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This trip will be life changing & I know that I came back as a completely different person after the 21 days overseas!
I chose to do this trip on my own - I was told a lot of people generally do that, and there was no point during the trip where I regretted that decision.
You will make PLENTY of friends that I am still in touch with weeks after the trip has ended :)

- WIFI IS NOT ALWAYS FREE. WiFi became a thing of our group that was needed constantly, especially if you need to contact your bank or parents, please be aware that the WiFi is not ALWAYS free in the hostels you stay at. It is generally around 8euros for 6 hours in most places. The generator (BARCELONA) has WiFi in your room, but that is the only place throughout the whole trip where you will have that luxury. (There is WiFi in MOST restaurants you eat at)
- Beware of cover charges at restaurants once you get further into the trip and bread charges.
- Be aware of all types of scams, make sure you bring a small bag to carry your necessities in (Camera, Phone, Money) and make sure it can easily be secured and ALWAYS cover your pin when using an ATM
- Be aware you will need some spending money, around $1,000 - $3,000 depending on how much alcohol, food, cigarettes, etc. you are looking on spending.
- The Contiki bus will now be your new home for the next three weeks, so pack comfy light clothing for those long bus rides, food/snacks/water and movies on your phone or media player. The longest bus ride will be around 8 hours, and you will stop every 2 hours for services, toilet breaks.
- Stock up on your Vitamin C and other drugs, you WILL get sick on this trip. If you don't wish to bring any Vitamins on your trip, don't stress! there are hundreds of Pharmacys (Chemists) around Europe and they are incredibly cheap.
- Be aware of bed bugs! Bring bug spray, anything that will prevent any infection, etc. There will be a few nights in Corfu where the hotel does not allow you to bring a sleeping bag, there are wooly blankets in the cupboards in your room, I recommend DO NOT sleep with them, and make sure they thoroughly clean your white sheets on your bed before sleeping.
- You will spend a lot of your money on cabs, your tour manager will let you know how much it generally is to get a cab from A to B.
It is incredibly cheap when you take the ride with others from your tour, and MOST of the time, they will allow five people in the taxi with you after a big night out. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR HOTELS ADDRESS WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES FOR THIS.
- (TIP FOR GIRLS) Pack flats, flats, flats and Nikes or running shoes. Even on your nights out, there is a fair walk to the location and unless you are pro at walking in heals, I recommend flats, wedges, or boots.

Ellie our tour guide was incredibly knowledgeable and created day sheets of where we will be staying, what times you will have to get up in the morning, (Cookies and Dishies too... Be aware you MAY be chosen to do this through the duration of your trip) what times of the activities we will be doing, and maps before every city we went to so we were aware of where the main places to go were for shopping, museums, bars, clubs, etc.

Ellie would also let us know about any scams or pick pocketers we had to look out for in each city we went to, what they will do, and how to avoid such things. How much it generally costs to take a cab from city centrals to our campsites/hostels. As well as making us aware of when we can drink the tap water and when we couldn't.

The optionals are optionals for a reason, before the trip I read a lot of reviews about different things, what to do, what not to do, etc.
I pretty much did every optional except for the Cabaret, as that was the only one I read that was not worth the money, and I don't regret not going :)
They are all worth it, If I could do it again I would probably not do the guided tour (except Pompeii, Vatican and Colosseum) as they fall on the day after some of the groups biggest nights out. Nobody in our group opted to do the Car Hire as Gas in Europe (At the time) was around 2euro a litre.
And as EVERY single review I have seen has written, you HAVE to do the Captains Cruise (Georges Boat), It is the most relaxing and fun filled day you will have, with AMAZING views, AMAZING food, and George is lovely and hilarious.

Mostly, go into every location with an open mind, and just enjoy yourself.
This is a trip of a lifetime, and you will be planning your next trip as soon as you get home :)

My Contiki was: Worth, Every, Cent

Eastern Road

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Fantastisch!!
  • Cristin Level 3 Traveler
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As my first time traveling alone as well as my first Contiki trip, I was thoroughly impressed with how well the trip was organized and had a truly incredible experience. I always felt safe and comfortable while on the journey. The tour manager, Nick Papadatos was phenomenal. He was knowledgeable, fun, outgoing, personable and truly enhanced every part of the trip for me. Fortunately the group that I went with was a great group of people who all enjoyed going out at night, but also appreciated the historical significance of everything we did.

