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  • Chloe:) Level 2 Traveler
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First time going on contiki and it was everything I hoped for !
I wish there was a few more Maori cultural things included, accommodation was good, our tour manager and bus driver were easy to talk to and get along with, I had countless best moments !! I done skydiving, parasailing, climbed Auckland bridge, zip trecking over beautiful forests, quad biking to name a few.
The places I seen where amazing
Seriously have to travel this country in your life time !

My Contiki was: Amazing, Incredible , Adrenaline

This is such a great way to see london alone. You stay with all other contiki travellers and get around on your own.
We did this before our europe trip. Hop on hop off bus tour is great recommend extending it to 48 hours instead!
With the contiki basement you get discounted rates for all attractions
Recommend the London Eye, London Dungeon, tower bridge tour.

Also look into doing a london pub crawl. One of the best highlights of my European trip. Alcohol is nothing like home hahaha.

Someone once said to me "if you dont leave Europe fat, broke & happy you didnt do it right!" And this is exactly how i left haha. Thank you dylan for being the best trip manager and producing the goods of Europe! Thank you spagetti for being the best driver, not getting us killed on those crazy roads and pushing all limits to make sure our experience was the best!
This was my first contiki and i will say it wont be my last! Currently planning USA!
I did all of the ME time activities and recommend doing them all it gives you a real chance to see europe in the best way possible.
Take lots of money. Whatever you think you need double it! You might not think youll spend that much, you will.
Accommodation was great its was you expect for the high energy trips. I personally didnt have a problem but a few people did get bed bugs.
Eat everything try everything! Europes food is amazing.
I got very sick when we got to italy or better known as the contiki cough. Its real. And deadly lol. And no medication worked. Just ride it out and dont let it ruin your trip.

Don't hesitate just book it!!!!!! Would do it all over again

My Contiki was: Amazing

  • Natalie90 Level 1 Traveler
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I think it was amazing mark and gaz was really friendly and supportive

  • megschicky Level 2 Traveler
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I decided to do a European contiki last minute, after I had finished 2 weeks studying in Rome. It was my first time ever travelling, but i figured, im already in Europe, why not? Best decision of my life. 8 months later and I am still dreaming of everything I did. Our leader and driver were fun, full of information. The trips on the bus were long, but it was definitely worth it. I made friends instantly- most fellow travellers were from Australia (like me!), America and a few from South Africa. It was amazing learning and teasing each others cultures and accents. Best of all, we all knew how to party. Despite our 6/7am wakeups, we partied until late. Everyone looked out for each other. I experienced so much in a short time, and am already planning my next contiki. Great, great option for people travelling solo or even in pairs. There was never a dull moment on contiki. It was the best decision of my life.

My Contiki was: Amazing, Adventurous , Worthwhile

From South Africa and this was my first contiki. I have done quite a bit of travelling but nothing compares to the experience of travelling with Contiki. Made the most incredible friends who are now my Contiki family and we have shared memories that will last a lifetime from jumping into the freezing Loch Ness or just exploring the beautiful cities! I am planning my next Contiki already!

  • Galvezjosi Level 1 Traveler
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Went on this trip from 7/2-7/13 with two other girlfriends from NYC. We were very excited to take part of this tour and didn’t really know what to expect since it was our first time traveling with Contiki. Let me start by saying the sights were simply amazing and hard to even describe. My favorite places were the Swiss Alps, Venice, and the Eiffel Tower in Paris but everything else was a just as great. Our tour guide Susie couldn’t have been better; super helpful, energetic, and fun.
I did most of the optionals except for the bike tour in Germany and the water rafting because I had done those in the past. Loved visiting Jungfrau Mountain, paragliding, the wine tasting, the gondola ride, and the Paris dinner… everything I opted to do was better than I expected.
The accommodations and the food were not as I expected. The rooming was very similar to college dorms with shared bathrooms, and rooms with bunk beds. I would pay extra for better accommodations (sans bed bugs) yes, there were bed bugs in a couple of the hostels we stayed at (that we know of). The included meals were nothing to brag about either and I’m not a picky eater. Expect toast, and cereal for breakfast and lunch from service gas stations. To be fair the latter service gas stations had great quality food, i.e. Italy.
The tour is definitely more rushed than high-energy in my opinion. You have very little Me-Time to do things outside the optionals. There’s a lot of emphasis on doing things as a group and considering how varying the ages were in our group, that wasn’t something I particularly enjoyed. There were a lot of younger people who were hard to quiet down and who were all about partying, drinking, and smoking which is great for them (or maybe not so much considering how many were puking all over) but I prefer to get the most of every experience while vacationing. The actual coach ride was fine but towards the last few days, our ankles did swell up from lack of mobility.
Overall, I would recommend this trip to younger peeps who love partying and don’t mind a lot of group activities. The value was good for what we got; experiences of a lifetime. We also made some great friends and the last two nights were very memorable because of this. If Contiki offers a package for 30yr olds and up, I’ll be more likely to consider booking with them again.
Please be advised, there’s high chance you will get sick on this trip. One of my friends caught a sinus infection, I came home with bronchitis, and the other one is currently experiencing cold symptoms.. not sure what she’ll end up with.
CONTIKI, the gift that keeps on giving!

