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England & Scotland

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Do this trip!
  • Jenna Level 1 Traveler
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This was my first contiki trip but not my first time traveling alone to Europe. I booked this trip based on the fact that I didn't have to drive myself anywhere, book tickets, and figure out what I needed to see. Safe to say that when it was time for me to go home I didn't want to leave!

I had an awesome tour manager Faye and driver Walter. Probably the most hilarious duo ever. I liked the fact that Faye wasn't a tour guide but a manager and that she knew where to go based on her personal experience with the areas we traveled to like what to eat, where to eat, what to see, etc.

I did all the available Me time options, which were fantastic but also bring money/be prepared for some extra things that aren't listed but are a must see like going in to cliffords tower, Eilean Donon castle, sterling castle (just a few that I could remember). All of the Me times were worth it though, great way to get to know the people on your trip better. The way I saw it was hey, how many times in my life will I do this!

The hotels were great, my only suggestion would be to make sure you get a room with someone who is similar to yourself or switch to achieve that or pay the extra money for a single room. I paid for a shared room hoping that I would make a friend right off the get go. My roommate changed on the second night and stayed the same for the rest of the trip. It was not ideal as we were polar opposites and switching was not an option. In the end I tried to spend as little time in the room as I could, which most people do anyway.

Another suggestion would be if you want to see or get more out of the London part of the trip show up a few days early. The time in London is short and all done in the coach as a drive by.

Make sure to save some money to tip your guides and drivers, they will go above and beyond to make sure you have an unforgettable experience.

I would 100% recommend doing a contiki trip, I was home less than 24 hrs and already looking at other trips I could do for next year!

My Contiki was: #noregrets, #contikifaye

Where do I even start. This was my first time doing a contiki and travelling by myself and I have to say I don't know how I am going to top this in my next trip.

Lets start with the boat. The rooms are quite small but I think they were big enough as you barely spend any time in there anyway. You do have to share the double bed but its quite spacious and you end up normally sleeping outside in the tanning beds. I only slept two nights in my actual beds because the tanning ones ended up being wet by the end of the week. They provide you with two towels in your room and then they have extra towels outside. They also have snorkelling gear and noodles, etc.

The food was AMAZING. I cannot emphasise this enough. Before going on my trip I read a few other reviews talking about how good it was, but I just thought they were exaggerating. They were not. The lovely cook is called Mehmet, and doesn't speak any english. He cooked us many healthy, traditional meals.
The drinks are not included. Water I found was cheaper at Bodrum. My roommate bought a 5 litre water bottle the first night and we both drank from that the whole weekend. However, the alcoholic drinks are much cheaper on board than in the clubs, especially because they are so generous with it. Those vodka and orange juice were strong. It works on a tap system so at the end of your trip you pay your tap, and you can pay in lira or in euros.

The crew was so much fun. Captain Jj and helper Mehmet (yes there are two Mehmets) joined in in all the fun and came and danced with us every time we went out. They truly were the life of the party and one of the reasons why everything was so much fun.

The places you stop at are truly beautiful. The water is crystalline and very salty so you float very easily. You normally go to about two or three different places each day. I recommend that when you dock you go on walks and explore. Most of the most beautiful sights I saw were on these walks.

I did all the extra excursions and I think all of them are worth it. The mud baths were so much fun, and the guide was really knowledgeable. We managed to see turtles as well. You have to go to the night out in Marmaris, it was by far the most fun night. The visit to the old town was the only one that slightly disappointed me, I was expecting to see more, but it was still quite interesting. You also get the opportunity to buy handmade rugs, that compared to the Bodrum price are much cheaper. Lastly, the Turkish baths were an experience. All I can say is loads of soap, water and very hairy Turkish men.

Lastly, the highlight of the week were the other travellers. I don't know if I was just really lucky but what made the experience even better was them. We had people from Canada, Australia, LA, New York, England, India, South Africa and Belgium. Because you spend so much time with everyone you get to know each person really well and by the end of the week we were almost reduced to tears every time someone left. You really do make and International family.

Its very hard to convey had much fun this trip was through words. It is a trip I will remember for the rest of my life. If you are considering it I really recommend you do it, you will not regret it.

Other tips and comments
If you are coming from the airport take the shuttle, its only 10 lira and very comfortable.
If you are going to exchange money, do it in post offices, the exchange rate is much better.
Turkey is very cheap. The first night I went out for dinner and it ended up being about 2 english pounds.