I signed up for every additional activity and regardless of what other reviews said the Classical Concert in Vienna and Parliament Tour in Budapest were absolutely worth it. If you have any sort of appreciation for classical music you will definitely enjoy the evening. As for the Parliament Tour, it wasn't the most exciting tour seeing as the tour guides are older but the building itself is exquisite and the architecture is magnificent.

If I had to choose one thing that I was disappointed with I would say that I would've liked to go into every cathedral and castle that we saw, but there simply was not enough time.

Here's a brief summary of each city:

Pros: Walking tour was good and full of historical facts; food was great.
Cons: Hotel was awful - no air conditioning and small rooms. Also, all of the museums were closed on Mondays so we did not get to go to any museums on Museum Island. Eye Spy Berlin tour - definitely not worth the money. Not as cool as they make it seem in the brochure.

Pros: Bike tour (which we did after it down poured and it was still one of my favorite memories from the trip), traditional Czech dinner (the food itself wasn't my favorite, but the evening itself was great!)
Cons: The Nuclear Bunker tour was great- but not as authentic as I would've liked it to be. It has been used for video games and things like that so there are XBOX stickers on the floor and took away from the historical significance of it - but I am still very happy that I did it.

Pros: ALL OF THE OPTIONAL ACTIVITIES - Schnapps tour was great! Classical concert was wonderful. Prater was fun and the Praterdome was easily the best nightclub I have ever been to.
Cons: The city itself wasn't impressive - if it weren't for the optional activities I could've done without this city

Pros: MOST BEAUTIFUL CITY I HAVE EVER SEEN. If you've heard a lot about the beauty of Prague - just wait till you get to Budapest. Dinner cruise was amazing and so picturesque. Sparty - if you don't know what it is - look it up. (Crazy but definitely worth while just to say you've done it!). Also, before you go check to see if they have any festivals when you are traveling - my group was lucky and I got to both the summer festival on Margaret Island which was stunningly beautiful AND I also experienced the Hungarian food festival which was fun and the locals are great. The Fisherman's Bastion was beautiful and made me fall in love with the city. Definitely do the Museum of Terror - it's a great precursor to visiting the Concentration Camps in Poland. Also, visit Margaret Island - it's a great little spot to hangout for an easygoing afternoon.
Cons: There are none.

Pros: Salt Mines Tour - Just do it. You won't regret it. Pierogi. Pierogi. Pierogi!!! Definitely try the traditional Polish drink at the bars - it's similar to Apple Pie and it's amazing.
Cons: Hotel breakfast wasn't as great as the previous cities but it was still good.

Pros: Good nightlife. Pierogi!!!!! The final night was wonderful and it was nice that it was included on the trip.
Cons: Not much to do in the city other than walk around and soak in the sites

*Auschwitz and Birkenau were truly sobering and completely numbing. I have been interested in the Holocaust and WWII for quite some time and have studied it, therefore visiting the camps is one of the main reasons I chose to do this specific trip. It's good that it falls towards the end of the trip because at that point you feel comfortable leaning on your Contiki family when the emotions set in.

Fun things about the trip:
The day song that your tour manager picks - after you get home, when you hear it on the radio you will always remember your Contiki travels and the amazing people you met while on the tour.
Nightlife - even if you're not a big drinker, there is something for everyone. Go out with the group to form some great memories that will last a lifetime.

Worst hotel - Berlin
Worst food - Prague
Worst optional - Eye Spy Berlin
Best food - Poland.
Best set of "Me Time" activities - Vienna & Budapest
Most historical - Berlin and Auschwitz/Birkenau
Most beautiful - Budapest & Prague
Best nightlife - Vienna & Budapest
Best hotel - Vienna

My Contiki was: Phenomenal, Rich in history, culture, food and good times , Best time of my life!

