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There’s nothing quite like a music festival - that unique blend of friends, giddy excitement, bizarre sights and sounds and hours of your favourite bands and djs up close and personal for an entire weekend. And when you combine music festivals with travel? That’s when things get really special. Doing a music festival abroad is an opportunity to experience the culture and musical heritage of a destination while enjoying the party of a lifetime with other young travellers and music lovers.

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That’s why we don’t just go to Reading Festival: we turn it into a unique musical odyssey through the UK.

Delivering the ultimate mash-up of music festivals and travel, our Contiki Sounds trips start with a tour through Britain’s charming villages and historical cities, where you get to get to bond with your Contiki crew along the way, before you and your group get set for the headline event - an unforgettable show stopping show at one of the world's best and biggest music extravaganzas: Reading Festival. We include things like VIP camping as standard, with all the cosy amenities to get you through the weekend in one piece. Part musical education, part festival fun, part deep dive into UK culture, Contiki Sounds is all parts unforgettable.

That’s why we don’t just go to Budapest's island take over of Sziget - Island of Freedom Festival.

We get the party started in Berlin a few days early, making stops to explore Prague and Vienna before we make tracks for Hungary where the music, art, performances and unique forest vibes will have you swooning and spinning through the night. That’s why we don’t just go to Byron Bay’s iconic Splendour In the Grass Festival, we give our travellers the full Splendour package, complete with 3 day general admission festival ticket. Contiki's Splendour packages are legendary for a reason, including your tent set up ready for your arrival right near the main entry, breakfast Friday through Sunday, a Contiki hang-out tent, option to choose return transport from Gold Coast or Brisbane (or opt to Meet us There), plus an exclusive performance by a Splendour artist. Our festival packages always deliver the ultimate medley of music festival madness and travel.

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