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Where do I begin?! For starters if you are lucky enough you will have Grant Feddo as your tour manager. He is the absolute best, he knows how to party and have a good time. On the complete other spectrum he is extremely organized, knowledgable and makes sure you will have best/fullest experience while with Contiki. If you are looking to party non stop you will have plenty of time in the major cities (Barcelona, Ibiza and Madrid) where you will some of the best DJ's and clubs imaginable. You also have in depth history, culture and phenomenal food throughout the whole tour. If you are looking for the best of both worlds Spanish Spree definitely gives you both. By the end you will be completely worn out but knowing that you learned and saw all you could while in Spain!!

  • Todd Level 2 Traveler
  • 2 Contikis
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I am officially obsessed with Contiki! I was so nervous about doing another Contiki as my first one was just unbelievable & i thought nothing could possible top it. But i went in with an open mind & told myself it is a complete different experience & just take it as it comes and that i did.

The tour its self was so much fun and definitely value for money, the accommodation was great! I was so blown away after doing the hostel style tour in Europe. The rooms & beds were amazing and you were always in the centre of the towns.
The sites the towns where do i start, they were all so cool & so much fun, biggest highlight would of been the helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. This is a must DO! and do the more expensive one worth every penny. All the optionals are great, bedsides the white water rafting in Durango, it was more like cruising down the river in a blow up boat id recommend doing the horse riding or just exploring the town. All the included & paid meals were great! The coach was super comfy & the drives weren't too long & Rachel would put on a movie that would relate to our next stop so that was a good way to past time if you weren't catching up on sleep.
What really makes Contiki are the people & the tour manager, the bus was full of different personalities but i loved them all! Once again i gained a bunch of new friends & even some new best friends. Rachel was our tour manager and i really don't think there is a word to describe her! She is honestly one of the most AMAZING humans i have ever come across, she is unbelievably awesome at her job. Everything was so organized and she ran the the tour so smoothly & any unexpected hiccups she was straight on to it, but at the same time she was able to be a great friend to us all, she knew how to get us all together and have a good time. I definitely think she was everyones favourite person.
**PLEASE READ BEFORE BOOKING** Sadly i had 1 #Regret & before i even started the trip i knew it would be a regret. Anyone looking to book this trip it is a split trip, its a mix of 3 tours, so there is the Grand Southern which starts in LA & finishes in New York, the Southern Adventure which is the this tour which goes from LA to New Orleans & the Eastern Discovery which starts in New Orleans & finishes in New York. When you start the tour it is a mix of The S.A tour & the G.S, In New Orleans the S.A tour sadly says goodbye & the new E.D people join the tour. This is the hardest thing to do & sucks & you will definitely regret not choosing to do the Grand Southern. I had already booked part of my trip & chose to throw in a short Contiki before the rest of the trip. So i knew i'd prob regret it & if i had nothing booked after i would of 100% paid to continue. So before booking try save up any $$ you can and try do the Grand, either way you'll have a blast but that is my biggest recommendation.
Check out my Instagram - "" toddy "" for pics of the trip =D



My Contiki was: Unforgettable experience, WOW moments, #noregrets

London & Paris

★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ London & Paris
  • Emma Level 2 Traveler
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Not a bad contiki tour, although not as good as i thought. Tour manager and bus driver were great, but my travel friend and I both agreed we probably could of done touring london and paris solo. The tour dosnt actually take you into or on the sites it just drives by, and during the days they give you a tram pass to go off by yourselves and explore, so we didn't actually get to spend much time with the group. Not many inclusions pretty much all optionals which ended up pricey! Our London accommodation was pretty up in the air, it was changed last minute while we were already overseas in greece so that was a little stressful. The group was really big! much larger than our greece contiki, so it was hard to get know everyone. The sites were amazing and i'd defiantly recommend doing all of the optionals including moulin rouge and the paris bike ride! All in all it was a nice way to end our overseas trip, however a little underwhelming.

