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The world is an amazing place, yours for the taking. Open it, explore it, and make your mark. At Contiki we live by one travel rule: make every moment count.

So how do we make this happen? With eclectic experiences, delicious local food, incredible accommodations, and unbeatable value, coupled with our exclusive Backstage Pass to the best attractions, and our awesome team. Your trip with Contiki will be the experience of a lifetime.

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Some people call Europe a rite of passage. At Contiki, we call it an adventure.

Wake up to green rolling pastures of the Alps, fall asleep to the sound of the ocean in Croatia, see Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower, or take a freewheeling bike ride along the canals of Amsterdam.

There's no other continent on Earth that combines such a heady mix of culture, history, creativity and sheer awesomeness. Europe is what life is all about: discovery. It's time to start your own adventure.

Backstage Pass To Europe

When you travel Europe, you want to do it right. You want special treatment and exclusive access that turns a regular trip into the trip of a lifetime. That's why Contiki gives you a Backstage Pass to Europe with every trip. It's a combination of all the things below, many exclusive to us, that come together to make your trip like no other. Best of all, it's free and comes included as part of every Contiki trip.

Exclusive Accommodations


A trip with Contiki is all about those once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and our exclusive accommodations offers just that. We either own or have exclusive agreements in place with stunning properties throughout Europe, like the 16th century Château de Cruix in the south of France, a beautiful beachside resort on the Greek Islands and a magnificent Gasthof in the Austrian Alps. (A Gasthof is a German-style tavern by the way!) All included (at no extra cost) as part of your Backstage Pass.

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Exclusive Inclusions


After 50 years traveling the continent, no other company can give you better access to Europe. The blockbusters are all included as part of your trip (& we help you skip the lines too!). Better yet, we also get you to the parts of Europe that only a local friend in the know can show you. There are exclusives like our "Paris by Night" and "Special Access Rome" tours. Plus, we'll get you around in style and make sure you keep in touch, with WiFi available on our coaches, and for free at most of the places we stay. Our exclusive inclusions ensure your European experience is transformed from ordinary to extraordinary, at no additional cost to you.

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  • Private boat ride through the canals of Venice

    Available on the European Spirit

Exclusive team


We have over 400 team members across Europe that are all passionate travelers whose sole focus is making your trip the time of your life. They live and breathe "local Europe", so if you want to get off the beaten path they can give you the inside word on what to do and where to go. Want to find the best shopping in Florence or the best pint of ale in London? Just ask!

Exclusive options


Having the freedom to explore is an important part of traveling, so we make sure you have lots of free time to discover and create your own adventure. We call it ME Time because it's all about you choosing your own path. If you want to really dial up the experience, we offer a bunch of exclusive ME Time optionals (all organized by us) that you can pay for on tour. Whether you're an adrenaline junkie who's after bungee jumping in the Swiss Alps or a classical music buff who wants to catch a Mozart concert in Vienna, we'll provide you with something extra special.

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  • Bike Riding and BBQ through the Tyrol region

    Available on the European Horizon

Exclusive food


Foodies, listen up. We pride ourselves on including meals that feature the very best in regional cuisine (think traditional goulash in Budapest or local Catalan cuisine in Barcelona). Not to mention, we also have live-in chefs in our exclusive accommodations and On-Road Cooks who make nothing but the freshest, most authentic meals for you. Feeling brave? Head on down to a local market with one of our cooks and get bartering!

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Whether you want to discover a lot of Europe, with trips that visit multiple countries in a short amount of time, or explore Europe in-depth, with more time in each country for you to get to know the regions you visit, Contiki has you covered. Plus, with your Backstage Pass included as standard, you can be sure you're getting real value for your money. Whether you're looking to book your first big trip away from home, or if you're a seasoned traveler, we have the trip for you. So, the only question that remains is - where to go next?

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