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  • Brett Level 3 Traveler
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This trip is only really 3 days (nothing happened on the last morning) but it felt like even less. Make sure you are staying in NYC before or after this trip so you will have time to see the tons of other attractions (museums, theatre, parks, etc) or plan to do this alongside another tour.

The first day we met up and did a bus tour around Manhattan, stopping at the Rockefeller Center for a bit and then having lunch at Grand Central Station. That night we had dinner right in the middle of Times Square and I've never been in a busier more "alive" place in my life. Incredible.

The second day (NYE) we travelled to the Statue of Liberty and then got helicopter rides -- definitely worth it if you can spare the money -- and had most of the afternoon on free time before meeting up to go to our party. BE AWARE you spend the night in a BAR INSTEAD OF on THE STREET celebrating but your tour agents will explain why THIS IS A MUCH BETTER WAY TO SPEND THE NIGHT :)

Waking up on new years day was difficult but I signed up for the food cart tour and we had a snack-sized meal from about 4-5 different cultures. The price of the tour is a bit steep for what you get but you're starting off the year in New York City so who cares, treat yourself!

Most of the group went up to the Empire State Building on the first night of the new year (1/1) but the tickets they gave us were valid for a while so others decided to branch off and visit later. Our tour guides skipped the ESB and went straight to a bar where we had our last drinks together before everyone went off and did their own thing on January 2nd - Myself and some friends caught the subway to Brooklyn Bridge and adventured around before moving on to our next accommodation.

It went so quickly but there was no shortage of good times or fun and friendly people to hang out with. Good luck!

My Contiki was: short, busy, unbelievablyamazing

  • Matt Level 5 Traveler
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The reason why I gave this 2 stars is not because I did not have a good time. It's because this "Contiki" adventure is not at all like my other Contiki trips. In fact there was nothing Contiki about it besides the ease of booking the trip. I was looking forward to the usual meet up and getting to know some awesome people - like all Contiki trips. However, there was no such meet up, in fact the hostel staff was rather clueless to Contiki when I arrived. This trip is through Prodive. They are a very very good company and ran a top notch program. I had incredible instructors, some of the best in the world. I live in Midwest America - far from most dive sites, and this was the place to learn for sure. Like the last post, you spend two days in the classroom and the pool before heading out on the dive boat. My suggestion would be to do the classroom work in your hometown. In retrospect, although the staff was top notch, I could have saved two days of sitting in a classroom on my vacation. One of the fellas on the trip from New York did all his pool work at home - then finished on the boat. Spent those 2 days petting koalas and shit. The diving was probably the highlight of my Australian trip, my second week I spent in southern Australia in Sydney with friends I had met on previous Contikis! So get to know your travel mates! Bring your GoPro - cameras are expensive on the boat. Also be warned - the main hostel in Cairns (Cans) is Gilligans. It was a blast the first night - but the music does not stop until about 4 am - and its bumping. I spent 4 nights there total and by the end I was a bit tired of the music every night - but Im also 28 and old as shit. I dont normally ever write posts - but I hope this info helps some folks thinking about this trip. Like I said I had a blast and give ProDive 5 stars! I was just a bit bummed there wasnt the usual Contiki sort of camaraderie.

This trip is guaranteed fun! With 10 jam packed days exploring Europe making new friends, you cannot go wrong. Our tour leader Scott was great and had a good knowledge of the areas we visited. I highly recommended this trip for anyone who is wanting to cover as much of Europe as possible in a short amount of time.

My Contiki was: Quick, Energetic , Fun

  • Yasin Level 4 Traveler
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Great trip overall. Fact paced and energetic. Met a lot of great people on this trip. The tour manager, Claudia was simply amazing we all loved her. Would definitely recommend doing all the me time additionals. Money well spent on the me time. No one will regret doing this tour.

My Contiki was: Amazing, fun, energetic

Greek Island Hopping

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Amazing Tour
  • Tash Level 4 Traveler
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I did Contiki Island Hopping in 2014 in May/June. I think it was the perfect time to go, the things you see are perfect and the amount of time on each island is what initially appealed to me and it was totally worth it ! Beach, Sun, Partys, Friends.. It was a ball!

  • sfisher21 Level 1 Traveler
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What can I say, i heard the hype about contiki's from all my friends at home who had travelled before me and it definitely lived up to it. This trip was amazing and I met some awesome people as well.

The one downside to the whole thing (hard to even really think of one) was the amount of time spent in the bus. This however, did allow for bonding with the team and for some awesome sight seeing.

Definitely take this trip if you are keen to see the highlights of the cities included. You get enough time to see them (but not too much else) before you are on the road again. Would do again, and again and again :)

My Contiki was: do it, experience, get amongst it

  • sfisher21 Level 1 Traveler
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What can I say, i heard the hype about contiki's from all my friends at home who had travelled before me and it definitely lived up to it. This trip was amazing and I met some awesome people as well.

The one downside to the whole thing (hard to even really think of one) was the amount of time spent in the bus. This however, did allow for bonding with the team and for some awesome sight seeing.