My Contiki was: Friendship, Paradise, FUN

Greek Sailing

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ It was like a dream!

Well it was about 12-15 of us split up into two boats that sailed together like a little fleet of awesomeness. Though they were not HUGE boats, they were a nice size and made the whole experience more personal and special. As we sailed, we could sit in the back with our feet in the sea if we wanted or we could tan on the front of the boat. The skippers were awesome and very helpful. The airline even lost my luggage and somehow the skipper worked it out with a hotel in athens who was working it out with the airline and i was able to get my luggage by day two, phew! The food was amazing and very authentic and of course not much in this world can beat the views we had while sailing as well as on the islands. We stopped quite a bit in very pretty areas to swim and have our meals before we would dock at the island of the day. We would all then explore the quaint little towns and every night, everyone from the two boats would hang out and it felt like a little contiki family. Though the islands weren't the typical tourist destination, they were smaller so everything felt more authentic and natural from the food, to the locals, etc. I definitely had some very interesting experiences on this trip with very interesting and fun people and I will always treasure these memories with a big smile on my face!

My Contiki was: Fantastic, Dream-Like, Can I go back now?

  • Mari Level 1 Traveler
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I really did have a great time! I got to see some amazing things, visit some amazing places and meet amazing new friends. The 4 day Spotlight on Greece tour was very fast paced, which was fine, otherwise we wouldn't have been able to see everything we saw. The highlight for me was going to Olympia and running on the ancient Olympic track! Because I am a runner, it gave me chills of excitement just being there!
The 7 day Island hopping tour was also a lot of fun, however I would chance a couple of things. What the site does not tell you when you sign up is that you are on a cruise ship where the average age of the passengers is about 60. So we were the only group on people our age on the ship. There was 28 of us, so we made the best of it, but clearly the ship caters to the majority, and that was certainly not us. We were those annoying "kids" bugging the old fogies at the pool etc. While we did get to see a lot of the islands, we didn't get to spend much time on them. Each island had an optional ME Time, which if you didn't do you were just left to figure things out on your own for a few hours and then hop back on the ship to go to the next island. There was not one night where we got to stay out late and party on the islands. Our last night in Mykonos we got to stay out until 11:15pm, before going back to the ship.
There was a disco on board, but the music was pretty lame. You have the option to get an unlimited drinks package, so if you have like 5-8 drinks (they were pretty weak drinks), then you can dance all night to music from the 90s and early 00s. If i were to do it over, I would in a heartbeat! Just maybe not on a cruise ship. But regardless of the lack of hard core partying, this was a great adventure!!

  • Jess Level 3 Traveler
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I just got back from this trip and it was so awesome. 2 countries and lots of states - this trip is a great way to cross a lot of things off a must-see list for America/Canada.
The tour went to lots of historic sites and was really educational about America. It was also a really fun tour - we had a smaller group, but our trip manager James and coach driver Frank were just awesome. The included dinners were all amazing and the optionals were really good as well. The dinner at Niagra Falls, Second City show in Toronto and Jet Boating in Montreal are all must-do optionals on this tour in my opinion. The tour was organised really well, with lots of included activities and enough free time as well. I loved this trip and loved all of the places we visited. I highly recommend this trip!!

My Contiki was: amazing, fun, awesome

  • Jess Level 3 Traveler
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Best of USA was a great trip and a great way to see some of America's most popular cities and sights. Because you fly from city to city on this trip, you have a lot more time in each city to really see a lot. The inclusions were good as well as the optionals. I definitely recommend this trip.

My Contiki was: great, awesome

  • Nems Level 1 Traveler
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Ohio gozaimasu, A truly unforgettable trip it was everything I wanted to do in Japan and more. I heard about this tour last year and patiently waited for it to start, worth the wait.
Accom. was excellent from city hotels to a hotel in the mountains on tatami matts to a monk temple. Food was different but delicious to try. The tour manager and guide couldn't have been any better, helpful or knowledgeable they made the trip that much more memorable. The group was amazing and we all got along. Best moment would be hrmm the entire trip :D
This was a sight seeing tour to make your eyes water and fulfill your desires of seeing this vast country an overload of the senses. I would insanely recommend this tour for any individual who has a passion either for travel, nature, historical content or anything Japanese related. Sayonara.