My Contiki was: Exciting, Fast-paced, Valuable

Ahhh literally got back from the Grand Southern two weeks ago and I can honestly say I had the best month of my life with the best people! I quit my 9-5 office job to travel on a solo adventure for the first time and it's the best thing I've ever done! Contiki is so well run and so well organised, from accommodation to food to optional activities, that you literally just have to turn up on time at the coach each morning and then you're free to enjoy your amazing holiday!

I would highly recommend staying at the Contiki hotel the night before your stay, or even a few days before so you can explore your starting city as I didn't get to see any of LA unfortunately! I'd also recommend staying for a few extra days after the tour ends to explore the final city as, again, the tour ends once you reach NYC and nothing is included after that point. I spent over £450 delaying my flight for 24hrs just so I could have one night in NYC celebrating 4th July with all my new friends! For me it was totally worth it but I wouldn't recommend the stress or financial implications of this to anyone!! Oh well... YOLO! #noregrets

Personal highlights included helicoptering over the Grand Canyon, parasailing over Daytona Beach and running around Walt Disney World for 15 hours like a little child - this isn't a Contiki option but I booked this myself! If you're a sports fan there's chances to see some epic baseball games (seasonal obviously) and explore an NFL football stadium whilst in Dallas.. but don't do what I did and expect the Dallas Cowboys to be a horse rodeo show (still disappointed haha)..

Anyway, aside from that we had the BEST Contiki team in the form of John our TM and Ray-Ray our driver. I honestly think we got super lucky with these two, they were incredible and ALWAYS went above and beyond to make our trip that extra bit special. John is super knowledgeable about like the whole of America and his passion for his job and his country shines through. Ray was amazing at keeping us in check, getting us round the country safely and keeping us entertained with his funny jokes and pranks - the amount of times he made me jump when scaring me though! Thank you to both of you for being truly amazing, miss you loads! x

Then there's your Contiki team mates who genuinely become your family during your trip - I became close to sooo many people and I know we will remain life long friends. Be prepared not to have much sleep, not to wear much make up or care what you look like and just live out of your suitcase for the best part of a month! The only bad thing about Contiki is that you have to come home and it all has to end one day :( I'm still gutted not to be on tour but the memories I have made will last a lifetime. I would do it all again in a HEARTBEAT- thank you Contiki for giving me the confidence to travel solo and for giving me the time of my life! I'll be back! <3 #noregrets

My Contiki was: amazingly unforgettable, time of my life, no regrets

I got back a couple of days ago from my 16 day your of New Zealand starting in Christchurch and ending in Auckland. It was an absolutely incredible trip with amazing once in a lifetime experiences. While away I got the experience of being able to sky dive, bungy jump, ski or snowboard, zorb, ride the luge and many other incredible adrenaline and thrill-seeking activities! I had the most amazing driver and tour manager and the kindest and most incredible group of travel companions one could wish for - I will definitely remain friends for life with a few of them. We had a bit of down time between the bus drives, different sights and of course the night life (which is absolutely incredible in NZ especially in Queenstown!) I would totally and absolutely recommend this trip for anyone who wants to travel around New Zealsnd as it was completely hassle free and one of the best travel experiences that I have ever had.

My Contiki was: Family, Incredible, Amazing

I just got back from this tour a couple of days ago and it was incredible! I'm still completely exhausted. You end up packing so much into seven days. I traveled solo, and I was really nervous about it at first, but the people in the group were really fun and generous, and our tour guide Lasse is a champ. Nobody else could have wrangled us better. The West End Musical in London was amazing, and the group dinner in Paris was a definite highlight, though I would definitely recommend packing a pair of running shoes so you can make it up all those steps to the restaurant (200+). This tour is a definite trip of a lifetime, and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to take a European vacation.

