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FavePay FAQs

What is FavePay and why should I use it?

As wise sages have said, do not ask why, instead ask why not? For starters, FavePay is a cashless mobile payment method, so now you don’t have to lug your wallet and purse around - all you need is your mobile phone and the Fave app.

How do I pay with FavePay?

FavePay is only available for selected partners on the Fave mobile app. To use FavePay, head to a FavePay partner; it should only be used when you pay your bill at the outlet. Follow these steps to pay with FavePay:

Scan the FavePay QR code: Every partner has a unique QR code; tap this button and scan it

Type your bill amount: Simply enter your total bill amount, add a promo code (if any), and tap PAY NOW to finish paying. New users will have to key in their credit/debit card details.

What cards can you use to pay with FavePay?

We accept MasterCard, Visa, and AMEX credit / debit cards. You can continue using the card saved on Fave if you are an existing user. Otherwise, if you are a new user and wish to pay with FavePay you would need to insert your card:

Click on the 'Me' tab > My Payment Methods > Add payment method above.

Alternatively, you can also add in your credit/debit card details during payment:
1. Click on the FavePay Tab and search for the correct partner or "Scan" the QR code
2. Key in the total bill amount > Next >
3. Scroll down to the Payment Method section > add / change your credit / debit card details.

Additionally, for better convenience, you can now save more than 1 card in your Fave account! Just type in the card details and save them for transactions you would like to make. Also, you can choose any one card as your "Primary Method Of Payment"!

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FavePay Later FAQs

What is FavePay Later and how does it benefit me?

FavePay Later allows you to split your FavePay transactions into 3 payments on a fixed term (monthly) basis.

What payment method can I use to perform FavePay Later?

The payment methods accepted for FavePay Later at the moment are locally-issued credit cards that are not shared with other Fave accounts, and with more than 3 months validity only.

*Note: Prepaid cards and debit cards are not supported for FavePay Later transactions.

When will the next installment be charged to my payment card?

Installments will be charged to your card at one-month intervals on the same date your first payment was initiated.

For instance, if your first FavePay Later payment was made on the 10th of April, your subsequent payments will be automatically charged to your card on the 10th of May and 10th of June.

If the subsequent month does not have the same date as the first payment, that particular month's installment will be due on the date prior. (e.g., if the first payment was made on 31st August 2021, the second installment will be due on 30th September 2021).

How do I check my FavePay Later credit limit/ balance?

Simple -- you can check your FavePay Later credit balance from your Fave app > Me tab (bottom right) > My FavePay Later.

On this page, the:
- "Remaining balance" indicates the current total amount that you are able to use on your FavePay Later transaction(s);
- "Total used" indicates the total amount of outstanding payments from your existing FavePay Later installments;
- "Approved balance" is the total amount of FavePay Later credit balance that is available for you on your Fave account.

Got more questions? Visit FavePay Later FAQs for more info.

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