My Contiki was: Unforgettable, Breathtaking, #RobotRestaraunt

  • sarah1989 Level 1 Traveler
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I have just returned from my 5 day outback tour, It was more than i expected!. The 23 people on my tour were all amazing, we were all so different but got along so well. The tour guide mark was great, he kept us busy during long drives with dvds and games. Camping under the magical stars in an ozzi swag was a highlight for me, seeing some wildlife such as wild dingos, snakes and birds was pretty cool. Kings canyon was beautiful, and of course Uluru for sunset and sunrise was amazing, more beautiful than i expected. Im vegetarian and they catered perfectly for me, Although all of the others enjoyed trying kangaroo tail and all sorts of other weird stuff haha. Accommodation was basic and clean. I found the trip a perfect mix of everything eg- culture, outback experience and a couple of nights drinking- Optional. Some of the people did a hot air balloon ride and said it was amazing, i had a quad bike experience and loved it. This trip is amazing, and id recommend it to anyone who wants to see the true outback or just enjoy some incredible views with a group of people.

My Contiki was: Unique, Fun, Unforgettable

Amazing would recommend this tour to anyone, a lot of free time to chill out and enjoy what Thailand has to offer.

  • laureno Level 1 Traveler
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I don't think that there are any words to summarize exactly what I experienced. Was it pure bliss from the amazing sights I was experiencing? Was it the amazing European food? Was it the Contiki Cough we all caught? I will never know. But what I do know, is that I would do it all over again without any hesitation, sickness and all. Even though our Gypsy curse tried to rain on our parade, we wouldn't let any flat tire or sickness bring us down! Jake and Rasto were such an amazing pair, and their amazing attitudes really made us all bond as a family. My Contiki family. You will make memories to last a lifetime, and some of those memories you might not remember at all, thanks to free wine of course, but no memories of the night, are just as valuable as the vibrant ones. I just can't express to you how much you NEED to go on this trip. You hit all the highlights, and even some places in between that you might not have heard of, and those end up being your favorite... I'm looking at you LUCERNE. Anywho, don't hesitate. Just go for it. Live your adventure, and let Contiki help guide the way.

My Contiki was: unbelievable, perfection, priceless

  • Jessica Level 3 Traveler
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I always had people tell me to "go on a Contiki tour, go on a Contiki tour!!" My word of advice after completing this tour: GO ON A CONTIKI TOUR!! We spent an overall 3.5 weeks in Europe, though only 12 days on the tour itself, but the Contiki tour had enough memories for a lifetime. Here's my brief description of our European Discovery (let's test my memory after going on the trip almost two years ago):

Day 1 - We start in London leaving off from The Royal National Hotel. I highly recommend staying here beforehand. It isn't a fancy hotel, but it does the job and it's very easy and convenient to stay here as this is where the tour leaves from. We met up the previous day with some people we spoke with on the Contiki Meet Up page doing the same tour as us to get to know each other and we became a family by the end of the trip (however, you do have a small gathering the night before anyway with your tour manager). Firstly, you head off to cross the ports and cross the English Channel, this isn't a long ship ride and there's plenty of food for breakfast. The ship docks in France and you drive through Belgium to get to AMSTERDAM. We went on a canal cruise (beer on tap say what?!) and walked through the red light district. We also had the opportunity to go to a sex show, which I recommend, it was definitely a good insight into how different the culture is. We went to a coffee shop and a nightclub, and FEBO! You MUST go to FEBO, it is the best fast food ever.

Day 2 - We visited Anne Frank house and did a tour of the Heineken Brewery. Amsterdam is beautiful. Take the time to get up early and explore, its amazing. The we get on the bus to go to St. Goar in Germany, a beautiful town in the Rhine Valley. We had a wine tasting in a cave which I recommend, we also walked up to a castle overlooking the river. It's a beautiful sight, you can't miss it.

Day 3 - Off to Munich! We were lucky to stop at Dachau Concentration Camp, very eerie but a very eye opening experience. Then we got into Munich and went to the Hoffbraus for good beer, pretzels, dancing, and an overall awesome time (see picture above).

Day 4 - We had a walking tour of Munich which was great. It was a good opportunity to see Munich as you are guided by a local. It started snowing as we left Munich, I was devastated! Then back onto the bus to go to INNSBRUCK - my favourite place in the world. Innsbruck is beautiful. You have the opportunity to go up onto the mountain and see one of the most incredible views ever. I fell in love with this town and will definitely go back. Dinner is a traditional Austrian dinner, we were lucky enough to have a show put on for us with authentic Austrian dance, music and costumes.

