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10 Things you never knew about Berlin

Including the words 'I am a jelly donut'...

As one of the most popular cities in Europe, you may think you've seen and heard everything there is to know about Berlin. Well trust us, some of these facts you'd NEVER know...
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The 14 movies that make us want to travel

Get the popcorn out and comfy socks on, it’s time to start travel planning!

If you’ve ever left the cinema or finished a movie with an unquenchable desire to travel the world, these 14 movies will have you booking a one way ticket to paradise…
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Suitcase vs Backpack

Which is best for your travel style?

Always a tough decision, we lay out the pros and cons of each to help you decide.
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Are You Made For Sailing?

Get Packing with Contiki & Shopcade

Take this quick quiz to find out if a trip on the high seas is meant for you!
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The Novice Guide to China

Your quick travel guide to China

The fourth largest country geographically in the world, home to almost 1.4 billion people, the People’s Republic of China plays a huge part in world economy, trade and politics. But there is more to China.
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In conversation with…Seattle Dredge

Part 4 of #contikistorytellers – In Conversation

She’s a blogger, photographer and world traveller, and now Seattle Dredge can add Contiki Storyteller to her impressive resume. We caught up with her to find out about her experience in Costa Rica…
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10 things you never knew about Sydney

221 metre long pizza lines, Crocodile Dundee and more...

It's the city where the sun always shines, the surfs always up and the beer's always cold. But how much do you really know about Sydney? We're betting less than you think...
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Wanderlust with Nat Geo

Nat Geo Traveller Photo Contest

The world is full of beautiful moments and breathtaking nature. Travel the world through desktop destinations to feed your wanderlust!
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Foodies Guide to Spain

Open your senses to the tastes of España

No genuine food lover could ever die complete without taking part in a foodie’s trip to España. A sensual cacophony of tastes, aromas and colours, read on to discover our foodies guide to Spain...
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In conversation with…Melissa Wozniak

Part 3 of #contikistorytellers – In Conversation

Writer and amateur photographer Melissa Wozniak won her place on the Contiki Storytellers Costa Rica adventure by submitting a short essay that simply and effectively demonstrated her storytelling ability through literature. Here’s what she had to say about her Costa Rica experience…
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  • mhigurl


    2 days ago

    We knew for all that way can have the best to know more about this changes. - Mission Maids

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In conversation with…Elise Swopes

Part 2 of #contikistorytellers – In Conversation

With an Instagram following of over 207k, a history of working with big name brands such as Nike and Samsung and INSANE iphonography skills, Elise Swopes is our new obsession. We caught up with our #contikistoryteller whilst in Costa Rica…
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Contiki's Summer Festival Guide

#GetPacking with Contiki & Shopcade

You got your tickets. You’re on your way to see The Black Keys, Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis, Imagine Dragons, Calvin Harris, and everyone else you’ve ever wanted to see. What could be better?
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In conversation with…Eline Postma

Part 1 of #contikistorytellers – In Conversation

Eline Postma is a marine biology student, aspiring documentary filmmaker and ocean enthusiast. The video entry winner of our Storytellers competition, Eline blew us away with her videography skills as well as her evident passion for the ocean. Here’s what she has to say…
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15 things you never knew about the cast of Game of Thrones

Because shockingly, there was life before Westeros…

From Batman cameo’s to Baywatch Hawaii, here’s how the cast of GoT spent their lives before the days of the iron throne…
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Things to do in Lima, Peru

Luanna from Le Happy shares her favourite home town haunts...

To understand a country, you have to understand its heart. Born and bread in Peru's capital city of Lima, Luanna from Le Happy shares her tips on where to see the city at its finest...
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Why we love Peru

And we’re not just talking knitwear and llamas.

Peru as a travel destination is quite literally dripping in hot spots and must do’s. From shopping for (arguably) the world’s best knitwear to learning about Inca history and of course, visiting the iconic site of Machu Picchu, Peru is a travellers dream.
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Celine Cousteau's Costa Rica Top 5

The Queen of Storytelling shares her Cost Rica secrets

Fresh from her Contiki Storytellers adventure around Costa Rica, Celine Cousteau shares her top travel tips on where to see the very best of this tropical paradise.
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Latin America Edition - 15 Things You've Gotta Do

If your bucket list isn't big enough...

Here's Contiki's guide to things you've just gotta do in Latin America!
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Pura Vida - Costa Rica

Here are five things you probably didn't know about Costa Rica

It's easy to look past Costa Rica on a map, but once you discover the beauty of this country, you won't be able to get enough of it!
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Feast your eyes on this!

Australia's restaurants with a view!

Suppress your pub meal cravings, get your fix of fish and chips and explore the flavours of locally grown wine; from vineyards to surf clubs.
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Defected Records Turns 15

And celebrates with a pop-up store and global club tour

Music heads, listen up. Legendary independent house music label Defected is turning 15 this year, and true to form is celebrating in spectacular style...
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Extreme adventure activities in New Zealand

A Kiwi Travel Writers guide to the ultimate adrenalin rush...

If New Zealand is known for one thing, it's adventure. Expect blood rushing, head pumping, body tingling adrenalin with Kiwi Travel Writer Heather's guide to all things jam packed with action in the land of the long white cloud...
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If turtles were Contiki travellers

Why these heroes in half shells are our new obsession...

Much like Contiki travellers, sea turtles are known to journey all over the world, exploring every nook and cranny along the way...
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A Nature Geek's Guide to New Zealand

10 nature spots you just have to visit in the Land of the Long White Cloud

Get off the beaten track and explore some of New Zealand’s best kept nature secrets, so good the locals will do almost anything to keep you away…
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Why We Love New Zealand

And why we might just relocate forever...

Because in a country where you can hike glaciers, explore the land of the hobbits AND chillax in natural thermal spas, what’s not to love?
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