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Road Trip Beats by Contiki

#GetPacking with Contiki & Shopcade

New places. Small towns. Forgotten roads. Truck stop souvenirs. Excellent music. Windows down. Terrible singing. Road trips aren’t about the destination, they’re about the journey. With Contiki you can truly sit back, chill, and enjoy the ride (forget about that stressful driving bit). Now, the ...
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Tastes of Latin America

You need to try ALL of these at least once in your life. Fact.

Do you travel with your stomach as much as your eyes? Then you've struck gold in the culinary world of Latin America...
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I ain't afraid of no ghost

Celebrate the Ghostbusters 30th anniversary with Contiki

Journey through America with us as we find the top haunted place to visit!
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    To celebrate the 80’s supernatural comedy 30th anniversary,After Dark tour and step further into America’s history.believed to be Al Capone practicing his banjo.diamond markers

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This lip-smacking tequila cocktail is a Mexican mouth party just waiting to happen...
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Buongiorno Italia!

#GetPacking with Contiki & Shopcade

Our Top 3s for Italian food, Italian fashion, and Italian sights.
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The 3 best kept secrets of Belize but shh, don’t tell anyone...

Swimming in aqua clear water, snorkelling with sea life, kayaking through mangroves, discovering the World Heritage Barrier Reef and chilling out on ‘the Split’… need any more convincing about this little slice of paradise? Belize is one unbelievable country that deserves a spot on any travellers...
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A Tour Managers Top 5 to Costa Rica

Top tips from the people who eat, sleep and breathe the Pura Vida lifestyle

There’s nothing like a little expert knowledge to ensure you have the trip of a lifetime. We caught up with Costa Rica Unplugged Tour Manager Edward to find out the answers we know are important to you…
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Meet the world’s hottest Brazilians, ever

WARNING - NSFW due to extreme hotness

Beaches, bikinis & babes. 3 things that Brazil wins at every damn time. We’re counting down the 10 hottest Brazilians around. Because why not.
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Ancient Ruins

Discover the hidden treasures of Latin America and Asia

Let's face it - we all want to see Cambodia's grand Angkor Wat and Peru's mind-blowing Machu Picchu, but what about the smaller ruins, the ones a little less accessible, or less known that are just as wonderful?
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Llama memes that are everything

Because llamas, 'nuff said

For every life situation, there's a llama meme...
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Llamas, jungle lodges and ancient ruins are just the beginning of why we’re crushing all over Peru! These are our top picks of what NEEDS to go on your Peruvian bucket list...
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My 1st Contiki: Q&A with Canadian Blogger, Tara Leydon

With 5 Contikis under her belt, find out how Tara first caught the travel bug

Tara Leydon is the resident travel blogger for Toronto, Canada’s lifestyle powerhouse Coco & Cowe. After countless trips around the globe, well-documented travel guides and drool-worthy Instragrams with her signature #leydontravelpics hashtag, find out what keeps this fashionable, friendly and ul...
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My Tiny House Story

By YouTuber Datev Gallagher

Sometimes in life, bigger doesn’t always mean better. In a society that is forever chasing bigger pay checks, bigger houses, bigger cars, bigger EVERYTHING, there’s one trend that is slowly but surely picking up momentum, and that’s the trend of tiny houses...
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Meeting the world's most badass female explorer

In conversation with : Céline Cousteau

She's trekked Amazonian jungles, dived in icy Antarctic waters and explored lands most of us would never dream of, so what advice does Céline Cousteau have for aspiring female adventurers? We caught up with her to find out...
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Discover The Real Side Of New Zealand You Probably Didn't Know About

Here's the other stuff you don't always get to hear about.

From the culture, ancient traditions & delicious local food - here's the stuff you don't always hear about in NZ.
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