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We don’t need to tell you that the land ‘Down Unda’ is brimming with excitement, do we? Good. Because if we did… we wouldn’t even know where to start…

Kidding! We know exactly where to start. From the coast to the Reef, to the Aboriginal Outback, to hiking the Outback, the world’s smallest continent is certainly not short on adventure.

Touring Australia begins at the country’s capital: Sydney. While some people may not consider a hustling-bustling metropolis to be perfect for an adventurous traveller, those people clearly haven’t been to Sydney yet, have they? Soon after arriving, they’ll find themselves on an action-packed walkabout and tethered to the rim of Sydney’s 440-foot Harbour Bridge and taking in the 360º views of the city… how could any adrenaline-junkie resist? Hint: they can’t.

What’s next? All your Gold Coast dreams are about to come true with some early morning surf sessions, or kayaking, or whale watching, or whatever your little beach-loving heart desires. Brave enough to try skydiving? There’s a parachute with your name on it. Just make sure you’re back on Earth in time to end your day-cuddling up with Koalas at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. It’s like we’ve thought of everything, right?

Moving on, we’ll visit some other amazing destinations and show you what truly puts the ‘great’ in the Great Barrier Reef. Swim, snorkel, or opt-in for a sailing excursion where you & your new travel buddies will get to help nav the ship. So, who’s up for the Australian adventure of a lifetime, mate?



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