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  • nursetabs Level 3 Traveler
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This was a fabulous trip and I had an amazing time over the 25 days. I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone who would like to get a good feel of what Europe is like, it was just the right amount of time, anything shorter and I don't think it would of been as enjoyable. Do as many of the extras as you can, they really make the trip.

European Trail

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Amazing
  • Liz Level 2 Traveler
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As a concept tour, you agree to pay a little less, to stay in lower grade accomodation. Do it. Choose this option. You can drink more, buy more and eat more.
Accomodation: Yeah, it's mainly hostels and you bunk with a few of your new friends, but after the first night and day with your group of around 50, it'll feel almost natural. Most breakfasts were included and continental. Take advantage of this, it's free and why buy food when you don't need to?
Locations: Every country was different and every city was more beautiful than the last. Make sure you have a good camera and a large memory card, because you're going to want to take as many pictures as you can because it's that fricking pretty.
People: I travelled with my sister, and a lot of people travelled either alone or with another friend. It takes a while to remember everyone's names but I guarantee you will be friends with most if everyone by the end of the first week. Spending an entire day on a bus with them all kind of forces you to, but you know #noregrets.

General review: I thoroughly enjoyed this tour. Even though we only spent 2 nights in most places, I know exactly which places I want to go back to. This is a great all rounder trip and there's plenty of oppurtunities fro everyone no matter what you're in to. Solo exploring, making friends, museums, parties, culture, whatever it is, there's plenty of it.

My two top tips for this tour are
1) Sleep the first night in a new city, rest up and explore during the full day, then party hard (if that's your style) the second night. The next day will be mostly spent on the coach, so as long as you're on there when the bus leaves the hostel, you're free to sleep your hangover off.
2) Eat as healthy as you can. If you're young, and in Europe, chances are you're gonna do your liver a bit of trouble. Even if you're not a drinker, make sure you eat fruit and veg and as balanced of a diet as you can get jumping between cities. Try new foods, but make sure you don't only eat pringles and drink vodka. If you get sick on this trip, you're gonna have a bad time. If one person gets a cold on the coach, it'll spread pretty quickly.

My Contiki was: Breathtaking, Stunning, Good-value

  • Liz Level 2 Traveler
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This was my first contiki on my first big trip. My tour manager Caroline was awesome, she knew the answers to our questions before we even knew what our questions were. She knew her way around, and made it her sole priority to organise the best time we could have. The people I met were awesome.
Pros: All meals included, choices of buffet or restaurant setting. Choice to get unlimited drinks tab for 80 Euros I think it was. Good crew on the ship
Cons: Shared giant cruise ship with old folks, not enough time to completely explore each place we went to. That being said, I looked at this trip in terms of a taste tester. I didn't know where I wanted to go, but now I've been to them, I know where I want to go back and discover more of.
If you're planning on partying hard, and turning every stone this isn't the tour for you, but if you want to experience a bit of everything, this is perfect. It really does take the hassle out of organising the trip yourself. The optionals are a little pricey, but you won't want to do all of them or else you wont have any free time because the boat's got to go between islands at a certain time.

My Contiki was: fun, brilliant, educational

European Magic

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Awesome experience
  • Jess Level 3 Traveler
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This trip was really wonderful, met some amazing people and cant believe how much I saw in 10 days, would definitely recommend it, be prepared to stay out late and wake up early! It's all worth it!! :)

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My Contiki was: test, test, tes

  • Casey Level 1 Traveler
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From dancing on bars to sipping beers in ancient courtyards this tour is a mix of the old and the new. Plenty of opportunities to party and so much history to appreciate. This tour does go into more somber areas and history of Europe but it is history to be remembered. Going to Auschwitz and Birkenau was incredibly hard but so moving. All together the tour was amazing and our tour manager made the whole trip something to remember forever.