Day 5 - Onto Venice! You take a ferry into the heart of Venice but this is a very short trip. We went on a Gondola Ride and that was amazing. Venice seems to have a bad rep but I loved it. One tip for Italy: Do not have food or coffee on the main strip/square. It's very expensive so just have a wander through the alleys before sitting down, you can also barter with the waiters (for example, we got a free shot of limoncello with our dinner).

Day 6 - Next stop: Rome. The weather was quite bad (understatement) when we went to Rome but the first night was our only good night of weather. We saw the colosseum by night and had a lovely dinner. Today was also Australia Day so we spent the night drinking in a pub around the corner from our hotel.

Day 7 - We went to the Vatican for a tour and then had an Imperial tour of Rome (Roman Forums and Colosseum). This day was bucketing down rain so a few of us ended up leaving and sat in a cafe drinking hot chocolate hoping we wouldn't get sick. Tip: There are a lot of gypsies but just ignore them, pay them no attention and just keep walking.

Day 8 - FIORENZA! Florence was one of my favourite stops. It is such an old town with amazing scenery which made for a beautiful group photo overlooking the town. This day was mainly spent exploring the town. The optional extra was going to the largest nightclub in Florence, it was so much fun (and I'm not a person who likes clubbing).

Day 9 - Back on the bus to Lucerne, a beautifully gorgeous town. It is an incredible sight. Mainly we just walked around the town with our tour manager. Your hotel is an old jail. It was quite interesting - I didn't like the bunkbeds though. There isn't too much to do at night but there is a bowling alley/bar a couple blocks down from the hotel and we mainly sat there drinking beer and playing pool. It was a good night to relax.

Day 10 - This was our longest bus trip, Lucerne to Paris. But when you get into Paris.... wow. It is amazing, one of my top three spots. The Contiki bus took us around the main attractions by night and this is when a few of us went up the Eiffel Tower. It was such a stunning view at night, and the tower sparkles on the hour so that was an experience being up there while it sparkled. I recommend going up at night but day would be just as nice.

Day 11 - This was the biggest day of the tour. We got up early (just a group of 5 of us) and went straight to the Catacombs (an eerie but incredible experience), Notre Dame, the Louvre (which I found quite boring but you have to go) Padlock Bridge and the Arch de Triomphe. That night was saw the Moulin Rouge and we had so much fun, I highly recommend spending the money to go, it is SO worth it.

Day 12 - This was the day our Contiki came to the end. Some people got dropped off at the airport or stayed in Paris, while others went back to London (specifically to the Royal National). My European Discovery was incredible. I highly highly HIGHLY recommend this tour, especially for someone who hasn't travelled before.


My Contiki was: life changing, motivating, incredible

  • Tash Level 2 Traveler
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As an Australian doing this trip I highly recommend this to all fellow Aussies as well as foreigners. This trip was incredible, there was never a free moment, we were constantly going somewhere and seeing something amazing. Our country may not be have castles and structures that are centuries old but we have incredible cultural heritage as well as some very old amazing sandstone structures that almost seem impossible to exist. These are our pyramids and stonehenge. They may not be man made but thinking about most of the place we visited, (Uluru, Katherine Gorge, Kakadu National Park etc) the fact that nature created those, and that they are so old that there are no fossils to be found, blows my mind.

I met some amazing people on this trip, made some great friends. We had a small group, only 16 and it made it really easy to get to know everyone and we became quite a close knit group. Many thanks to our informative Trip Manager (Mark) and amazing driver (Benny) who taught me many things I didn't know about my own country but also for the vague and confused looks they caused on the foreigners when they said something truly Aussie!

The Northern Territory feels like a whole other planet, it's so different and beautiful that doing this trip will really open your eyes to the wonders our planet holds.

I 100% recommend everyone does this trip, especially if you are interested in seeing some huge crocs (eating some too) in the wild as well as some massive rocks in the desert!