My Contiki was: Memorable, Amazing, Tiring

  • Charlie Level 1 Traveler
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This was my first Contiki trip. My first time travelling solo and it was amazing.

Did not expect to make great friends with 37 other awesome people, best mates with guys and girls. Including the bus driver and the trip guide. You'll make some unforgettable and most likely some forgettable memories. Worth every second though.

My Contiki was: recommend, 100, percent

  • IlanaK Level 1 Traveler
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I just completed this trip and it was incredible! I travelled solo and was hesitant at first, but those initial nerves disappeared instantly. The group was so friendly and fun that after the first night i didn't feel solo at all. Our tour guide, Kiran (old mate simmo) was so so good. Cant praise her enough. Every day we knew exactly what was happening, she knew a lot about the places and gave commentary and she went above and beyond to make our trip special. The destinations themselves are amazing, particularly grand canyon and Yosemite. This trip is a great mix of big cities and nature, you get it all. If you are unsure whether to book this trip, I say do it! You wont regret it.

  • mad_seeks Level 5 Traveler
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This was my first time to Asia and it did not disappoint! Thailand was a beautiful country with extremely friendly people.

Koh Samui was the biggest island and the most city like. Definitely do the jeep trek optional. It was a blast and a great way to spend your first full day with the group. Koh Tao is the prettiest island of the three! The hotel there is awesome and the beaches were gorgeous. The snorkel optional/booze cruise was so much fun! This was a highlight of the trip for me! There's also about a 15 minute hike you can do during your free time to the John Suwan look out point. Definitely worth it - beautiful views of the island. One night you go to a lady boy show - that's something you need to experience at least once hahaha. In Koh Phangan, you stay at this adorable backpacker's resort. Here you have a ton of free time to just chill out by the pool, beach, whatever. We had a blast with the crew who worked there and had themed parties every night at the bar. Make sure you get an Attitude Adjuster. It will definitely adjust your attitude. There's an optional to the Marine Park you can do (we didn't - too tired/hungover) but pictures from others on the group looked pretty!

Our tour guide Alex was awesome!!!! He made the trip so much fun, easy, and enjoyable! He was really knowledgeable about not only Thailand, but Asia in general and we had so much fun with him. Highly recommend him!

All in all, I had a blast on this Contiki! This was my fourth Contiki, but it was my shortest one, so I was wondering how it would go. It was definitely enough time to see the islands, the east ones at least, and had a great group as well. I don't think you can really ever have a bad group on a Contiki :)

My Contiki was: Fun, Party, Relaxed

My first Contiki and i went it solo. The before trip App made it so easy to talk to everyone and find fellow group on the same flight!

Bali is amazing. The local people are willing to do anything for you and always do so with the biggest smile!!

Then we left the mainland and hit the forever beautiful Gilli T. This place is now my Favourite place on earth. No cars or Scooters meant Horse and cart, Push bike or a pleasure walk along the winding small road around the entire island. Snorkling is a must! With lunch on another small Gili Island.
The resort on Gilli T is amazing and you literally walk across the road and your on your own resorts beach with seat of swings into the sunset like in all the famous pictures.

One of my favourite moments was breakfast the first day at the Aston resort, Gilli T. The tide had come up high at night and into our open seating area. We literally ate breakfast with small waves hitting our feet. How often does that happen in your life time??


The second Island on this tripwas pure beauty. So much green! I spent the whole time on the beach having massages, their amazing wood fire ovens and dips in the beautiful pool. I felt like i was on another planet. this resort is something out of a movie with its large asain style buildings.

Tour guides really know their stuff.
The whole Island experience was the safest i had felt ever on a holiday. I didn't have to worry about a single thing.

I could not put into words how much fun we had in the local clubs and bars as a group. I felt like i had met all 29 other Contiki people before in a past life. No one wanted to leave and we still post to each other everyday.

#Bali #Joss #Malone <3

My Contiki was: Bali , Joss, Amazing

Best time... EVER!!!! Such an awesome trip. It was all thanks to our amazing tour guide 'Timmy W' and our bus driver 'Jelly'. If you every get one of these guys, your trip will be a blast and full of memories!

We saw so many beautiful places and did so many amazing things to name. So if you do this trip make sure you have your cameras ready! You will need to have you camera on stand by and that is a promise.


  • alexus111 Level 2 Traveler
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Hi Contiki,
trip LA to the bay was the best I´ve ever done. I highly recommend this to everyone

My Contiki was: LA to the bay

Absolutely amazing, incredible, breath taking!! Words cannot describe how much I have enjoyed this trip. Not only due to the experiences, and places that I have seen, but also the incredible people that I met and new things that I learned. Alex and Steve were magnificent and everyone else that helped organise this trip. The highlight would definitely have to be Whistler and Calgary Stampede!!!
TAKE THIS TRIP!!!! Trust me you wont regret it!!!

