Q: How many people are on each cruise? 
A: Each ship has a max capacity of 120 passengers (pax).

Q: What accommodation options are there?
A: There are two room categories sold by Contiki:
•  Studio – studio rooms are below deck & 128 sq. ft. They include a queen size bed frame and a window that does not open.
•  Balcony – balcony rooms are above deck & 128 sq. ft. They include a queen size bed frame and a French Balcony with a window that opens. Please note that French Balconies do not allow travelers to step outside.


Q: Is there an age requirement for U by Uniworld? 
A: Yes, all guests must be between the ages of 21 and 45 (+364 days) on the first day of the cruise. This will be strictly enforced.
Q: Why is there an age limit for U by Uniworld?
A: U by Uniworld was built to appeal to the next generation of river cruisers – with unique activities and customized programming geared towards travelers ages 21-45. The decision to limit the age range is to provide the best possible product to U guests.
Q: How will the age of the guests be verified?
A: All guests will need to submit a copy of their passport (or government issued ID) at time of full payment (120 days prior to the cruise). The age will be verified at that time, as well as on embarkation day. If the guest cannot provide proof of age on day of embarkation, they will not be allowed to continue on the cruise and will not be refunded for their cruise fare or air fare.
Q: What if I want to celebrate my 21st birthday onboard and will turn 21 during the cruise – can I book a cruise?
A: No, you must be 21 on the first day of the cruise. This will be strictly enforced.
Q: What happens if I turn 46 on board?
A: As long as you are 45 (+364 days) on the first day of the cruise, then you are welcome aboard.


Q: Is the trip all inclusive?
A: No, in the traditional sense, U by Uniworld cruises are not all-inclusive. However, there are many great things included like:
•  Two meals onboard per day and select non-alcoholic drinks – included meals are usually breakfast and dinner, as most guests will be out and about during lunch time. Guests can also enjoy complimentary water, coffee and tea all day long, as well as complimentary juice during breakfast.
•  Select shore excursions – U by Uniworld offer one included shore excursion per day, specially tailored for U guests.
•  Gratuities – all gratuities for onboard and shore excursions are included.
•  Onboard entertainment and select activities – including activities like U by Uniworld’s Local DJ Night and Welcome Party.
Q: Are port charges included in published fares?
A: Not for US, S. Africa, S. America – the published pricing does not include port charges.
A: Yes, for AU, NZ, CAN, UK – the published pricing is inclusive of port charges.
Q: Are gratuities included in published fares?
A: Yes, gratuities for onboard and shore excursions are included in the published fares.
Q: Are transfers to/from the ships included in published fares?
A: No, transfers are not included in the fares; however U by Uniworld will offer both group and private transfers for an additional fee.
Q: Will there be bikes on board?
A: Yes, each ship has 50 U Bikes onboard for complimentary use for U guests.
Q: Will there be a gym on board?
A: Yes, each ship will have a sizable fitness center onboard – inclusive of aerobic machines, weights and yoga mats. Complimentary yoga and TRX classes will also be offered to U guests.
Q: Are the movies in the staterooms included or will guests need to pay extra?
A: Yes, there will be movies available for rent in the bedrooms; however, the rental price has not been set at this time.
Q: Is WiFi included?
A: Yes, complimentary WiFi is included throughout the ship. U by Uniworld will also offer personal hotspots for rent during the cruise which you can use onboard and on shore. The rental price is 8 euros per day.
Q: How much money should I plan to spend each day above and beyond the cruise fare?
A: That all depends. U by Uniworld is structured to provide guests with choices that allow them to customize their experience to their needs:
•   Food – two onboard meals are included each day; however, you may choose to have any meal on shore at your own expense.
•  Drinks – you can also enjoy complimentary water, coffee and tea all day long, as well as complimentary juice during breakfast. All other drinks, including alcoholic beverages, will be at an additional charge.
•  Excursions – U by Uniworld U Time excursions will range in price (not set yet) depending on the activity and participation is completely optional.
•  Onboard Activities – in addition to several complimentary onboard activities, each cruise will have several special optional onboard activities requiring an additional fee (i.e. paint & wine, private cooking class). The optional onboard activities will range in price (not set yet) and will be built to be affordable and completely optional.
Q: How can Shipboard Credit (SBC) be applied?
A: SBCs can be applied to all services chargeable onboard U by Uniworld ships, including:
•  All bar and restaurant charges
•  Spa services
•  Phone and stamps
•  Personal Wi-Fi Hotspot rental
•  U Time optional excursions
•  Onboard optionals
•  Laundry services
*Please note, unused amounts are not refundable to the guest.


Q: What are the dining options onboard?
A: There are three dining options onboard:
•  Dine – the main restaurant on the Downstairs deck – serves buffet-style breakfast and dinner (occasionally lunch in lieu of dinner depending on itinerary). Meals in the restaurant are included in the cruise fare, change daily and feature a range of locally- inspired and farm-to-table dishes, including vegetarian and vegan options.
•  Eatz – the casual dining café on the Rooftop deck – open for lunch and dinner on certain days and time throughout the cruise, dependent on itinerary and schedule. Meals in the café are not included in the cruise fare and will include casual meals like pizza and sandwiches.
•  Room service – is available at select times during the day (TBD) and not included in the cruise fare (the food nor the service fee).
Q: Are there set dining times in the restaurant?
A: On most days the restaurant will be open for breakfast and dinner, with a range of open hours for each dining period (i.e. 8am-11am). You are welcome to eat any time within the open hours, which will be published onboard. The restaurant is open seating, with a combination of communal tables, high tables and small tables – allowing you to change your dining companions each day as you meet new friends, or join the same group time after time. 