  • Breazy Level 1 Traveler
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I did this trip solo in July '15 and I finished with 49 new friends. 'High energy' is not a strong enough description for this trip, it was non-stop from the morning we left London to the day we came back to London. We saw so many sights and did so many things that I now cannot wait to come back to Europe and explore these places more. The 4 day stop-over in Corfu is the perfect way to relax half way through the trip before getting straight back into it in Venice. Whilst the accomodation isn't 5 star, it is a budget trip and majority of the places we stay are actually pretty good, just be mindful of bed bugs, they do exist and they do bite. Your tour manager and driver become your parents, telling you where to go and where to not go and recommending places to eat etc etc. Driving days turn into days to catch up on sleep and your tour group becomes your family. It's way too hard to pick a favourite day/moment/place because they're all incredible in their own way. I 200% recommend this tour, just one more thing- bring as many vitamins and panadol as you can because Contiki Cough is a real thing but you won't let it ruin your trip of a lifetime!!!!

My Contiki was: amazing, wild, unforgettable

'Sweet as' South

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ BEST TRIP EVER!!
  • Natasha Level 2 Traveler
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  • 2 Countries

This is a trip that if you have the chance to do - DO IT! We started in Christchurch early and headed off to Lake Ohau... we had a large group of about 52 which was great! We made plenty of stops along the way at beautiful lakes and townships. Our Tour manager NICK was the absolute BEST I have not one bad word to day about him. He definitely made the trip what it was, he was so knowledgeable about the country and kept us all entertained along the way. Lake Ohau was breathtakingly beautiful and was a great location for the first night as the only thing there is the lodge. That night we had dinner and chilled out in the bar/ rooms and got to know everyone in a very relaxed atmosphere. The next day we loaded onto the bus and headed for Dunedin. Once again along the way we made plenty of scenic stops. We got to the hotel and had a few hours free time and met up again and went on a brewery tour, followed by a group dinner. While we were having dinner it had started snowing (which for us who have never seen snow was AMAZING!) we went out tonight and partied contiki style. Getting up the next morning and loading onto the bus was a struggle but we all did it. We were then en route to my favourite part of the tour QUEENSTOWN. Oh my gosh.. I cannot write enough about Queenstown. It is the quaintest, adventure packed, most picturesque little town you will ever visit. We stayed at the Tanoa Aspen which was up on the hill overlooking the township and "The Remarkables" mountain range. it was about a $14 taxi fare into town which was so worth it for the views. We stayed here for 4 nights which was the perfect amount of time. People were bungy jumping, canyon swinging, sky diving, luging, snowboarding constantly and everything was professionally booked and handled by our Tour manager which made it SUPER easy for everyone. I had been told when in Queenstown trying a Fergburger is a must - I now agree.. it was the best bloody burger I have every had in MY LIFE! it was very sad leaving Queenstown.. it was amazing seeing all the snow everywhere also. We left Queenstown and headed to Franz Josef which was a nice little town in the rainforest. Our accommodation was basic but was all we needed. The bar went off with us there and we all had a great time taking advantage of the cocktail specials. Unfortunately due to bad weather (which changed in a heartbeat) majority of the Optional activities involving the Glaciers were cancelled. Be prepared for many cancellations due to weather. As Nick our tour manager told us.. do get excited until you are actually doing the activity. After two nights in Franz Josef it was back to Christchurch which marked the end of our trip for all of us except 14 people who were continuing on to do the North Island. If you have the time and money I would recommend doing both islands as coming back and having to watch your "new friends" continue on without you sucks! haha but all in all it was a trip of a lifetime!! There was nothing that Contiki hadn't planned for. We had fun on the bus, our day song was perfect for the trip, the 51 "new friends" I made, made the trip what it was. I have made plenty of life long friends. Contiki you have done it again!!!!!!!! :)

My Contiki was: Surreal , breathtaking, Roudy

The Sun Seeker (Start Cairns)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ :)

Despite the unpredictable weather of Australia, this trip was amazing. I met so many incredible people and saw parts of Australia that I have never seen before. 10/10 recommend this trip.

