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A 1 week vacation can be the perfect length of time to experience something memorable without eating too much into your vacation days. But depending on what type of traveller you are, there can be a lot to pack into 7 days. Want to see some European icons, from the Colosseum to Rome? Take an in-depth tour of Iceland? Go skiing in NZ? 1 week vacations like these can all be done, and done very well. But it helps having all the logistics sorted for you before you go, like on our favourite 1 week vacation trips.

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Do you want to spend your 1 week vacation soaking up some sun on a pure white beach? We don’t blame you.

Our Mykonos & Santorini island escape (or Greek Week), lets you soak up all that water, sand, sunshine and delicious eats. If you want to island hop somewhere a little more off grid, check out our Galapagos Island Hopper, where you can swim with turtles and spot seals basking in the sun. If you’re more into your history and culture, check out one of our more urban European 1 week vacations. Spend NYE under the shimmering lights of Paris, St Patrick’s day in Dublin or Christmas in London.

Because 1 week vacations don’t need to mean compromise, you just need to get the logistics right.

That’s why our trips include all transport, unique experiences, delicious food and expert Trip Managers and Local Guides who can help you make the most out of every destination you visit, ensuring that not a single second of your vacation is wasted.

Shorter trips are becoming increasingly popular amongst young professionals, who either want to add something special on the end of their itinerary, like an adventure to Australia’s Ayers Rock enjoy a rare and memorable festival experience like Oktoberfest or Dublin’s St Patrick’s Day Parade, or enjoy some unforgettable travel experiences without using up all of their annual leave - possible on heaps of our iconic European adventures. So, decide on your perfect 1 week vacation and get packing.

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