Let me start by saying that even though many friends will tell you all about contiki. You will never be fully prepared for what you are getting yourself into. And it's wonderful. Now you may hear people telling you that Contiki goes through places too quickly.. well they didn't read the itinerary - that bad boy will let you know how long you'll stay in each place. HONESTLY, I knew I was having only 1 -2 days in some places & I was fine with it as you see & do so much within that time that it feels like longer! Think of it as a taste tester. The perfect and budget friendly way to find out where you'd go back and where your happy to say you've seen.

Your team are not just your guides but your mates. Both our Team Manager & Bus driver went above & beyond for us all, they joined in with us & we all did became the best of mates ( yes it's true & cheesy).

I saw the highlights of Europe & so many little towns & scenes I would never have thought to have seen on my own ( or known to have seen ).

I was shown around, taught about each stop, shown the best places to shop, eat & drink. I had walking tours & tours but I also had free time to do what I wanted ( & hints on where to go & what to do ).

I partied hard & explored & laughed & only cried when it was all over.

I've also travelled solo & though it was amazing, I didn't do as much nor did I fully see everything because I would sleep in or just wonder around ( which is amazing but you can also miss out on a lot). & it was stressful at times trying to figure out transport ( when you have bad wifi ) or finding out that your hostel doesn't actually do breakfast like it said online & all the little things that you wouldn't think off ! Even getting sick & unable to find a doctor. - When I was on tour I had to worry about nothing but what flavour gelato I was going to eat that day ( which is harder then you would believe once you get to Italy )

I climbed the Eiffel tower in a thunderstorm, Parasailed over Nice, Saw the Grand Pre track in Monaco, had a snow ball fight with the best 45 people on top of Europe in the Swiss Alps, slept in many awkward positions on the bus, took some terrible photos with the Pissa, ate a lot of gelato & copied David, drank cocktails on the beach in Barcelona, had a gondola ride in Venice, dressed up for many many themed nights, white water rafting in the Austrian Alps & many many more... AND I did it with 45 of the best people. You can't do that on your own. Sometimes it's the people you met as well as the places you go. Sometimes you need to be with people to share these experiences ( I mean imagine seeing the Eiffel tower on your own... you'll want to be with people, Trust. ) AND sometimes you need 45 people to make you do things like paragliding or eating snails ( You can't always talk yourself into these things you know) or jumping onto a river because you lost 'what are the odds'. You can't always make these types of memories or friendships alone. The things you'll do & see together will bond you all for life.

Contiki offers you that hand in hand. Stress free. ( I promise they do ). Sorry not sorry but seriously #noregrets.

My Contiki was: Inside Jokes, Best food & Company, Family

What can I say? This trip was beyond anything I had even hoped for my life goal of traveling to Egypt. Sherif does an amazing job of keeping everyone happy and excited. The group we were in was small but we all meshed so well. Floating on the felucca sunning ourselves is the warm Egyptian sun, all of us couldn't help but amaze that this was real life. The sites leave your breathless in the sense of wonder about history. Go to Egypt, you won't be disappointed!

My Contiki was: Adventure, History, Culture

  • mishSA Level 1 Traveler
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Firstly the trip started in London and we got to see a few sights (I'd recommend that you do atleast 2 days in London alone before contiki) We then headed off to Liverpool, York, Gretna Green, Edinburgh, lake districts (lake Windermere) where we did a high ropes course which was a must!! and my highlight: LOCHNESS! We then headed to Scottish Highlands, aisle of Skye, Oban and lastly to Glasgow! (Here you can join onto the Ireland leg too)
Accommodation: everything was 3Star and had wifi, great bathrooms and very comfortable
Food: Hotel breakfasts are amazing!! Take full advantage of these... We stopped pretty often for bathroom breaks and food. Basically go where the trip manager advises
Crew: Ed and Derek were amazing!! Make the most of the knowledge the crew give you
Your mates: the absolute best! I honestly wasn't too sure if a single traveller would fit in or make friends, but everyone honestly becomes very close and you also get a roommate which helps, but put yourself out there! It's the best way to be noticed and make friends, especially on the bus, take an interest in what people do and their lives
I loved all the moments and cannot pick my favourite, apart from making friends that I'll stay in contact with for life

My Contiki was: Fantastic , No regrets , Life experience

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