  • Alyssia Level 1 Traveler
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The Great Britain & Ireland trip was absolutely amazing! Our tour manager Becc was incredible and everyone else on the trip was great. This trip fully met my expectations and I don't regret anything!

Before going on this trip, I remember going through these reviews and trying to find helpful information, so I've decided to give as much as I would have liked to have read. Sorry if it's a bit long.

First off, it should be noted that this tour is a 5 part tour. There are a certain number of people starting off in London and doing the entire tour, while others do only the England and Scotland part. Some people only join in Scotland while others only join in Ireland. Whatever it is that people choose to do, you end up meeting lots of new people on this trip, which is awesome.

The night before the tour officially starts, most people meet up at the Contiki basement, get all the necessary information and then have a night out at the London pub, getting to know each other. It's a great way to just interact with everyone and feel comfortable in a foreign country. The following day, although the tour says you start in London and "see" some sights, it's literally just an early morning bus tour around London. You see everything, but you don't get out to take any pictures. A lot of people chose to arrive in London a few days early to visit and get over jet lag. I chose to add some days afterwards instead. I personally prefer my method because, after having traveled almost 3 weeks in the UK and Ireland with people, you feel a lot more comfortable and confident exploring London alone. Whatever you choose, definitely plan to have more than one day in London because it is nowhere near enough time to explore.

Although I wasn't super impressed by the Backstage Pass stuff on this tour, you definitely get the value for your money. The hotels were all amazing. Three star hotels in the UK and Ireland are perfectly respectable hotels. Almost every hotel had free wifi, though you occasionally had to leave your room to access it. The included city tours were also pretty good and our driver Chris managed to drive in a way that you would get lots of pictures from whatever side you were sitting on in the coach. I thought the food was awesome. Every morning, we got to eat an English Breakfast (eggs, hashbrowns, beans, fruits, cereal, etc.) and the included suppers usually included soup, vegetables, potatoes, some sort of meat and dessert. We often got three options for the entree, the meal and 2 dessert options.

The ME time optionals were awesome:

Ghost tour GB £5.00: It was okay. It's probably best to do it, though, since the hotel isn't in the city and the tour is after free time and the shops have all closed...
Windermere Cruise - GB £7.50: It was nice and relaxing. If you want, you can spend some time walking around Windermere instead.
Activities - GB £25.00: You can do archery, a high ropes course or rock climbing. DO NOT do rock-climbing, it's literally just in indoor wall. The high ropes course isn't the best I've been to, but it's a great bonding experience with the group and you can talk to some locals. You can also go visit the Stone Circle there after the high ropes course.
Gretna Green Group Photo - Large: GB£10.00 / Small GB £5.00: Don't bother getting it. It really isn't anything wow-worthy and, if you just want a group picture, someone will take some at some point during your trip.
Hadrian's Wall - GB £6.40: Absolutely amazing, especially on a beautiful day. The Roman ruins are cool and you get a great view of the countyside.

Scottish Evening - GB £33.50 (20-34 people) / GB £32.50 (35+ people): Definitely do this! Andy the bagpiper is a great musician and absolutely hilarious. It's also a great way to meet the new Scottish people and taste local food.
Palace of Holyroodhouse GB £11.30: Not a ME time activity. but definitely worth visiting!
Edinburgh Caste GB £16.00: Not a ME time activity but can be organized by the tour manager and worth a visit as well.
Loch Ness Jump: This wasn't actually part of the itinerary, but I definitely recommend doing it if your tour manager suggests it! It's free and a once in a lifetime experience.
Eiliean Donan Castle: Definitely visit this one! This is an actual old-school castle where people actually still live there.
National Wallace Monument GB £8.55: Really cool monument. The view of Stirling at the top is amazing as well!