My Contiki was: Party, History, Memorable

Berlin & Prague

★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ Good, not great
  • jenny85 Level 3 Traveler
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This tour was my second Contiki, and considering that I had an incredible first tour in the summer I decided to do another. I loved the cities themselves, Berlin is a wonderful, liberal, laid back city with a loaded history and many interesting sites and good food. Prague is simply enchanting and is a lovely city with well preserved medieval buildings. However, I was not happy with the accommodation, as we stayed in the Hotel Ibis in both cities, which I was taken aback by considering this was not one of their budget tours. I knew from day one it was not going to be as enjoyable as the summer Contiki I had gone on. The tour guide and bus driver were awesome, and they tried their best but the group dynamic was poor and awkward at best. The people on your group can effect your experience for the worse or better and in this case it was the former. A lot of weird people who were really cliquey kind of had something to do with these poor group dynamics. On top of all this the weather was horrible.

My Contiki was: Nice Cities, Cold Weather, Disappointed

  • Kristin Level 1 Traveler
  • 1 Contiki
  • 2 Countries

The first word that comes to mind was WOW! Traveling to Ireland was the first "real big" trip I've taken. I'd been dreaming of going for years and since I'd get going alone I thought a tour was the best way to see it all....and Contiki doesn't disappoint!
My tour manager was Roxy. I can't begin to say enough good things about her- she's funny, knowledgable, entertaining, always has a smile on her face, and knows how to get us going. Our coach was masterfully navigated by Mark who can drive a bus as if it was a compact car.
A Contiki tour is full of non-stop places to see- many included and a few additional add ons (I highly recommend doing EVERYTHING). We saw Dublin, Trinity College, Temple Bar, Belfast, Giants Causeway, Derry, Galway, Aran Islands, Blarney Castle, Jameson distillery, Guinness brewery, Cliffs of Moher, Cork, Kilkenny, trad bands, Irish dancers, cows, sheep...lots of pubs and it was ALL magical!
Last but not least- the people! I met so many new friends that are part of some of the best experiences of my life. I won't forget the Auzzies, Canadians, and fellow Statesmen who I shared an amazing adventure with! They all helped make the trip what it was!
I will definitely be taking another Contiki tour in the future!

My Contiki was: Amazing, Adventure, Fantastic friends

  • sweetD Level 2 Traveler
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Luke was a great and fun guide. Thailand is beautiful and the people in our group where a lot of fun. So glad i discovered Contiki.
Its a safe easy way to travel to new countries. Lots of infomation and activities provided.

My Contiki was: Adventure, FUN, Life changing

Road to Rome

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ No regrets

The best trip of my life!
amazing group and awesome places...

My Contiki was: noregrets, europe, awesome

  • Janelle Level 5 Traveler
  • 5 Contikis
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New York is a confusing yet exciting place that you need to see to truly understand. Listed on most travellers 'must see before you die' lists, once you get there you know why. New Year's Eve is probably the biggest and busiest time of year to be in New York - but what a time it is! Approximately 3 million people merge into one small space to count the new year in. Talking to a couple of New Yorkers on the subway the day before New Years I asked them if they go to time square to celebrate to which they all laughed and the woman said to me, 'no it's too cold and crowded we leave that to you crazy people'. Cold was the last thing I felt when my group made its way to Planet Hollywood - the destination of our celebrations. Contiki took all the worry and hassles out of my trip and let me simply enjoy where I was and the people I was with. Security is insanely tight all over NY on new year and some people spent the whole day waiting out in the cold for a prime spot to celebrate the night - not us! We partied and felt like rock stars for one epic night of our lives.
The rest of the tour we spent being show the sights and smells of NY some places we would have never even have thought to have seen.
Though this tour is short it is amazing and certainly is my favourite so far.

My Contiki was: Once in a lifetime

  • kellym777 Level 9 Traveler
  • 9 Contikis
  • 25 Countries

The hotel used was a great location, one hotel back from the beach. however I found the rooms too small for me and my friend to fit in, especially when we had been travelling for 6 weeks and had 2 bags each. Pearl Harbor inclusion was great, well worth doing. Included breakfast was more than enough each morning, nice food and plenty of options to chose from.