P.S. i suggest (If you have the funds) to do every single ME TIME Optional apart from the Harley Davidson Ride around Uluru (you walk around it and drive around it on the bus) and also the Crocosaurus Cage. Now it might just be me but when I saw people doing it, I got a better view from underneath. The crocs aren't interested, they are so docile from being in captivity it was sort of boring. Save the excitement for when you see them in the wild. Also if you can, do the longer helicopter flight over Uluru because you also get to go over Kata Tjuta which is just as beautiful.

My Contiki was: Mesmerising, Outterworldly, RED

if you're thinking of booking the Turkish Sailing, DO, #NOREGRETS.


This was mine and a girlfriends first Contiki, we didn't know what to expect but the trip was amazing - so much better than we could have ever imagined!

The crew are lovely; there's the Captain, chef and first mate, Mehmet! They're all really nice and willing to help you with whatever, whenever! They all got involved, joining us on our night out in Marmaris, the Captain even got the beer-bong out on Pirate Night (Thursday). They're very laid back and let you do what you want (I was aloud to drive the speedboat!) - but make sure you get them involved because they truly are lovely people!

The food is great; its all healthy and consists of a lot of rice, pasta, meat, fish & veggies. There's cornflakes for breakfast alongside eggs, sausages and bread with jams etc. The bar is on tab which you will pay the Friday night before you leave for your last night out. Mine was around 80euros for the week, and I did have a fair few bottles of wine! They also let me pay for my tab in pounds.

FYI, there is Wifi on the boat, speak with the Captain and he'll give you the password - 15euros for the week! (which will be added to your tab) But do note that because of the remote location the boats docked at night the Wifi wasn't always working!

The boat was bigger than expected, and did have electricity for phone chargers etc. (however the generators are only on for a few hours in the evening, although the Captain will tell you when). The rooms are tiny and all have a private 'bathroom' with a toilet, shower and sink. We slept on the deck every night, because the rooms were so hot and was gladly woken by the breakfast bell every morning! The stars were absolutely beautiful, and luckily due to the diverse group of people - I learnt a tonne; about sailing, stars, navigations etc.!

The boat has lots of flippers, snorkels, spaghetti floaties and even a kayak which is available for everyone to use.

I'd recommend that everyone does all the excursions available; there was only 5/32 who wanted to do the Village Tour, and personally this was one of my favourite. We were picked up by a local from the Village (Etrim Village) who took us to the local mosque and told us the background of the village and about the Turkish culture. We had tea at the local teahouse, homemade wine and then traditional Turkish pancakes made by his mother, which was delicious! Here we got an opportunity to find out about how Turkish carpets are made and could purchase some at the village shop. It was a very informative trip which I would have been gutted if I missed!

FYI, on the first day a lady will come to the boat who will give everyone an overview of the trip, this is when you book and pay for your excursions.

Packing; there isn't much room for your bags in the room, so go light! We lived in bikinis during the day, and sometimes even still had them on after dinner! We went 'outout' three times; our first night in Bodrum at the Whitehouse, then a wicked night in Marmaris and again back to the Whitehouse on the last Friday.
One thing I will note is to bring good walking shoes/trainers; we went on a hike which was a HIKE, the hill was really steep and rocky and couldn't be done without trainers. It was a mission but take some bevvys with you to watch the sun set when you get up there!
Plus, you get to do watersports (jetskis, flying fish, banana boats, ringos at additional cost) on the Friday before you head back into Bodrum!

We were always totally oblivious of the time at all times, but that's what we wanted!

Honestly couldn't have asked for a better trip and would defiantly recommend this to everyone!
We were really lucky to have had two boats going together, we had the opportunity to meet some great people! Worth every penny spent :)

My Contiki was: Sun, Sea, Alcohol

  • Sapphira Level 1 Traveler
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This trip was definitely a must do and a must see! I loved every minute of it and thought it was well organised. Matt (tour guide) and Nicholas (driver) were amazing and kept it fun and interesting.
The group got along quite well on a whole and I've made plenty of friends from my tour. I would recommend packing some overnight bags for certain hotels that do not have elevators if you are planning on taking a suitcase.
The optional tours were fantastic and I enjoyed having my time allocated to spend some time exploring the destination at my own leisure.
My favourite city was actually Munich which really surprised me. I'm now planning another trip back to Germany and this trip as inspired to go back, see more and experience more.

