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A country of stark contrast, where deep rooted and ancient traditions combine with futuristic, ultra-modern technology, topped with a hint of crazy weird. This is Japan.

To celebrate the launch of our newest trip Japan Unrivalled, Contiki took 10 all star creatives to explore the land of sumo, sake and, err, fighting robots. Over 8 days they travelled to Tokyo, Hiroshima, Kyoto and Osaka, experiencing a unique melting pot of culture, history, tradition, food and of course, karaoke. This is their journey. More info

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Meet the all-star creatives

1. Icons

What makes Japan so special? It’s people? It’s food? It’s utterly unique way of life? Or is it all of this, and more? A trip to Japan is a sensory journey incomparable to anywhere else on earth. Open the lid on this bewitching country, delve deep into its colourful past and ultra-modern present and you’ll be rewarded with sights, smells, tastes and experiences unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Are you ready for it?

2. Taste

Taste a country’s food and you’ll taste its heart. Nowhere is this truer than in Japan, a country recognized worldwide for its masterful, often at times extraordinary dishes. Join Australian MasterChef contestant Hayden Quinn and food blogger Khalil Khouri as they take you on a culinary journey through the land of the weird and wonderful, learning the ancient art of sushi making, braving some of Japan’s most local delicacies and more.

3. Style

Unique, beautiful, weird. Call it what you will, but one thing’s for sure, no one does style like Japan. From geishas to harajuku girls, Japan’s style is as eclectic and varied as the land itself. Watch as fashion bloggers Kate Boissett, Kayla Seah and Lindsey Calla explore three aspects of Japanese style, seeing first-hand how age old influences seamlessly play a part in today’s fashion forward creations.

4. Ritual

They say that in Japan people are born Shinto and die Buddhist. A country steeped in religion, these two faiths co-exist harmoniously together, weaving and flowing through every aspect of life. Come with us as we explore the Shinto & Buddhism in Japan, a country where it’s tradition and culture have to be experienced to be believed.

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