.

Travel Talk 4 - The Power of Taking Time Out

Now, more than ever, it’s important to think about our mental health and the importance of escaping the daily grind and taking some time to ourselves. Whether you’re thinking of taking a year out or considering the digital nomad life, this talk explores the benefits of gap years, career breaks, or working while traveling.