  • kellym777 Level 9 Traveler
  • 9 Contikis
  • 25 Countries

I loved every minute of this tour, great locations and the places you stay are quite central and close to everything. my only regret is not doing the grand southern tour and getting to continue on for the full 26 days with all my awesome new friends. would recommend this tour to anyone

  • LexJen Level 1 Traveler
  • 1 Contiki
  • 8 Countries

Words cannot describe how amazing the European Horizon Summer 2013 was. I went into the trip with a lot of Anxiety, and I didn't know what to expect. On our first night in London, we met up with everyone at the Hotel Pub, and after that night it was clear to me that it was going to be the trip of a lifetime. Everyone was so friendly, and I quickly became friends with everyone on the tour. I think the main reason why It was such a good tour was because there was a huge group of us who would spend all of our nights & days together, exploring the cities, and then partying at the Hostel Bar's. The one thing that I wasn't aware of before the trip was that we would have to share rooms with either 1 or 2 other people. I was a little worried about that at first, but ended up being paired with 2 other ladies who I quickly became best friends with. The only bad thing about this tour was having to say goodbye to everyone. The tour was not long enough, and we all agreed that it should have been a 20 day tour. I am so happy that I chose to do a contiki tour, it honestly changed my life. Our large group of friends from the tour are still keeping in touch to this day, and I am content to say that I have made life-long friends. I highly recommend this tour, as well as any other contiki tour. I just hope you are as lucky as I was to have so many amazing people to enjoy the journey with.

My Contiki was: Incomparable, exciting, Time of my Life

Egypt & The Nile

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Just do it

I had booked my Egypt tour to start in the middle of my European trip. Whilst I was over there, the news of the riots spread and our group was offered a full refund if we chose to pull out. I decided it was now or never and continued with my travel plan. Little did I know we'd be there to see the president of the country overthrown and the start of a revolution. Everyone involved in the organization of this tour went above and beyond to keep us safe and give us the most incredible experience. One of the best experiences of my life and oh what a story!

My Contiki was: Life changing, Eye opening, Incredible

My first time overseas (a part from travelling to Bali) I had the most amazing time of my life! I met soo many fun-loving, energetic, down to earth people on this tour who soon after a few days pretty much became family (contiki family)

I had travelled alone to LA and took on the Best of USA tour without knowing anyone (a part from meeting all the people on the tour on our tour facebook page) to this day I stay in touch with everyone on tour, even a few catch ups when anyone is in town or if I fly to other parts of Australia.

Highlights of the trip were partying in LA, San Fran, Vegas and NYC.
The food, tours, adventures, accommodation, shopping, pool parties in Vegas, restaurants, ME time (definately worth taking up all the optional activites), cruises, bike rides, limos and nightlife was fantastic. Be prepared for lots of sleepless nights if you love to PARTY! Our tour guide Brianna McCarthy was great, she went out of her way to organise extra activities and dinners for us all and was well informed of each place and what it has to offer.

I highly reccommend this tour to anyone wanted to see the BEST of USA :)

My Contiki was: Party, Long-Lasting Friendships, Adventureous

  • Tracy! Level 2 Traveler
  • 2 Contikis
  • 12 Countries

This trip was incredible! I met so many amazing people and went to so many amazing places.
There were some places on the tour that I didn't care to see, but going to these places were amazing. Every single stop that we did was a new experience.

This tour is very go go go, so you see soooo many things for the time that you are actually in Europe.

I have travelled a ton before, but never with a tour, so I must say Contiki is great for new travellers and experienced travellers!

The great thing about Contiki is that everyone is young and wanting to experience the same things as you. Everyone has the love for travel and adventure!

I just booked another Contiki and words can't describe how excited I am! Bring it on!