Q: What time does the bar close?
A: The bar is open during the day and late into the evening.
Q: Can I bring alcohol onboard and consume it?
A: While U by Uniworld allow guests to bring alcohol they’ve purchased in port and through shore excursions onboard, these beverages should not be consumed onboard and U by Uniworld reserves the right to prohibit and retain all alcohol bought ashore for consumption onboard the vessel.


Q: How much money do I need to put down to reserve a cruise?
A: All bookings require a 10% deposit at time of booking to hold the reservation.
Q: When is the final payment due?
A: All cruises must be paid in full 120 days before the sail date. If the cruise is booked after the 120-day mark, then it must be paid in full at time of booking.
Q: If two or more people are splitting the cost of their room, will they be able to pay separately?
A: Yes, each person will be charged a “per person” rate and can pay accordingly, or opt to pay as a couple or a group.
Q: What is the cancellation policy?
A: The cancellation policy is as follows:
•  120 days or more is no penalty
•  119-90 days is 20% of the fare**
•  89-60 days is 35% of the fare**
•  59-30 days is 50% of the fare**
•  Less than 30 days is 100% of the fare**
•  No Show is 100% of the fare**
**Fare is defined as the cost of any cruise. Port charges are refunded if cancellation is received prior to departure.
Q: What if I miss the ship on embarkation day and/or during a port stop?
A: It happens! Unfortunately, U by Uniworld cannot hold up the ship so you will have to find and pay for your own transportation to the ship’s next port. The port schedule and contact details of the ship will be provided in the cruise documents, which can be referenced to contact the ship and determine the ship’s location.
Q: I am travelling solo, how do I a book twin share?
A: At time of booking, you will need to indicate whether or not you want to book a twin room as a single and pay the single supplement (twin single) OR if you want to be paired by U by Uniworld with another solo traveler and pay the lower double occupancy rate (twin share). If the latter, then U by Uniworld will book you as a “twin share” and you will be introduced to your roommate on embarkation day.
Q: Is there a discount for super cruises?
A: While there is no fixed discount, the super cruises have been specially priced to provide better value for guests buying longer cruises.
Q: What are the passport requirements?
A: All guests must present a copy of their valid passport (or government issued ID) at time of full payment (120 days prior to cruise). Validation of identity and age will be determined at that point. Any guest not within the U age requirements will not be issued cruise documents.
Q: Where can I find the embarkation and disembarkation times for each itinerary to make my travel arrangements?
A: Check in time is from 3pm on the day of embarkation. If the boat is in port earlier (check itinerary) you can check in earlier, but you won’t be able to check into your room.

U by Uniworld requires guests to check out of their room at 8am. You can choose to hang out aboard the ship after check out, or store your luggage to explore the city and pick it up later.
Q: How do I get from the airport (or pre-cruise hotel) to the ship on embarkation day?
A: You have two options for getting to the ship on embarkation day (and conversely, getting to the airport after their cruise is over):
•  Option 1 – schedule a transfer. U by Uniworld offer both private and group transfers to/from the airport for embarkation/disembarkation. 
•  Option 2 – you make your own way to the ship, via taxi, friend, bus, or any other way you see fit. U by Uniworld will do their best to provide the most up-to-date port information, name, address and location to their guests prior to arrival to the ship.
Included in their pre-travel email communication
Noted in the final travel documents
Q: Can groups be booked on U by Uniworld?
A: Of course, as long as everyone in the group (including the host) fits within U by Uniworld age requirements of 21-45.


Q: Are there laundry services onboard?
A: Yes, U by Uniworld offers laundry services onboard for an additional fee.
Q: Are there hair dryers in the room?
A: Yes, there is a hair dryer in every room.
Q: What type of power outlets are used onboard the ship?
A: There are European and North American power outlets in each cabin, but please bring an adapter along to make sure you can charge your gadgets in other public spaces onboard.
Q: Is there a gym onboard?
A: Yes, each ship will have a sizable fitness center onboard – inclusive of aerobic machines, weights and yoga mats. Complimentary yoga and TRX classes will also be offered to U guests.
Q: What’s the dress code?
A: Come as you are, as long as you have clothes on. No shirt, no shoes, no service.
Q: Can I bring visitors on board the ship?
A: No, only registered guests will be able to board the ship. Guests will be required to scan their room card when they board and no one without a room card will be allowed to board.
Q: Do I have to sign a Code of Conduct form?
A: No, but all U guests are expected to be on their best behavior.
Q: Is the onboard commentary and communication in English?
A: Yes, English is the official language onboard U – but all languages are welcome.
Q: Will merchandise be sold on board?
A: Yes, you will be able to buy souvenirs, clothes and travel essentials onboard.
Q: What is the drug policy?
A: There is a strict no drugs policy on U by Uniworld cruises.


Q: Am I able to leave the ship for more than 24 hours and re-board in a different port? 
A: Yes, you can leave the ship for more than 24 hours and re-board in a different port; however, you must inform the front desk staff onboard prior to leaving that you will not be overnighting on the ship and will join the ship in a different port. You will have to cover the costs of getting to the next port and you will not be given a refund for the night(s) not spent onboard the ship.
Q: How much do the U Time optional excursions cost?
A: U by Uniworld U Time excursions will range in price depending on the activity. Participation is optional.
Q: What is the role of the U Host?
A: U by Uniworld are not only experts in the regions visited, but also experts in ensuring guests have the absolute best vacation while traveling with U.


Q: Are U ships available for charter?
A: Yes, U by Uniworld groups and charters team will work closely with these requests to ensure that the right ship is paired with the needs of each charter.