Titanic Belfast GB £11.00: The best Titanic Museum you will ever see and the best museum on the entire tour.
Giant's Causeway - GB £6.50: Definitely do this!!!! Even if it's raining, it's impressive to see and just fun to explore. Don't be afraid to climb on random cliffs to get a better view.
Walking tour of Londonderry/Derry - Euro 5.00: Best walking tour of the entire trip. Definitely do this to truly understand the situation between the Replublic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Ronan, our guide, was a historian and thus very knowledgeable.
Aran Islands Visit - EUR 28.00: If you don't want to do any of the other activities, you must, at the very least, do this one. You get to spend an entire day on a small island. I rode a bike, some people took a horse carriage instead. Everyone had an awesome day since the weather was gorgeous. Definitely go up to the fort; the view is amazing and you can get awesome pictures.
Guided walking tour of Kilkenny - Euro 5.50: It was a nice tour, but it would have been awesome to actually have time to visit Kilkenny while the shops were still open, so it might be better to do that instead.
Guinness Storehouse Visit - Euro 14.50: Definitely interesting if you love Guinness. Going up to the Gravity room and learning how to pour the perfect pint is cool.
Kilmainham Gaol Euro 2.00: Not part of the ME time optionals, but definitely worth seeing!
Farewell Evening at The Merry Ploughboy Pub - Euro 47.00: Expensive, but really fun to hear some Irish music and see amazing Irish dancing. The food is amazing as well.

Overall, this trip was amazing! I was kind of nervous about sharing a room with a stranger, but my roommate was great and I never felt unsafe. I was also uncertain about the whole drinking aspect; I'd heard that Contiki was big on drinking and partying and I'm not much of a drinker or partier, but I never felt obligated to go out if I didn't want to. For those who love to drink and party, though, the tour manager arranged everything, suggested great places and I was told it was amazing. If you aren't a partier, I still recommend going out to a few pubs just to get the experience.

Make sure you bring lots of warm clothing. Bring lots of jeans and less shorts. Also, if you're a student (in the UK or elsewhere in the world), bring your student ID card; you can get a discount almost anywhere and they have serious discounts, not just a few pence.

Remember to have lots of fun on this trip! Make new friends but don't be afraid of exploring on your own as well!

My Contiki was: Laughter, History, Scenic

  • Linz20814 Level 3 Traveler
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With this being my first Contiki trip, I didn’t exactly know what to expect. This trip was better than I could have imagined and truly was an adventure of a lifetime. If you are thinking about taking this trip, DO IT. You absolutely won't regret it. The food was delicious, and the culture was even better! The trip was made in the details, the things that seem small and insignificant are truly the things I'll remember forever. Everything was smooth and effortless and just all around the perfect combination of history, sightseeing and pure fun! I attribute this to our tour manager and I can’t say enough good things about her. Areti Fronis took the time to truly make 51 strangers feel like a family. The trip wouldn’t have been the same without her guidance, quick wit, and all around knowledge of the history and country of Spain. I'm already planning my next Contiki and I can only hope the experience will be as positive and as unforgettable. BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!

My Contiki was: Unforgettable, Amazing, Fantastic

Simply Italy

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Just Do It!!
  • Heather Level 1 Traveler
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This tour was amazing!! And as my first Contiki I could not have been happier. First of all, Megghy was the most amazing tour manager you could possibly ask for. She went above and beyond in everything she did to make sure you were looked after and got to see what you wanted. As a Celiac she made sure I had gluten-free food at all the included dinners and was able to answer any and all questions you may have had. I booked a couple of things on my own that I really wanted to see and she was able to make them fit with the schedule and ensured I got to see everything I paid for, even though I didn't book them with Contiki. She was always super upbeat and positive and really made the trip what it was, which was awesome!

Alessandro was also a fantastic driver. He managed to squeeze a 50 passenger coach through spaces I wouldn't have attempted with a smart car! He tried his absolute hardest to make sure the coach was always comfortable and clean and I'll miss his shouts of Energy Energy!! whenever we were passed out, comatose, in the heat.