European Trail

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Best Summer Ever
  • H Level 1 Traveler
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  • 13 Countries

After spending 23 days on the road I might be happy to have my own bed, but I wish I was still on tour! The Trail was worth every penny and I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I met the most incredible people, friends for life, and our tour manager Lo was superb! The Trail was the perfect mixture of fast paced sightseeing and epic nights out, and I'm so glad we got to visit Prague and Budapest as they were two of my favourite stops on the tour! I highly recommend joining the Tour! You'll meet the best people and it's the best way to see Europe!

My Contiki was: epic, insightful , unforgettable

Basically... this trip is amazing. For those who love to party... IBIZA, enough said. There is so much more to this tour than that though! Spain was absolutely beautiful, every city had nightlife (even when my tour director said it wasn't good (to not disappoint us after IBIZA), it was amazing!). I never thought I would love Spain as much as I did. My tour director Feddo was absolutely phenomenal (my deepest sincerities if you do not have the pleasure of having him). The culture was absolutely amazing.. and if you do not go to see Sagrada Familia in your spare time in Barcelona... you're missing out, big time. So party it up, have a blast...and get ready for heavy culture and a lot of partying!

Italian Espresso

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Amazing.
  • Josie Level 1 Traveler
  • 1 Contiki
  • 2 Countries

I loved every second of this trip. Our guide, Maite' was extremely helpful, funny, and knowledgeable. The hotels that we stayed in were actually really nice compared to others I have been to in Europe. I was a little nervous to travel alone, but I found that there were always new friends to adventure with. We got to do so many awesome activities (like pasta making and wine tasting at a Tuscan vineyard) that I probably would not have had the chance to do outside of Contiki. This trip is a great value for the money and I would not trade the experience for anything!

My Contiki was: Fun, Good Value, Great for Solo Traveler

Outdoor Escape

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Amazing
  • sttown Level 1 Traveler
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Well everybody this trip was just amazing. I could rant on for hours but ill keep it short. I have never been overseas and it was just an experience of a life time. I cant really seem to put into words how to explain how i felt but i just wish it could have lasted for ever. I loved every moment of the tour ( even when i had the bad CONTIKI COUGH which evolved into Influenza for me i still managed to recover and have fun) The tour managers and drivers are amazing people and they work really hard to see you have a good time. The people on the tour i feel as though i have made friends for life and you seriously feel like a little family at the end of it. All i can say is that be yourself do and experience things that you normally don't and we had this little saying on our tour " Its not wrong its just different" Peace out #WHITEWADA

My Contiki was: Amazing , Life Changing, Magnificent

  • Amy Level 3 Traveler
  • 3 Contikis
  • 20 Countries

If you are thinking of doing this trip, I highly recommend it. From visiting the various temples, riding elephants, watching the sunrise over Angkor Wat and relaxing on a boat on the Mekong River and Halong Bay, there is something to experience for everyone. This tour is a good mixture of culture, adventure and partying.

Nikki was an awesome tour manager and she always made sure everyone was having fun. Her ideas for the theme parties were fantastic and the gender bender party helped everyone to bond when we first met in Thailand.

The accommodation and food was great and I highly recommend doing all the optionals especially the elephant ride and the cruise around the islands off Nha Trang.

I went on this trip by myself but I've made friends for life so don't be afraid to start do this tour by yourself. If you like shopping, the night markets are fantastic especially in Thailand. At home, I'm not a shopper but I loved the night markets and found some fantastic skirts, elephant pants and tops and they were all cheap.

My tips for this trip:

Definitely wear sunscreen and always remember to reapply. It's not fun getting burnt.

Insect Repellent was great. I didn't take Malaria tablets (it's a personal decision if you do or don't) but I think I only got bitten by one or two mosquitoes because I was constantly re-applying the insect repellent.

Be prepared to finish the trip a lot fitter than you started. There are a lot of steps to climb and squat toilets to use (don't be scared to use them)

Try all the local foods including the street food. You will be amazed at how great it is. Fast food restaurants aren't common (non-existent in Laos) and Burger King was my least favourite meal for the whole trip.

Don't forget to bring temple wear (long pants and shirts with sleeves) although elephant/happy/fisherman pants are cheap to buy when you are there. You do need them though for the first day of the tour when you visit the Grand Palace in Bangkok

WiFi is everywhere making it easy to facetime/Skype family and friends back home.

