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The world is OPEN and we know you’re all bursting to get back out there. But there’s a small problem: everyone’s busier than ever. How can you find the time for the social travel trip of your dreams?

Well, one person at Contiki – a self-styled ‘Creativity and Innovation Wizard’ called Ben – has created an ingenious solution: Contiki CutOutOfOffice. This travel enablement device (don’t call it a personal cardboard cutout) will make employers believe you’re diligently sitting at your laptop, experiencing unfortunate Zoom freeze. (When really you’re travelling the world with Contiki).

We recorded Ben’s attempts to convince his Contiki colleagues that his idea is just what our travellers need. Let’s just say the results were…mixed


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We always like to encourage blue-sky thinking at Contiki. However, sadly, due to some passionate feedback from the Contiki team on Ben’s first project, we’ve had to part ways.


Update 2

Ben just sent us this from Santorini, and we’re pleased to confirm that he is ‘LIVING THE DREAM MATE.’ We wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

ANYWAY, did you know we’ve got 350+ trips? And even time-starved adventurers can fit some of these into their busy schedule. From 8-days sailing across Croatia to 6-days exploring everything Iceland has to offer. All with new friends from across the world (we prefer the real thing to cardboard imitations). So why not see…

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