The people on the trip were also all fantastic. I couldn’t have asked for a better bunch of people. Everyone got along really well and were all so fun and accepting. This really wasn't a party tour (something I'm very glad of) but we always managed to have a really great time. I met so many amazing, like-minded people who made me appreciate more fully just how big the world is and how many things there are to do and discover. I already miss all my new friends but now have 50 more couches to crash on all over the world!

As for the tour itself, it exceeded my expectations tenfold (and I had some pretty high expectations). Even though we were always busy it was a good busy and I never once felt rushed. We had ample free time in every city (even the one hour in Pisa was long enough to get pictures and grab a quick bite to eat) and there was a good balance between touring and wandering. We didn't do all the optional dinners which gave us more free time to explore the cities, eat some amazing food at local restaurants and really get a good feel of Italy. My Mom and I did a bus tour a few years ago and we both felt rushed and like we didn't get to see anything. This tour was the exact opposite. I felt like I've seen and experience Italy (not just one of two cities but the country as a whole) and while I'd love to go back (does tomorrow work?) I certainly don't feel like I need to go back. We saw and did all the major attractions everywhere we went and still had loads of free time to explore on our own.

This trip was the most fun I've ever had and was one of the best experiences of my life. I definitely came home a different person from the shy, introverted girl who left Canada a few weeks ago. The combination of people, sights, experiences (and amazing food) really made for the best time possible. If you're debating with yourself about whether or not you should do this trip (like I was) I can assure you the only disappointment you'll face is if you decide to stay home. Just do it, I promise you won't regret it!! Or as Megghy would say: Dominate, don't hesitate!

My Contiki was: Best, Time, Ever

  • Amy Level 1 Traveler
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Saw/did everything that there is possible to see/do in Europe and had the most amazing time! Our Tour Manager, Jake, and Coach Driver, Ben, were freakin' awesome and definitely made our tour extra special! Would seriously recommend this tour to anyone who wants a taste of everything in Europe (especially good if you are wanting to find out where you'd like to spend more time)... We had people from all over the world, and had the best time getting to know each other and laughing at the hilarious things we all say! All ya'll need to get on this!!

My Contiki was: hell yeah, awesome, amazing

  • Adriana Level 2 Traveler
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It's been almost a year and I still talk about this trip as it was a week ago.
The weather was perfect, the food is amazing and Paradise Beach Mykonos is out of this world. Get a photo with elephant man... You won't be disappointed! I love five minutes away from the girl I was roommates with. It's amazing when we tell people that we became friends in Greece. Where do I begin to describe how much fun I had in Mykonos? Table dancing, Long Island iced teas. Beach. Sun. Bikinis. Margaritas with breakfast. Paros was nice and relaxing.. A few days to recover after Mykonos. Then on to santorini. The photo opportunities are endless - charge your camera, take your phone. Take 1000s of pictures on each. Night time is just as beautiful as when the sun hits the white houses scattered on the cliff. The donkey ride is awesome. Take some coins because people take your photo while you are riding your donkey up the mountain. Once you finish it's printed waiting for you. That's an awesome keepsake. Everytime I hear our contiki song it reminds me of dancing on bar tops and cocktail buckets.

My Contiki was: Beach, Bikinis , Booze

  • Adriana Level 2 Traveler
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I can't even begin to describe how amazing this trip is. Thinking about doing it? DO IT! I went as a 23rd birthday present to myself and it did not disappoint. Walking on the Great Wall was the highlight for me. The feeling of accomplishment and knowing I've walked on it is something that I will cherish forever. I was in a tour of only 8 so we were all quite close. Our tour manager Matt is the best tour guide I've had. He was kind, easy to talk to and we all had an absolute blast! The warriors you see in movies and on tv but seeing them in person is to the next level. I rang in my birthday in a night club in Xi'an with violin playing table dancers and yes Chinese people in nightclubs dance in unison to any music is was fabulous. It was one I'll never forget that's for sure. Then in the morning we took a bike ride on the ancient city walls. I did all the optional activities except the light show. I chose to stay in Hong Kong for 3 extra days and a few of the others had late flights so we all went to ocean park to see pandas.

This trip was everything I could of asked for and more.

My Contiki was: Amazing , Insightful , FABULOUS!