Get out of your comfort zone and remember to experience everything including eating bugs from the street vendors.

I have no regrets from this trip and I'm sure you won't either if you choose to do it.

My Contiki was: Epic, Memorable, Awesome

London to Athens

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Awesome!
  • JamJammz Level 1 Traveler
  • 1 Contiki
  • 7 Countries

Loved the trip and my awesome tour manager Nihar! We shared so many adventures and even though we got a bit sick from air conditioning (because it was awesomely hot), we still had an amazing time! My only regret is that I didn't do the additional Greek Island tour! So envious of those who went on to do that while I was flying home! Greece was definitely my highlight!

My Contiki was: Best, Trip, Ever

  • jadey96 Level 1 Traveler
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  • 11 Countries

I did the European Escapade from the 25th June-19th July 2015. This was my first ever contiki tour and it was absolutely amazing!
It was an awesome trip! there was about 53 people on our tour and 50 of them were Australian, we had one Korean, one American and one Canadian.
I had Stacey as our tour manager and Rado as our bus driver.
Stacey was an amazing tour guide, friendly, bubbly, knowledgeable and a good laugh. Rado was an excellent bus driver and got us to most places on time!
I travelled with my best friend and we stayed 2 nights in London before our tour started, we stayed at The Royal National Hotel, the hotel is nothing special but it's where everyone meets up and it was cheap. If you want to see a lot of london, i recommend going a week before because there is just so much to see!
Take lots of money for Europe, because it is very expensive!!! Mainly for souvenirs, food and drink.
Also you need Franks for Switzerland.
Definitely bring cold and flu tablets because you will get the contiki cough! its not very nice but it didn't ruin my european experience.
A lot of time is spent on the coach, but you get plenty of service stops and most people just catch up on sleep.
Make sure to write a journal, because it is very hard to remember what do you did at each place.
Places we went to:

Paris: Paris was amazing! Esargot and Champagne, Bus tour through Paris, climbed the Eiffel Tower, saw the flashing lights, amazing views from the top. Paris didn't feel very safe but we all stayed as a group and looked out for each other. We didn't get to go in the Louvre as the line was too long which was disappointing, climbed the Arc de Triomphe, went inside the Notre Dame Cathedral. Parisian dinner was nice but loads of steps to get to it, i don't recommend wearing heels! The Cabaret show was different, we saw the Nouvelle show, clubbing in Paris is so much fun.

Beaujolais Wine Region: Here we stayed at Contiki's French Chateau which was really nice. Amazing views of the vineyards, group picnic in the hills, wine tasting, swimming pool, volleyball, 'P' party, cheap drinks. Very relaxing, beautiful Place!

Barcelona: The hotel in Barcelona was good, it had aircon and was close to everything. We drank Sangria at a pub called Black Sheep and did loads of shopping! On our free day me and my friend lost the group and got so LOST!! Don't ask anyone for directions because they send you the wrong way. It was a good way to see Barcelona. Nightlife was good, we went to a beach bar and hit a club afterwards, they do amazing cocktails there!

French Riviera/Nice: One of my favourite places on this tour! Gorgeous beaches, no sand, all pebbles! beware of that when its very hot. We went up to the lookout and there were incredible views!! The contiki campsite we stayed at wasn't that good, the cabins were very hot! We visited the Monte Carlo Casino which was gorgeous, but only had 45 mins in there which was a bit disappointing. There was a theme park nearby which we went to and the beach was only about a 15 min walk away.

Florence: On the way we stopped off at the Leaning tower of Pisa where we got photos. We went on a walking tour and saw the Fake David Statue and went inside the museum. Ate gelato, saw lots of gypsies (be warned, they try to kiss your hand so you give them money). Karaoke night was fun, drank lots of cocktails. The Space Electronic disco was cool but you get drinks cards, they only let you get a few drinks and then have to keep paying them off which was a bit annoying.

