Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.

You only have one life, One shot, So make it count #NOREGRETS

Your Journey

Traveling with Contiki is a great opportunity not just to see the world but to see a world of possibilities. We take care of all of the little details, so you can take it all in, find your own path and share in our sense of discovery.


Find Your Path

Our tours include more sights, more activities, more authentic local food and more spectacular places to stay. We give you tons of free time to relax, explore or just hang out. And wherever you go, your Contiki Crew is there to help you have the time of your life. We create the journeys so you can create the stories. Start your story with us.

The First Contiki

Fifty years ago, we created our first story when a young New Zealander embarked on a journey across Europe. He got a minibus and gathered together a group of friends to travel with him, and Contiki Holidays was “born”. We're the original travel company for 18-35s and we've been traveling the world with people like you since '62.

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Your Choices

Must-see sights or hidden gems? A Jungle Lodge in Peru or centuries old French Chateau? Biking along the Mekong River or sailing the Whitsundays on a private yacht? Contiki gives you a world of choices so you can create the trip you've always dreamed of taking.


See the World Your Way

We offer trips in over 46 countries and 6 continents, from quick breaks as short as 3 days to epic journeys as long as 6 weeks. Whether you're into snorkeling or snowboarding, our tours are designed to let you do what you love.

Choose a region to learn more about where we go and see itineraries that match your interests.

Amazing Places to Stay

Whichever way you choose to travel, we'll hook you up with some special places to stay. From an Eco-lodge in the Daintree Rainforest in Australia, a Roman Villa in Italy or a night on a traditional Junk boat in Vietnam, you can travel your own way. You can even plan your trip around festivals and events, such as Oktoberfest and New Year's Eve.

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Your Free Time

No journey is complete without some time to relax and reflect and find your own path. That's why our trips are packed with loads of free time and opportunities to either hang with your travel mates or go and discover your own way.


Total Freedom

Free time is about doing what you're into as you take in new places and cultures. Hunt down some local music, spend some time lounging, biking, shopping or just exploring. All of our trips are planned with loads of free time, so you can head off and do your own thing. Need some inspiration for things to do? Just ask the ultimate travel experts – your Contiki Crew.

Optional Excursions

We've hand picked plenty of exciting optional activities as well, so you can get even more out of your free time. Go wine tasting in the Rhine Valley, helicopter over the Grand Canyon, or dive the Great Barrier Reef. We negotiate great prices and organize it all, so it's easy to personalize your trip.

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First Big Trip?

Your first big trip can be a bit daunting, even if you have traveled a lot before. So from the moment you decide to go, we're here to help. Give us a call, drop us an email, or get online – we'll answer your every question, no matter how big or small, and give you lots of essential travel tips and advice.

*Even before you depart for your trip, you can connect with fellow tour mates, get your questions answered and share bits of travel wisdom in our Discussion Forums or Facebook page.

Going Solo?

More than half of our travelers go it alone, which means you're guaranteed to link up with young (18-35 is all we do), adventurous tour mates. We don't charge single supplements for solo travelers. We'll match you up with a same-sex roommate, or you can opt for your own room for a little extra on certain tours.


Your Tour Mates

Our trips bring together like-minded people from all around the globe. So whether you're traveling solo or with friends, for the first time or fifteenth time, you'll come home with plenty of interesting viewpoints and exciting new friends to match.

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Local Know-How

Nothing beats having a travel mate who knows your destination like the back of their hand. Our team of over 400 Tour Managers, Drivers, On-site teams and On-road Cooks represent the very best in their fields, and they're committed and focused on one thing: You.

The best thing about my job is meeting new people every day – I see how excited they are and it reminds me of my first trip to Europe. -Cindy, Tour Manager

I will... get you into the real Europe. It's my backyard & I'll show you all the things I love.

We know... the authentic places outside the tourist trail.

Taste... Tapas in Spain, in particular clam, jellyfish & squid with apple!

Travel is... about new experiences & being open to anything.


Your Crew

Your tour crew has one simple goal: to help you have the time of your life. They're not only expert guides who take care of all the little details but also fellow travelers who are dedicated to helping you explore in comfort and confidence.

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Only Contiki Gives You More

When you travel with Contiki, you get more included as part of your tour than going any other way – more must-see sights, more activities & more amazing places to stay. Plus our local expertise means you'll get a truly local experience. But don't just take our word for it. Check out some tour reviews and let fellow travelers tell you in their own words what makes Contiki different.

Compare Contiki

When you travel with Contiki, you see more, get more and save more too. We've compared a typical day traveling on your own to a day on Contiki. You can't do all we do for as little as we do it – see for yourself why Contiki is the best bang for your buck.


Your Value

With Contiki, you truly get the most for your money: tours in over 46 countries and 6 continents, loads of free time & optional activities, amazing accommodation, authentic dining, and expert crew that are dedicated to you, and over 50 years of travel experience.



Visas? Money? Where to go? Chat to us about travel.