Italian Espresso

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ A Nice Cuppa!
  • Paulus Level 1 Traveler
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This was my first Contiki trip, went not knowing what to expect, and it turned out to be an awesome and unforgettable time! Met a lot of wonderful friends! Our tour guide Claudia was bubbly, caring, helpful and entertaining and the driver was a cool, suave "Italian Stallion", simply a master-class driver!
Many of the activities of this trip were quite interesting such as showing you how wine was made, or the leather, the glass blowing etc. but I know they also wanted to promote their products. I guess that's a good opportunity to make some money off some travelling tourists.
The tour covered a lot of places for the time we spent there, however, I felt not enough time to spend in some places eg. Pisa for an hour and shopping for an hour (either more time to shop/ eat or just eat and skip the shopping)
I really enjoyed the dinners and the optional activities although some of the dinners were a tad expensive, it was a good experience nonetheless. Don't really think the walking tour or the photo was worth it for me.
If you really wanted, you could save a bit doing it yourself, but then again, its not as safe, you'd have to do a lot of research and planning and you'd miss out on meeting a lot of like-minded and awesome people.
Overall, it's a great taste of Italy, just enough of an intro to make you want to come back to your favourite cities.

My Contiki was: Cultural, Scenic, Action-packed

Italian Espresso

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ A Nice Cuppa!
  • Paulus Level 1 Traveler
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This was my first Contiki trip, went not knowing what to expect, and it turned out to be an awesome and unforgettable time! Met a lot of wonderful friends! Our tour guide Claudia was bubbly, caring, helpful and entertaining and the driver was a cool, suave "Italian Stallion", simply a master-class driver!
Many of the activities of this trip were quite interesting such as showing you how wine was made, or the leather, the glass blowing etc. but I know they also wanted to promote their products. I guess that's a good opportunity to make some money off some travelling tourists.
The tour covered a lot of places for the time we spent there, however, I felt not enough time to spend in some places eg. Pisa for an hour and shopping for an hour (either more time to shop/ eat or just eat and skip the shopping)
I really enjoyed the dinners and the optional activities although some of the dinners were a tad expensive, it was a good experience nonetheless. Don't really think the walking tour or the photo was worth it for me.
If you really wanted, you could save a bit doing it yourself, but then again, its not as safe, you'd have to do a lot of research and planning and you'd miss out on meeting a lot of like-minded and awesome people.
Overall, it's a great taste of Italy, just enough of an intro to make you want to come back to your favourite cities.

My Contiki was: Cultural, Scenic, Action-packed

  • Kylie Level 2 Traveler
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Aside from being on the bus so much, this was a great tour. Perfectly planned events and excursion in each country. I even went paragliding in the Austrian Alps. I ended up falling in love with Germany (something I never expected) and realized that after my second time in Paris, I'm not a huge fan of France. Italy was incredible. Austria and Switzerland were everything you could imagine them to be. And Amsterdam was great, so beautiful and the people were lovely.,..even in the Red Light district. I highly recommend this tour.

My Contiki was: Fun, Adventure , Beautiful

  • Sbrown Level 2 Traveler
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This was my very first Contiki and my first trip overseas and it was amazing!!!! I had such a great time and Bri was the best tour manager. I had a lot more free time than I thought which was great because there was so much I wanted to see and do.

My Contiki was: Adventuresome, Fun, Great time

  • Nic Level 1 Traveler
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I would highly recommend this tour to anyone looking at seeing scenic scandinavia.
I usually travel alone but there was no way i would have seen things and gone to the cities i did if i did this by myself.
Most things are covered in the price of the tour so you dont have to spend much money if you dont want to.
The hostels you stay at are great, especially in copenhagen.
Alot of free time to explore on your own, nothings rushed and the tour guide will give you all the info you need to get to where you want.
Long drive days and VERY cold in places!
Great tour!