Definitely take this trip if you are keen to see the highlights of the cities included. You get enough time to see them (but not too much else) before you are on the road again.

Would do again, and again and again :) and will definitely be booking my next contiki soon!

My Contiki was: do it, experience, get amongst it

  • Bowmanj Level 1 Traveler
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The tour was amazing, everyday was full on I really don't feel like I wasted a minute... even the bus trips were awesome!

From the beginning the tour guide makes efforts to make sure everyday feels welcomed and ready to go. He was very informed and practiced in describing and embracing everyone in the NZ culture. The Optional Extras I chose to go on were all great and they were timed to make everything work. The only complaint is that the tour ended.

Definitely planning to finish the tour (South Island) through contiki asap!

My Contiki was: Rush, Intense, Spectacular

This trip was awesome! It's so short though, and you are the last tour group to be picked up from the indochina tours, so you get put with other people who have started travelling before you and they are already a close group. The optionals are great and I HIGHLY recommend the off shore island cruise... Why is that not compulsory!? I also recommend eating out with your friends in small street style restaurants instead of the larger/fancier ones, as they cost a heck of a lot more and they aren't as good as the cheap street food. Do not follow your gut instincts! If a place looks and smells bad, you would normally walk straight past it! But in Vietnam you MUST give it a go!! My friends and I tried some of the dodgiest markets and we all thoroughly enjoyed the food and nobody got sick! The transport was awesome and always on time (except for the flights) but our awesome tour manager managed to still fit in all of our activities. The tour is really fast paced and every time you get 'free time' you usually find yourself resting! I loved it so much and I would go back in a heartbeat though!

My Contiki was: Faced paced, Cultural, Exciting

  • murphyeve Level 1 Traveler
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There were so many great things about this trip - the scenery, accommodation, tour manager/driver, fellow travellers, included activities and completely exceeded my expectations. We were in the midst of beautiful lakes and locations right from day 1 - always something interesting so see on the journeys between the towns. I chose only a few optional activities, including bungy jumping, but there was always something to do - either by yourself or with the group. A hike through the Franz Josef Glacier Valley was a highlight, as well as a day trip to Milford Sound - a scenery junkie's delight. Made some great memories and great new friends, I'd recommend this trip to all.

My Contiki was: wonderful, lotsafun, eye-opening

Vietnam Highlights

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Unforgettable
  • Ben Level 1 Traveler
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This was my first time travelling "solo". I'm so glad I chose this tour. It was only a short tour, being 10 days long, and I wish I had booked the longer tour, as time flew by. The tour set a good pace, fitting in lots of site seeing and activities, but also giving an adequate amount of "free time" to explore locations by yourself or with friends. My tour guide was amazing and I was lucky enough to be upon her final tour before she retired from tour managing. I enjoyed my time with a great bunch of people, from all over the world, from all walks of life, and of wide variety of ages. It was a very mind opening experience and I wouldn't change anything about the tour. Definitely do this tour(or a longer one, as you'll wish you booked a longer one) if you get the chance.

My Contiki was: Enlightening , Fun, Amazing

  • Nikki Level 1 Traveler
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With it being my first time travelling AND I was alone, I was extremely worried that I wouldn't cope with the fast pace of a Contiki tour.

Luckily for me, the Thai Island Hopper West tour was relaxed with a lot of free time to explore the islands how I wanted and at the pace I wanted.

With a great tour group, great food, and sights for everyone to enjoy, I was not let down!!

My Contiki was: free time, peaceful, relaxing

  • J_Maslyar Level 4 Traveler
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This tour was AMAZING! Our tour guide, Bree, was down to earth and extremely knowledgeable. And our driver, Ricky, was awesome with getting us around London and Paris safely (ninja driving skills with that bus!) I went on this tour by myself and had just as much fun, I reckon, if not more fun than if I went with someone I knew. I made friends right away and we all became like a small family for these 9 days. (EX: The pic from Stonehenge was the first of many group pics on day 1). I still talk to most of the people from my tour on a regular basis and we're even trying to plan another Contiki trip together! Friends from around the world = happiness.
I went on every excursion/Me-Time option they offered (why not?) and STILL had plenty of time to go see things that I wanted. It's hard to pick just one favorite memory... and 9 days seems to go by in the blink of an eye! This tour definitely gives you a good taste of London and Paris, so if you ever wanted to go back, you can re-visit some goodies and explore a little more! The hotels were nice. They weren't 5-star resorts, but honestly, you're not in the rooms that often. Sleeping, showering. That's about it. But they were still nice, clean, and functional. And the hotel staff at both places were extremely helpful when we had questions.
I went on this tour from Sept 6th - 14th, 2014 and the weather was GORGEOUS! I think we happen to hit a "warm spell" in both locations, but never the less, September was an amazing time to go because the weather was still nice but most of the summer tourists had come and gone (AKA not as crowded as it could be).
Honestly, book this tour. You won't regret it.

