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Why We Love Europe

The continent with the biggest attitude of all

How do you sum up a continent that has just about everything a travel lover could wish for? PERFECTION...
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Top 10 Places to Fall in Love

Our quest to find your 'special place' in the world

Whether you love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is here once again. The overpriced set dinner meals are out in force, there’s pink as far as the eye can see and people are complaining about there never being a day to celebrate being single (FYI haters singles day is celebrated on February 15th!).
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5 festivals you’ve never heard of but wish you had

Dance your way around Europe's top festival spots this summer...

There’s a certain excitement that only happens when you discover something completely new. It can happen when you discover a new coffee shop, new Sunday market, or even just a new route to work (boring but true)...
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The Trail of Love Tales

Travel the world looking for love

With close to 200 million red roses sold and over 50% of marriage proposals taking place it is safe to say that Valentine’s Day is either the most romantic or nicest smelling day of the year.
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Build on Glass

Chet Faker set to release his debut album

Chet Faker, Australian electronica musician, has finally released details of his highly anticipated and long awaited debut album, Build on Glass.
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Street Style in Prague - Part 4

Top styles from Old Town Prague as snapped by Martina Vackova

Our Prague-based Contiki Insider Martina Vackova returns for the final instalment in her introductory guide to the young, stylish denizens marching to their own sartorial beat on the cobblestoned streets of picturesque Prague.
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Dancing like a boss

Just add a bit of Beyonce

What's one way to hype up for a sporting competition? Listen to a bit of B
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Online Boutiques We Love

The Urban List tells us their favourite online boutiques

No longer are we bound by mass-market chains in the world of online shopping.
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5 other reasons to celebrate Valentine's Day

Forget the love stories, here are the real reasons you should celebrate Valentine's Day!

So maybe there's no knight in shining armour coming for you on a beautiful white stallion... but that's no reason hate Valentine's Day.
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After months of media speculation, a huge $50 billion spend and THAT Jamaican bobsled team, the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 are finally underway. But is it living up to the hype? Here are our 10 favourite moments from the games so far...
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Lost Picnic

The perfect summer's day...

The perfect summer’s day, Lost Picnic is a day to relax in the park with a picnic and dance barefoot on the grass of Centennial Park to some of Australia’s finest musicians
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Gold for Russian Figure Skater

It's hard to believe she is only 15-years-old!

Sochi has started with a bang and a surprising candidate has upstaged the world of figure skating.
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Foodies Guide to Latin America

Pack your bags right now and head to the ultimate taste continent...

Carnivores, local food fanatics and daring taste adventures rejoice, as Latin America is about to become your new favourite food experience...
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The Clubber's Guide to Paris - Part 3

Your guide to the Parisian Nightlife

Need an introduction to Paris nightlife? Look no further than our party-chasing Contiki Insiders Marie Vinay and Cloé Bailly.
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Top Winter Slopes in 2014

A little bit of winter inspiration

Living in the Southern Hemisphere with the weather reaching a scorching 48 degrees in Adelaide, it’s a little hard to think about winter.
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Celebrate the Chinese New Year in Chinatown

Chase away 2013’s misfortune with dumplings and dim sum.

If you didn’t quite drink and eat enough over the silly season then thank the lords for the Chinese New Year.
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Women's Travel Fest 2014

Presented by Go! Girl Guides

Thousands of women are traveling solo each year, but millions more are intimated by solo travel from safety concerns to family pressure, they choose to simply stay home. Enter the Women's Travel Fest - a one day event that will inspire, empower, and forge new connections between women who love tr...
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9 things you didn’t know about your favourite travel quotes

They’re probably some of the most shared words on the internet, but where do they come from?

Many of the most popular quotes have been repeated so often that we forget where they came from or what they mean. Here are nine things you probably didn’t know about your favourite travel quotes.
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10 Things you never knew about Berlin

Including the words 'I am a jelly donut'...

As one of the most popular cities in Europe, you may think you've seen and heard everything there is to know about Berlin. Well trust us, some of these facts you'd NEVER know...
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Prague Street Style - Part 3

The following well-dressed Czechs were snapped around Area Letna

Martina Vackova returns for the penultimate instalment in her introductory guide to the young, stylish denizens marching to their own sartorial beat on the cobblestoned streets of picturesque Prague.
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