My Contiki was: Amazing, Worth every penny, Must do

One of my favourite tours ever taken. It's absolutely stunning nature, easy paced traveling enough me time. Not hectic, Canada itself is a very clean, relaxed and save country. There's fresh air, stunning wildlife and a loooot of pretty. (#ContikiAlex) It's not a party tour, of course some people party, but it's not much about partying. Canada in the summer - a must see. I will definitly come back. There's still much more to do in Vancouver than I did. ;-) And the tourmanager Alex is very knowledgable and funny. Oh Canada, I love you. :*

My Contiki was: pretty, nature, relaxing

  • Rodion Level 1 Traveler
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The trip is great and pretty well balanced between sight-seeing and parting but what they dont tell you in the information sheet is how quickly the Greek islands' nightlife dies as soon as September starts. So if you want a more party packed holiday then make sure your entire trip is before the end of August. However if you want a more relaxed and chilled holiday with slight partying then go early September - the weather is still great, the beaches are less crowded and it is more chilled.

Santorini (the 2nd island of this trip) is absolutely amazing so seeing it will make the trip worth it at almost any time.

My Contiki was: Parting, Sightseeing

This was such a good tour. You see so much of the south west. I did it in Winter and loved it but I imagine summer would be even better! The snowboarding/ skiing and snowmobiling is a must do extra. But there's so much stuff to do and heaps of free time if you don't do all the extras. The group was awesome and the tour managers were the best! 14 days went way too fast I wouldn't pick anything shorter than this! In fact I'd recommend even picking a longer tour, because Contiki in the USA is such good value! We did a 2 week road trip (staying in hostels mainly) on our own after and it cost more the the tour. The accommodation on this tour is all hotels and they were all quite nice (standard twin share double bed). Las Vegas and San Diego were my favorites. But every place is awesome! Great tour on a budget! Would highly recommend!

My Contiki was: value, awesome, fun

  • Samantha Level 1 Traveler
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2014 wasn't a walk in the park. I needed a change, a new experience, a new adventure, a new me. Enter, Contiki!
June 1st 2015, I joined my Contiki Group in Paris. I had never travelled alone before and I had no idea what to expect. One reason that I chose Contiki to host my Europe Trip was the ease of everything. They took me to the places I wanted to go, they fed me, they found the best places to chill, eat, sleep and relax.
European Highlights is a fast paced and extremely amazing tour. I literally got to tick off almost everything from my 'Bucket List'. From selfies by the Eiffel tower, wandering the streets of Florence before a Tuscan Meal and enjoying the nightlife in Amsterdam, everything exceeded my expectations.
If this is your first time to Europe, this is the tour for you. You'll immerse yourself in the history and culture of every country you visit and never want to leave.
You meet the best people, your Tour Manager will take care of your every need and you'll get to stay in places you never imagined you could stay in. You'll make life long friends, you'll probably have more fun than you have ever had and you'll come back completely satisfied with your choice.
You definitely will not regret this tour. #noregrets

My Contiki was: culture, fun, amazing

  • Shimo Level 3 Traveler
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Highly recommend,,,don't skip any of the optionals,,,gonna love,,,best of luck ;)