Rome: Walked through the Vatican City, The Sistine Chapel was incredible but very crowded with people. Saw the Colosseum, tour guide wasn't very good, could barley hear her but still very good to see. We tossed coins in the Trevi fountain but was still under construction which was disappointing. The whole group got lost on the train ride back, but was an adventure. Camp site was nice, there was a pool and a games room but be prepared for mosquitos! We had a i love Roma party here, where we all signed each others shirts which was good.

Venice: Venice was so nice, the best parts being the gondola rides and the guided tour, we got the best tour guide so funny! Saw St Mark's Square. At the campsite we had a masquerade party but most people couldn't make it as they were sick with gastro!

Vienna: Here we went to a leather demonstration where most of the girls bought puzzle rings (be warned if they come undone, they are very hard to put back!) Ate gelato, there isn't that much to do in Vienna for the free day so some people went back to camp. Prater park was cool and had schnitzel for dinner which was nice. Mozart and Strauss was good to see, plus we got to go backstage and drink free champagne, bonus!

Munich: Stopped off at the Mauthausen Concentration Camp which was sad to see. Mike's Bikes tour, we got absolutely drenched but was so fun! Funny tour guides, went through some english gardens and went to the second biggest beer hall in the world, where you could drink beer and buy a stein which were very cheap!!

Austrian Tyrol: This place was soo nice, amazing scenery. Mountain bike riding was really fun and tiring. We got to keep our bikes for the whole day which was awesome! Paragliding was the best! i was so scared but i think nearly everyone did it. Bobsledding really hurts, i didn't like it at all, it was my least favourite thing. White water rafting was really fun too, definitely do that.

Swiss Alps: Jungfraujoch mountain was incredible, it was a 2 hour train drive to the top but was so cool. It was so hot at the top, i definitely recommend wearing sunscreen because there was a few of us that got very burnt! At the top there is heaps to do, but its very expensive. Drinks from the bar at our hostel were so expensive, most people went to the local shop and bought drinks from there.

Rhine Valley: We stopped over in Heidelberg, which was a nice little town to buy souvenirs or get your passport stamped. Saw the biggest cuckoo clock in the world, watched how beer steins are crafted. Later on we did wine tasting, which was good if you like white wine.

Amsterdam: The bike ride in Edam was fun, we saw how clogs are made and did cheese tasting. There is heaps of bikes everywhere here! Saw the Red light district which wasn't as good as what people make it out to be. We went to a sex show but i didn't enjoy it, it was too intense plus i was sat in the front row! The canal pedal boats were fun and got to go in the Van Gough Museum, which took up a lot of time. Unfortunately we didn't make it to Anne Frank's house or the Bolls museum. We took photos in front of the IAmsterdam sign which is a must do! The canal cruise was awesome, free drinks and a good way to end the trip. The Sea Palace dinner, I'm not too sure about as i didn't make it past entree. Tip: don't drink too much wine before dinner. Loads of cafes if you're into that sort of thing, over there it is legal to smoke weed in a cafe.

Overall this trip was a massive eye opener and i enjoyed it so much and met some amazing people, who at first are just strangers and by the end you become one big family. I would highly recommend going on this tour, you see a lot of Europe in just 25 days!!!

My Contiki was: Eye Opening, Amazing People, So much fun!!

London & Paris

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Amazing time!

This was my very first Contiki trip- I'm very happy for choosing to dip my feet in the water it this as my first while being a solo traveller. I was very excited to see we had 42 people in our group! I made quite a few friends :)

Katrina was my tour manager and she was very knowledgeable in everything we did sharing fun facts and historic information. Tyson was our driver in the coach and he was very real and friendly! My favourite part of the trip was the "Me time" Moulin Rouge option. I took so many outstanding photos but how can you not with the scenery and architecture that was around us! We ran into an issue where the ferries were on strike and sadly we didn't get to Paris as quickly as we hoped but Katrina handled it and got us on a ferry the same day. I would definitely recommend this memorable trip to anyone who wants to learn about London, Paris and its fantastic monuments. Well worth the money! No regrets

My Contiki was: lifechanging, fascinating , fun

California Highlights

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Best week
  • Lexi Level 1 Traveler
  • 1 Contiki
  • 1 Country

I went solo on this tour and can honestly say it was the best week of my life with the coolest people. There was a fair amount of time spent on the bus between destinations but it was never monotonous. Kiran our guide was so much fun and everyone in the group got along really well. Can't wait to book my next trip.

