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Road Trip Beats by Contiki

#GetPacking with Contiki & Shopcade

New places. Small towns. Forgotten roads. Truck stop souvenirs. Excellent music. Windows down. Terrible singing. Road trips aren’t about the destination, they’re about the journey. With Contiki you can truly sit back, chill, and enjoy the ride (forget about that stressful driving bit). Now, the ...
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Food & Fun: Late Summer Festivals to Catch in Europe

#SummerSeries: Make the most of your summer

If you thought the best of summer had passed you buy in a blur of Pimms, sweaty Tube rides and stripy sunburn marks (ouch), read on. August is the month Europe’s summer really kicks off.
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I ain't afraid of no ghost

Celebrate the Ghostbusters 30th anniversary with Contiki

Journey through America with us as we find the top haunted place to visit!
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  • mhigurl


    3 months ago

    It's this way for all that we had it much for the same action they had. - Bernadine Fried

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Contiki's summer soundtrack

#SummerSeries: The ultimate sounds of summer 2014

The sun’s shining, the nights are long and the parties are plentiful. One thing we can be sure of is that summer is well and truly underway. And if anything makes summer truly memorable, it’s music.
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Buongiorno Italia!

#GetPacking with Contiki & Shopcade

Our Top 3s for Italian food, Italian fashion, and Italian sights.
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Temporary:Secretary's European Shopping Hit List

Fashion & beauty blogger Sarah gives us the sartorial lowdown

We asked fashion and beauty blogger Sarah Wong of Tenporary:Secretary to let us in on her favourite shopping haunts. Here’s what she had to say…
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A Tour Managers Top 5 to Costa Rica

Top tips from the people who eat, sleep and breathe the Pura Vida lifestyle

There’s nothing like a little expert knowledge to ensure you have the trip of a lifetime. We caught up with Costa Rica Unplugged Tour Manager Edward to find out the answers we know are important to you…
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The Jolly Roger

Inspiration from London

Have you ever wondered where the infamous skull & cross bones symbol originated?
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Ancient Ruins

Discover the hidden treasures of Latin America and Asia

Let's face it - we all want to see Cambodia's grand Angkor Wat and Peru's mind-blowing Machu Picchu, but what about the smaller ruins, the ones a little less accessible, or less known that are just as wonderful?
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We season our garlic with food...

One of our favourite little restaurants in San Francisco!
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Best Bird's Eye Views In America

See America's top locations from above

Conquer your fear of heights and see America from above!
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Hit the Open Road – 5 of the USA’s best road trips

Explore the USA the good old fashioned way

Iconized through books, movies, music and more, the American road trip has been beckoning travellers for decades. So are you ready to hit the open road?
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Stu Larsen

Stu Larsen is set to release his debut album - Vagabond!
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#NOREGRETS Moments in Latin America

Alice tells us her #NOREGRETS Moments from her The Adventurer trip!

From speaking Spanish to roaming with Alpacas, taking selfies with Christ the Redeemer to staying in the Amazon Jungle - Alice Pye's adventures were full of #NOREGRETS moments.
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  • Julide


    about 1 month ago

    Loved it !;)

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A Photo Diary - By Alice Pye

A photo diary from Alice Pye's Latin America Adventure

Feast your eyes on these incredible photographs taken by Alice Pye on her recent Contiki trip, The Adventurer!
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Buns, Burgers & Balls

Discover the world’s best burgers and meatballs!

Take a mouth-watering journey around the world and experience some of best buns and balls getting around.
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#1 - The Spotted Cat Music Club

The heart of jazz & blues in New Orleans

Take a look at #1 on the #NOREGRETS Checklist
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Contiki Tour Manager Spotlight: Eileen Street

A inside look at being a Contiki Tour Manager in North and South America

Check out this interview with Contiki Tour Manager and discover what life on the road looks like!
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Beautiful Brazil

Part 3 of Alice Pye's Latin America Adventure

Our last destination was Brazil but I have to say I think I felt like I’d soaked up most cultural aspects in Rio De Janeiro.
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8 things that’ll make you fall in love with Europe in winter

It's time to explore the beauty of Europe in winter

From igloo villages to pancake festivals, find out why you'll fall in love with Europe this winter!
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Why Europe is a Fairy Tale

Here's why you need to visit Europe in Winter

A huge amount of inspiration for folklore, fantasy and fairy tales originated from Europe.
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Blazing Radio

Gena Rose Bruce

Melbourne indie pop star Gena Rose Bruce has launched her latest music video clip.
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  • mhigurl


    about 1 month ago

    This can do more for that as well to know could have this changes to know about. - BannersBroker

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Don't count the USA out of the World Cup just yet...

From more bar time to getting to yell at the top of your lungs, here's why you should be #TeamUSA.
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Let The Adventures Begin

Part 1 of Alice Pye's Latin America Adventure

Hola Amigos! Me llamo Alice Pye and my latest travels took me across the globe to the one and only South America!
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The icons of Brazil – 8 of the best

Why the World Cup isn’t the only thing on our mind this summer

With the World Cup in full swing it’s all eyes on Brazil this summer. But whilst the rest of the world is watching the beautiful game and the even more beautiful footballers, we’re obsessing over all things travel...
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  • mitch


    about 1 month ago

    It can be done much for the one as well to take something could ever had to let it happen. -

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