My Contiki was: Fun, Beautiful, Relaxed

  • Ashleigh Level 2 Traveler
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  • 18 Countries

Best thing I have ever done in my life. I made friends on the first day, and have made friends for life. It was great to be able to travel around Europe with such good friends and company. The bus was fantastic, the accommodation was great, especially the contiki stop overs, the bus driver was halarious, and the Tour Manager knew all the ins and outs of all the cities we visited. All of the optional extras were worth it, and made the trip even more special. As did the free days to explore cities with your new friends. The Egypt option was a special highlight, and was a dream come true for me. 45 days went by so fast we didn't want it to end, we could have kept going forever!

My Contiki was: Life changing, Incredible , Fun

  • Nadine Level 4 Traveler
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This trip awesome, I had so much fun. Totally recommend doing all the ME time options. Speed boats were awesome, Jeeps were awesome and you get to meet the best cowboys ever! Hot air ballooning is breathtaking and helicopter over the Grand Canyon is an amazing experience. Definitely do the cycle over the Golden Gate Bridge it is such an fantastic experience. You have to do it all!
Most of the accommodation was good but food in the US is really bad, but 5 guys and fries is amazing so find them. Buy your booze at Wallmart and snacks, it is so cheap. Make sure you buy somethings before the Grand Canyon because there is nothing there. And do your washing at the Grand Canyon, they have a really good laundry and probably the last time on the tour you have time to do your laundry. Las Vegas is soooo much fun, NB to self don't miss the bus the next day so pack before you go out. Wear comfortable shoes in Vegas ladies you will have much more fun.
I Loved this trip and would totally do it again!

My Contiki was: Awesome, Amazing , Spectacular

  • Zoe Level 6 Traveler
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I did this as my first EVER adventure overseas solo. Now I must admit I was nervous at first, and that my parents worried about their 21 yo old daughter was going across America on her own.... BUT IT WAS THE BEST THING I EVER DID!

I was lucky enough to have Blake Franks as my tour manager and I couldnt fault the guy! There wasn't one night that he didnt go out of his way to find night life for us, and to be honest I dont think there was a night that he didnt join us!

You may be scared to be a loner BUT my group of 53 (full bus) was amazing! I made a whole new family (so much nudity and partying but in a good way) that I never felt homesick when I was away!

I did the tour in October, so it was getting to the cool side, but we were still able to do the Water rafting in Durango (It's not crazy rapids, but it is good fun! We even got to see beavers pretty close!) If you can line up the tour with the Albuquerque Balloon festival I would highly recommend it! We got to be part of the 400 balloons that went up during the morning and it was honestly the most amazing experiece of my life!

UNFORTUNATELY we were meant to do the Grand Canyon, but were there during the Government Shut-Down, so we didnt get to stay in the cabins... HOWEVER Contiki lined it up well and gave us another night in Vegas and the chance to do the helicopter tour that lands in the Grand Canyon on indian land and have lunch inside the Grand Canyon (not the usual offering). I am glad that we got this as seeing the size of me compared to the canyon really put it into perspective.

TIP: I wouldnt plan to diet on this tour... The Southern food is to die for! Try everything!!! Deep fried pickles are AMAZING!!!

I would do this tour again in a heart beat.... Infact I AM! I honestly struck gold with this tour, and I really thank my CONTIKI FAMILY, BLAKE FRANKS, and MARCUS MORMON (driver) for the best days of my life



  • Katherine Level 2 Traveler
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This trip was everything I expected and more. It was a fun and safe way to travel alone without ever feeling unsafe. Our tour manager Becc went out of her way to make sure we saw everything possible in the time we had by making special stops and getting great photo opps. She had so much knowledge about every place we saw and I learned so much more than I ever thought I would on a trip like this. I met so many amazing people who wanted to see the same things as me and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Every hotel was more than I could ask for everything was clean and had so much space. It was beautiful scenery everywhere we went and the backstage pass included so many amazing things I will never forget seeing. I suggest this trip to anyone who wants to see these countries because it shows you so much in such little time. Our tour manager was one of the best people I've ever met and she did so much for all of us and made this the trip of a lifetime! #no regrets

  • WillMiller Level 2 Traveler
  • 2 Contikis
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This contiki was definitely worth every cent. You do so much and it pays for hotels, travel, some tour guides and museums, breakfast and dinner some/most days, and you do things you never normally would.