In short, I loved this trip. I went in thinking London and Ireland were going to be my favorite places, and at the end, in beauty and scenery and fun, Scotland took the cake. There are not enough words to explain the beauty of that country. I wish i could move to England, I have never felt more at home. When I arrived back home, nothing felt right anymore. What also made the experience amazing was my wonderful roommate and the exceptional tour manager (Mike) and driver (Matt). Mike is very knowledgeable and if he doesn’t know the answer he will find out for you, a very accommodating sweet guy. Matt kept us alive! Always a smooth comfortable ride. Talk to him, he is very nice, funny and entertaining and will also give you lots of information. They added so much to the trip experience.
The Ibis hotels are great. Nothing fancy but it is clean and everything is tiny and it has a nice vibe to it.
Try the haggis, it really isn’t bad, just don’t listen to what it is made of.
Breakfast is always served buffet style (mostly) and you will encounter basically the same every time. Bacon, eggs, breads, sausage, haggis, fruit, cereals, beans. It’s really a wide selection.
The bus was ALWAYS spotless. Poor Matt cleaning up after us. But it always smelled amazing and the windows were cleaned very often. Thanks Matt! If you get car sick, then aim for the front of the bus (first seat is best. Best views and more space.) but beware after this gets out, it will become a fight to the death to get it. Another great seat is the one right in front of the charging station. You can charge your phone while using it. Oh the bus has wifi, but you have to pay for it. Womp Womp. The bus also has a bathroom, don’t use it. Nobody wants to smell pee the whole time on the trip.
The trip was a full house. 51 travelers! Mostly from Canada and Austrialia. Then there were a mix of other countries. The age group was from the very young (18) to the older crowd mid 30’s. Mosty in the early to mid 20’s.
Details in no particular order (sorry its all jumbled together in my mind at this point):
London- Get to London at LEAST one day before the tour begins. There is so much to see, all the touristy attractions, museums, pubs, coffee shops, shopping etc. When I go back I will spend at least 2 days before and after the trip to see more of London and the surrounding areas. I arrived one day early, met with my roommate and we wondered aimlessly and ended up having an amazing time away from all the craziness of central London (Primrose and Camden). The first day of the trip there is a driving tour of London so you won’t get to do anything but take pretty picture of London.
Liverpool- What an amazing city. The lady that talks about the city is amazing and easy to understand. The waterfront is beautiful and yes there is Beatles stuff everywhere. At nighttime I again left all of the main areas and wondered around to random pubs with my roommate. Yes they look at you strangely but eventually they warmed up to us. The Philharmonic is a must see, it is beautiful to sit there and have a pint or two. Also there is a pub one block over from the hotel, its relaxed and this is where I had my first real ale (I never knew that existed, your beer life will change after this).
Carlisle- Is this tiny city, that basically consists of the one main street. Everyone ended up drinking at the Wetherspoons (our first of many) across the street and if you felt like it, you walked up the road and find more pubs or dancing. It was great because the hotel is right in the heart of town, so drink up, you can just walk back to the hotel.
Oban- The hotel is right on the water, beautiful scenery. We again went to a Wetherspoons, and there was the Scottish dancing night! One of my favorites. A great way to dance with that cute boy on your tour bus or just have a laugh with the friend you have already made. Don’t be shy, just dance!
Gretna Green- Get ready for one of your to get married, and a group photo for the memory of this incredibly awkward event between two strangers.
York- Was one of my favorite stops. Cute little city, lots of pubs, lots of people. The ghost tour thing was alright, not my favorite, I would have preferred to keep walking around on my own.
Lake District- Do the high ropes activity. I was scared beyond belief, but when I was done I felt amazing that I completed it. The Windermere cruise was alright, I would have skipped it.
Edinburgh- We spent 2 nights there. Luckily we went during the festival time. The Fringe festival is a collection of merchants selling random stuff, be warned it is EXTREMLY crowded (not my scene), I also went to see the Military Tattoo. It rained beyond belief, but it was worth it. The next day I spent it at the Castle, shopping, and again just pub hopping (Rose St I think it was called).
Scottish Highlands/Lochness- This is the only place that the whole group is has to stay in the hotel. There is nothing around to do. So it ended up being a really fun night (there is a bar in the hotel) getting to know everyone. Also do the Lochness dip in the water. It is freezing cold and the rocks are slippery and slimy but hey it was a fun time!
Glasgow- This is where the travelers who only did up to Scotland leave. . Goodbye drinks, fun times. Another Wetherspoons.
Dublin- You really only need one night there, but you will spend two. Pick up the travelers who are only doing Ireland. Be nice, they haven’t been traveling with the same group for a number of days now. Basically one street for drinking, so go hopping around and listen to all the live music and dance. Do the Guinness Storehouse thing (if your into getting a free Guinness at the end, and how it is supposed to taste). Group photo time! This is also the last city for the only Ireland travelers. The Merry Ploughboy thing is nice, not sure what else you would do if you skipped this. So just do it.
Hadrians Wall- A must see! Beautiful scenery and a fantastic place to show the beauty of Scotland.
Giants Causeway- A must see. Great scenery and a place to take photos of the beauty of Ireland.
(London)Derry- This place will blow your mind. I don’t want to spoil all the history of this place, but it was a shock for me. The walking tour guy is lovely. The hotel is one of the fancier hotel you will stay at.
Galway/Aron Islands- Rent the bike! Other options are using the bus (you wont see much that way) and a horse and carriage (stinky) or simply walk (it will be a very very long walk).
Cork- Cliffs of Mohr is beautiful and time to kiss the Blarney stone.
Kilkenny- Leaves a lot to be desired. The hotel is attached to seedy looking bar, its very old and kinda smells. Not my favorite. Skip the bike tour that is offered!

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