My Contiki was: Fun, Organised, Amazing

The Kiwiana Panorama trip was awesome and worth every penny. The optional excursion prices can seem abit daunting but some are experiences of a lifetime. Skydiving over Queenstown at 15,000 ft was beautiful and such a rush, extreme cliffhanger swing in Taupo was another great feeling. I'v enever laughed so much doing Funyaks along the Dart river and the endless banter and partying you have with your new friends cannot be beaten!

My Contiki was: Adrenaline, Party, Banter

  • Nadia Level 1 Traveler
  • 1 Contiki
  • 1 Country

Everyone should visit Egypt at least once in their lifetime! Despite what's on the news on TV, Contiki really went out of their way to make us feel safe. We had a security guard at some sites, and security with us when crossing the Sahara dessert on our way to Abu Simbel! our own entourage, how cool is that!? :) Over all, the trip was amazing, we had a very small group (13 of us), and Sherif, our amazing tour guide! He really made us feel taken care of and safe. Our accommodations were for the most part very good, but this is the reason why I can't give this trip 5 stars. The hotel in Cairo where you stay the first and last night, is just not a good place . By no means am I bashing it, because I know that this is budget traveling, but the place had bed bugs! Two of the rooms had bed bugs, and two of us woke up with our bodies covered in bites :( I talked to the tour guide manager and on the last night they moved me to a different room, but I feel that they should have booked a different hotel for us altogether. I strongly feel that Contiki should look for a different accommodation while in Cairo, so that there aren't any more incidents with bedbugs. The cruise accommodation was amazing, and the one in Hurgada with a beautiful view!! Overall, I have NO REGRETS having gone on this trip, which was my first with contiki, and I am already thinking about where to go next! :)

My Contiki was: Memorable, Breathtaknig, Adventure

European Highlights

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Incredible

I didn't think within the timespan we had in each city we would have enough time to experience a lot, but with our tour manager Treasa and our bus driver Majick they had managed to let us see the sights as much as possible. I did most of the metime options and I recommend to do every single one of them because everyone does them anyway and it's a good time to interact with everyone and experience everything all at the same time. The accommodation wasn't very fancy but it seems like a small con out of the whole trip. Just keep in mind to bring a power board or some type of adapter with a lot of USB ports because there aren't very much power outlets. I met so many people on my trip that were around the same area I lived in and it was amazing how sad it was to leave everyone even though we knew each other for only 14 days. But i've managed to keep in touch with a lot of people i've met on tour even though they're from another state or country. They weren't kidding when they said you first travel with strangers and leave as a family.

My Contiki was: Amazing , Spectacular , Lively

  • stace Level 1 Traveler
  • 1 Contiki
  • 8 Countries

What can I say, what an amazing 9 days. It helps when you have an amazing contiki team to guide and drive you all over Europe Jay and Eric were absolute legends. The group I had was absolutely amazing and a great variety, Aussies, Americans, Canadians, South Africans and even a guy from the UK. We all hit it off from day one but it also helps when your tour guide makes you all comfortable from the start. We honestly had an amazing guide and I hope everyone gets to have him as there guide as he is very knowledgable and is so easy going and laid back and is ready for a good time any time and any place. Accomodation was great, me time optionals were great and the food we got was also great. This tour has some amazing inclusions, mikes bikes tour in Munich is a must it's included in the contiki and not as an optional, it was my favourite activity the guides are brilliant and they take you to a beer garden for a stein and then let you back on the bikes to cycle around some more. Top blokes and Such a laugh. Paris was amazing we were there for there national day known as Bastille day so to be there on that day was pretty surreal. I would 100% recommend this tour to anyone, I had the time of my life! #noregrets #contikijay #legends #europeanmagic2k15

My Contiki was: Incredible , Amazing, Brilliant

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