* Terms & Conditions

Participants interested in joining the Contiki Affiliate Program (“Program”) must be invited by Contiki. In order to become an Affiliate (“Affiliate”), participants must choose between one (1) of the two (2) Program options (“Program Options”) outlined below and agree, sign and deliver back to Contiki, the Program Remuneration Agreement created by Contiki (“Agreement”). Program is valid for the duration of the calendar year, unless otherwise stated in the Agreement. Program promotion codes (“Promo Codes”) are only valid on the trips outlined in the Program Option that must be selected in order to become an Affiliate. Promo Codes are not combinable with other Contiki Promotions, Special Deals or Last Minute Deals and are not valid on U by Uniworld river cruises. Promo Codes may be combined with Ongoing Deals (i.e Past Passenger discount, Multiple Trip discounts, etc.). Promo Code final discount amounts is based on availability and applies to the land portion of the trip price only (this excludes taxes, internal airfare, and food funds). Promo Codes can be redeemed for a maximum of two (2) trips per year per passenger. Agreement and Promo Codes must be updated each calendar year unless otherwise stated in the Agreement. Agreement remuneration gets paid out at the end of each quarter per the payment terms outlined in the Agreement and is based on US passengers who have booked with payment in full and have completed travel during that same quarter.  Agreement remuneration is not valid for passengers booked via Travel Agents. Please allow up to 6-8 weeks from the end of the quarter to receive payment per the payment terms outlined in the Agreement.

Program Options: Affiliates may only choose one (1) of the below two (2) options. Both options are subject to the terms and conditions listed above:

  • Option 1: Affiliates receive a personalized Promo Code valid for 10% off any Contiki trip 7+ days
  • Option 2: Affiliates receive a Promo Code valid for 15% off up to 5 of the below 10 Contiki trips. Affiliates must pick up to 5 of the below trips:
  1. 16-day Asian Adventure trip. Trip details here - https://www.contiki.com/us/en/destinations/asia/tours/asian-adventure-from-april2017-3416
  2.  10-day Sweet as South trip (including all start and end variations). Trip details here - https://www.contiki.com/us/en/search?terms=sweet+as+south
  3. 14/15 day Beaches and Reefs +/- Sailing trip. Trip details here - https://www.contiki.com/us/en/search?terms=beaches+and+reef&min_length=14&max_length=15
  4. 14-day Costa Rica Unplugged trip. Trip details here - https://www.contiki.com/us/en/destinations/latin-america/tours/costa-rica-unplugged-2686
  5. 14-day Peru Uncovered tripTrip details here - https://www.contiki.com/us/en/destinations/latin-america/tours/peru-uncovered-2746
  6. 13-day European Discovery trip (including Summer or Winter departure variations). Trip details here - https://www.contiki.com/us/en/search?terms=European+discovery
  7. 10-day European Magic trip. Trip details here - https://www.contiki.com/us/en/destinations/europe/tours/european-magic2-122
  8. 12-day Simply Italy trip. Trip details here - https://www.contiki.com/us/en/destinations/europe/tours/simply-italy-152
  9. 14 –day Spanish Spree (including Summer or Winter departure variations). Trip details here - https://www.contiki.com/us/en/search?terms=spanish+spree
  10. 20-day European Inspiration trip. Trip details here - https://www.contiki.com/us/en/destinations/europe/tours/european-inspiration-120


Program is only valid on new US resident bookings starting and ending at the start and ending at the dates defined in the Agreement. Restrictions apply. Contiki reserves the right to change or withdraw the Program, Agreements, promotional offers and Promo Codes at any time. For more details about Program Options, view Program flyer here. CST#1001728-20.