I never would've gone to Schonbrunn Palace and watched a classical concert in vienna, or gone to this awesome amusement park just outside Vienna. I never would have gotten a local tour guide across Budapest, especially with all people around my age, and I never would have gone inside the Hungarian Parliament building and saw the President.

And that wasn't really it. It was the people, the relationships you form with the travellers on the Contiki, including the tour operator and coach driver.

I'd reccomend it to anyone who wanted a quick, cheap getaway.

My Contiki was: unforgettable, exciting, picturesque

  • ChristaC Level 1 Traveler
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It's hard to capture into words the experiences I had on this trip. It was one of the greatest times of my life and I'll be forever appreciative to our TM Zsofi, our TD Marcin, and my entire tour group for it.
No matter where you came from, Europe was always going to be a different experience. Yes, reading reviews is helpful in choosing the right tour for you, and if you want to label this tour something, it's a taste-tester of all the major sites that mainstream tourists would want to visit (plus other hidden morsels along the way). But one of the best things you can do with these tours is to approach it with little to no preconceptions. Let it sweep you away, teach you things that you never would have thought possible, experience magic in each moment. For example, the food in Germany (Rhineland) wasn't what you might consider the greatest. But you know what? You're in Germany. You're sitting on a land of hundreds of years of significant history. Who cares if the food sucks in your estimation? It's just a matter of different tastes and they've obviously been eating it for longer than we've been alive. You then learn that that food's not to your taste and you don't pick it next time you go out to a restaurant. The next day you're visiting Hofbräuhaus in Munich and it can take you at a minimum of half an hour to find a table among the hundreds that eat there every night, with servers (men and women alike) carrying 8 x 1 litre steins in both hands weaving in and out between everyone, and proceeding to eat a pork knuckle the size of your head after you do find a table (slight exaggeration). A completely different experience.
It's pretty self-explanatory that a tour of 12 days and fitting 8-9 countries in isn't going to be a leisurely stroll in the park. The excitement came from cramming as much action into the days as you could, running in those last minutes to make sure you didn't miss the bus, reading a map for the first time and trying to pronounce the unpronounceable, the smiles of the locals at your funny accents, the puking on the bus after New Year's Eve in Germany (still makes me nauseous thinking about it), the wonder on a little Roman girl's face when she found out I was from Australia (priceless), deliberately getting lost on the canals in Venice. There's all these little moments at the places you visit that adds extra meaning to everything you experience. The optionals are exactly that, optional, so you don't have to feel obliged to do everything. Again, 8-9 countries in 12 days doesn't leave you with a lot of spare time but take on board the things that you do with the group and you're still getting a lot from each place. You can't expect it to be smiles and roses the whole time; you're on board a bus with numerous other people, some with rusty social skills. Take the good and the bad and turn it into one of the best things you ever chose to do.


My Contiki was: Unforgettable, Magical, Eye-opening

Berlin to Budapest

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Really Amazing

This was my first time out of the US and I really enjoyed it. I had a bit of a hard time adjusting in the beginning but the contiki tour guides certainly helped me out. I came around and thoroughly loved the majority of the trip.

Czech Republic (Prague) was absolutely my favorite. Very lovely city with lots to see and everything was relatively cheap. Town Square was really cool to hang out at.

Germany (Berlin) was awesome, reminded me of NYC. Had lots to see, plenty of history.

Austria (Vienna) was very beautiful. I absolutely loved the Mozart concert at the Schonbrunn Palace, really surreal. The only bummer part was that for the tour dates I did, we were only in Vienna for two nights, having one full day and it was a Sunday so mostly everything was closed.

Hungary (Budapest) was really interesting and was a nice ending to the trip. I think my favorite place there was the Fisherman's Bastion.

Overall it was definitely life changing (being it was my first tour) and I already plan on visiting again!

My Contiki was: Amazing, Incredible, Beautiful

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