So you're ready for Texas BBQ, iconic desert vistas and the shimmering lights of Vegas?

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So you’re ready for Texas BBQ, iconic desert vistas and the shimmering lights of Vegas?

The time’s come for your dream road trip across the sprawling USA. From Southern Californian beaches to lush National Parks, big cities and bright lights to Wild West towns - no matter which part of these 52 diverse states you want to explore, it's always better together.



Follow the adventurers and content creators Jake Rich @jakerich, Ben Lee @itchban and Matthew Vandeputte @matjoez as they hit the road on our sprawling Southern Adventure, or search for their trip tag #itchyrichyjoez and experience the road trip of a lifetime through their eyes.


Cruise the Vegas strip on a party bus

Experience the grandeur of the Sin City’s opulent casinos before joining Contiki’s famed party bus. Cruising down the strip and dancing the night away to the pumping bassline, this is the perfect way to bond with your Contiki family, Vegas style.

Experience the Grand Canyon on a hike or helicopter

Panoramas of towering red cliffs will soon be clogging up your Insta feed once you set eyes on the majestic Grand Canyon in Arizona. You'll have the chance to either hike over the south rim of the UNESCO-listed natural wonder or take a soaring helicopter ride, before you watch a spine-tingling sunset over the rim.


You might have heard of Albuquerque from Breaking Bad, but did you know Albuquerque is also legendary for its perfect ballooning conditions? You'll never forget these incredible vistas with a hot air balloon ride that will see you drifting over the mighty Rio Grande at sunrise, champagne in hand.

Taste legendary fried chicken in Memphis

Gus’s Fried chicken is at the top of our little black book of foodie hotspots in Memphis, delivering the kind of perfect crispiness, spiciness, and succulent juiciness that makes fine dining seem pointless. Why can’t everything in life be this gloriously simple?

a walking tour of New Orleans’ French Quarter

The love-child of French & Caribbean culture, New Orleans will steal your heart as soon as you arrive. Kick off the festivities today with a swoon-worthy walking tour of the French quarter, jamming in Jackson Square before sampling beignets & marveling at Antebellum mansions, all to the sweet sounds of Southern jazz, of course.

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Do it all and more on the Southern Adventure


Getting local

Some cool locals from some of our favourite US cities show us around their hoods. Check out the neighbourhood guides:

Eat your way through USA

The girls from Eating up with The Hannashians (Sarah & Rochele) take on the biggest foodie hotspots.


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Explore the sprawling Yosemite National Park

The world’s most famous National Park, Yosemite, is known for its waterfalls, but still manages to pack in glaciers, meadows, ancient trees and incredible wildlife. Exploring this place with your Contiki crew is an experience you’ll never forget.