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Do I need travel insurance?

Yes! It’s a requirement of travelling with Contiki that you take out comprehensive insurance cover for cancellation, personal injury, death, medical expenses, repatriation expenses, evacuation expenses, personal liability & loss of personal property and Covid related expenses before you travel with us. It’s also super important to check that your insurance covers all of the activities you’ll be trying out, particularly any adventure activities (for all you adrenaline junkies).

Do you sell travel insurance?

We sure do. Contiki travel insurance can cover you for the duration of your trip as well as any days you are travelling pre or post your Contiki trip. For a full quote on what Contiki can offer, send us an email, chat online or give us a call on the relevant home country numbers you can find here.

Where else can I get travel insurance?

There are a whole load of travel insurance companies out there; even large supermarkets/department stores sell travel insurance! Have a google, or speak to your travel agent or our reservations team for advice. 

Just remember, travel insurance is compulsory on all Contiki trips.

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