My Contiki was: Amazing , Life Changing, FABULOUS

  • Megan Level 4 Traveler
  • 4 Contikis
  • 7 Countries

I went solo and had such an amazing time on this tour! This was my second time visiting Paris and I loved it even more the second time around. Trying escargot and champagne is a must, as well as the cabaret show and, of course, O'Sullivan's afterward. It's the first big night out on tour so don't miss it!
The Chateau was the perfect chance to relax a bit before moving on to the rest of this fast-paced journey. I wouldn't have wanted to spend any less time in each location, so I'd definitely recommend choosing a tour that spends 2+ nights in each city.
Barcelona was a huge highlight, I want to go back there one day! I really enjoyed the flamenco dancing optional, plus the dinner we attended that evening was delicious.
All of Italy was gorgeous and interesting but make sure you know what you're getting into regarding the accommodations - the cabins are the bare minimum when it comes to comfort. Be sure to take/buy plenty of bug spray as mosquitoes are everywhere. Nightlife was good though; the I Love Rome party was so much fun! One of my favorite nights on tour. Myself and 2 other girls did unfortunately get bed bugs at some point in Italy but that's not Contiki's fault, it can happen anywhere, so I'd never hold it against them. It's just part of budget travelling. And it didn't ruin my trip so don't stress!
My favorite location ended up being Corfu - from the gorgeous clear blue water to the awesome parties at night, we had a blast there. It's a very relaxing atmosphere which is much-needed after the go-go-go mindset from the rest of the tour. We took an overnight ferry to get to Corfu and we were exhausted so a day laying on the beach was just the right cure.
Our tour manager Matt was absolutely incredible - and it was his first time as a TM! I never would have guessed until he told us on the last day. Him and our driver Pedro made the trip even better than I could've expected.
Definitely do all the optionals! There are some which probably weren't worth the money but it's really the bonding experiences which made them special. If you had to choose one optional though, do George's Boat... it was by far the BEST day.
The on-site teams were always very knowledgeable and friendly, the provided meals were good enough to not complain about (it's free food!) and, most importantly, my tour mates were WONDERFUL. I made some friends who I will never forget. I tried to mix it up at each stop and have different roommates each time so I could get to know everybody and I recommend trying to do the same. You'll obviously find some people who you click with more than others, but you'd be surprised at some of the connections you make when you give others a chance.
Essentially, this tour alternates between one full day of sightseeing/a night of partying, and one full day on the bus/an early night. So you're never TOO burnt out for the city days. Go into it knowing two things: you'll be spending a LOT of time on the bus, and you'll never get the proper amount of sleep per night. You'll be tired and you'll want to sleep for days but it's all part of the experience. YOU'RE IN EUROPE! This may or may not be a one in a lifetime opportunity, so make the most of it. Seriously, have NO regrets... do everything you want to do and I promise you'll have an amazing time.

My Contiki was: Fast-paced, Incredible, Life-changing

  • Brad Ralph Level 4 Traveler
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I booked this trip as a spur of the moment thing about a week before it kicked off, and wow... one of my better life decisions.

The South Island of New Zealand is one unbelievable place. Whereever you go the scenery is amazing, as are the people. Queenstown is a must go place for any traveller, it nearly destroyed me, it's so none stop! From partying in the awesome nightlife, and backing it up with a sneaky skydive or snowboard this place had it all.

Our tour manager 'T' was an absolute legend as was our bus driver Olly. These two lads made the trip what is was.

I only wish I had done the North Island too! ... next time!! The people I met and the friends I made is what defined this trip. Highly reccomended, I'll be back New Zealand.

My Contiki was: Amazing, Adrenaline, Goodtimes

  • Brad Ralph Level 4 Traveler
  • 4 Contikis
  • 14 Countries

I booked this trip as a spur of the moment thing about a week before it kicked off, and wow... one of my better life decisions.

The South Island of New Zealand is one unbelievable place. Whereever you go the scenery is amazing, as are the people. Queenstown is a must go place for any traveller, it nearly destroyed me, it's so none stop! From partying in the awesome nightlife, and backing it up with a sneaky skydive or snowboard this place had it all.

Our tour manager 'T' was an absolute legend as was our bus driver Olly. These two lads made the trip what is was.

I only wish I had done the North Island too! ... next time!! The people I met and the friends I made is what defined this trip. Highly reccomended, I'll be back New Zealand.

My Contiki was: Amazing, Adrenaline, Goodtimes

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