My Contiki was: Good taste of London & Paris, Friends that become family, Lifelong memories

  • mqquinn Level 2 Traveler
  • 2 Contikis
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This tour was everything I could have hoped for and more. With two full days in each city you really have the time to enjoy your surroundings and take in everything. Jason, our tour guide and Tony, our driver were both fantastic! Jason was so knowledgeable and informative which made the trip run smoothly. The day trip to Stonehenge and Bath from London was a great opportunity to experience a bit of the English countryside and interact with the locals. The Eiffel Tower and Versailles in Paris were well worth the wait and although the Rome section of the tour was unguided we were given more than enough information and necessities to comfortably find our way around.

My suggestions would be to take advantage of every optional activity available to you, they are all well worth it. Eat like the locals and enjoy their authentic cuisine. Also, take a moment to relax and really take it all in. This is a busy tour. Most of my days started by 7am and some nights I didn't get back to the hotel until after 1am. You always have time to sleep on the bus so don't worry about not getting enough sleep!

I would 100% recommend this tour. It is a great beginner tour for Europe if you are looking to see multiple cities, without being overwhelmed all at once.

My Contiki was: action packed, amazing

  • Sandie Level 1 Traveler
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what a trip to just relax and soak up the sun - while experiencing both day and nights of this beautiful country and island. absolutely unforgettable day trips sight seeing through the history of Greece and memorable crazy fun nights out in the streets of the islands - where you dance till you can't feel your feet!!!
Courtney, our Tour Guide, livened up the party and atmosphere! made us feel like we had known each other for years!
Definitely recommend this EVERYONE!!!

My Contiki was: unforgettable, memorable, fun

  • Anastasia Level 2 Traveler
  • 2 Contikis
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Mexico Grande was amazing, I didn't really know what to expect from Mexico but it was the food, the people and the beautiful cities and culture that made it so memorable. Along with that we had an awesome tour guide!

There is now a special place in my heart for Mexico and I definitely want to get back there ASAP!

My Contiki was: cultural, delicious, beautiful

Simply Italy, Simply Amazing - That would be the best way to describe the trip, Everything about the Contiki was wonderful would definitely recommend

My Contiki was: Trip of a Lifetime

Vietnam Experience

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ AMAZING!

An incredible Contiki Adventure.
It was my first contiki tour, I was going alone and I was scared. The contiki was easy to organise and tour leader Pheobee, made me feel so comfortable and at ease. You meet so many people, so do not be scared to go alone - You won't regret it!

What we saw/What we did: Do all of the optional extras, I did and they were all awesome. Beware of the heat, bring electrolytes, drink plenty of water and wear a hat. In terms of what we, Ho Chi Minh is great, arrive early and spend a few extra days there. The Mekong Delta and the home stay night is awesome fun, beware of the Jungle Punch though. The Cu Chi tunnels was an amazing experiences, yes it is cramped and small inside, but you must go in! It's something you'll never forget. Nha Trang, was my favourite destination. The island hopping day in Nha Trang is a must, the mud baths were heaps of fun too. In Hoi An everything is absolutely adorable, I didn't get anything made, but heaps of people chose to get clothes made, instead we decided to get a bit of pampering, hire bikes and explore the towns and beaches (it was incredible). Then heading up to Hanoi and Halong Bay, Hanoi is a pretty cool city, we had a lot of fun there, and Halong Bay is amazing! The canoeing optional is a must, the caves are beautiful and the Boat party is great Fun.

Optionals: Do all the optionals, its a once in a life time experience, do them all! If not, the Island hopping in Nha Trang, The Mudbaths, The Temple visit and the Canoeing in Halong Bay were the most fun.

Accommodation/Food: All of the accommodation was beautiful. The hotels were in awesome locations and so clean and beautiful and all came with breakfast. The Mekong Delta special stay is heaps of fun and very clean too. I did not have a bad meal at all in Vietnam, try everything, their local and western food is both amazing.

Transport: The bus was great, clean and with zircon - don't worry you sleep most of the time on the buses anyways.

Tour mates, Best Moments: Everything was a highlight. There was never a dull moment. It was definitely worth the money. Everyone in the group was lovely, I was 18 at the time and the youngest, the group ranged in aged up to 32. Everyone got on really well with a group of 29 at it's biggest, some people left on different tours at different points in the journey. As for best moment, I met a guy on Tour from Perth (I am from Queensland) and we are still dating today, it was love at first sight.

My Contiki was: Exceptional , Well-organsied, Fun

  • George Level 2 Traveler
  • 2 Contikis
  • 6 Countries

Eye opening experience. You want to have fun? Go on this tour!

My Contiki was: fun, life changing, yolo

London & Paris

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ OMG
  • Paris Level 1 Traveler
  • 1 Contiki
  • 3 Countries

it was so amazing! first time traveling and I was alone but it was amazing. tons of stuff to do back to back never busy. met amazing people it truly is worth everything. hotels aren't as fancy but overall it was amazing. our tour guide was the best!

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