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  • Stephanie Level 5 Traveler
  • 5 Contikis
  • 21 Countries

Best Tour!!!! Had such an amazing time, met a lot of great people, loved my tour manager!!! Loved everything about this tour and all the amazing places we got to see and experience!!!!

My Contiki was: The, Greatest, Experience!!

New York New Year

★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ NEW Years EVE
  • Stephanie Level 5 Traveler
  • 5 Contikis
  • 21 Countries

You don't actually get to see the ball drop. My friends and I luckily met a Navy Officer who took us into the square and were able to watch the ball drop at midnight but the bar you are located on, you cant visibly see the ball, but you are less than once block to times square.

My Contiki was: i, love, new york!

This tour was one of the best things I have ever done. Our road crew was fantastic, always having the whole group revved up for the day ahead, and planning extra activities on top of the additional's such as organizing entrance to the Reichstag and a traditional Ice hockey match in Prague. Our tour manager always took the time to orientate us to each new city, allowing us to maximize our time seeing the highlights rather than getting lost.

I would absolutely recommend this tour to anyone, and if you are debating of whether to start at prague or vienna, or finish at either of these places: DON'T. Also, the optional extras were all amazing and well worth the extra money spent on them, you will have absolutely no regrets going on this trip.

My Contiki was: Fantastic

European Escapade

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Take me back!
  • Brittany Level 1 Traveler
  • 1 Contiki
  • 11 Countries

Best 25 days of my life! From day 1 we were a family. Our Tour Manager T-Bone did an amazing job at getting us to feel comfortable if we were traveling alone (most of us were). She MADE the trip! And our epic bus driver Fillip knew how to throw a BUS PARTY! All the accommodation was great some of the places we stayed were beautiful! I recommend doing ALL the optionals they are fantastic and you will have a blast. Couldnt have asked for a better bunch of people the share in the best time of my life. To many amazing moments i could go on forever. Just book it and GO! #NOREGRETS

My Contiki was: Memories, T-Bone, 1D

  • Emily Level 1 Traveler
  • 1 Contiki
  • 3 Countries

This trip was a life changing experience for me. Everyday was an adventure and i have to thank my tour guide Paddy for that. Even on our free days, he was organising activities for us to do, booking kayaks, bikes, tuk tuks for us. I don't think he ever slept! I know our entire group is so greatful for all his hard work. My favourite country was definitely Laos. And my favourite days were the elephant ride and the kayaking, caving and bike riding (not included). My group were amazing and i have certainly made some friends for life. We all became a family and got on so well. The hotels we stayed at went beyond what i expected. They were lovely. Everyday was a different form of transport. Not your typical bus ride tour. We went on boats, bikes, planes, tuk tuks, an overnight train and a few buses. I definitely recommend this tour! Especially if it's your first time overseas! You will be very well looked after.

My Contiki was: Life changing, Beautiful, Adventurous

Spanish Spree

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Hola Spain!
  • AmyBlake(: Level 5 Traveler
  • 5 Contikis
  • 12 Countries

Spanish Spree was an awesome 2-week tour of the lively culture of Spain, with a mix of history, partying, shopping and relaxing. I believe in doing as many of the optional extras as possible, such as seeing the cheeky monkeys in Gibraltar or some much-needed relaxation at the Cordoba spa baths after a few days of crazy partying in Barcelona and Ibiza. I think the accommodation was always decent hotels, and definitely try Spanish food like tapas and some local sangria. We had a very talkative & fun tour manager and a real mix of tour mates, some of which will be lifelong friends. Loved the language, the nightlife, and generally the whole experience of Spain! Would I recommend it? Si!

My Contiki was: sightseeing, party, fun

European Panorama

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ BEST TRIP EVER
  • Rellemoo Level 2 Traveler
  • 2 Contikis
  • 13 Countries

LOVED IT met some great people all over the world and saw many things I have now ticked off the list. Highlight was Paris, Greece, Austria and Switzerland. Staying half was up a mountain is amazing. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone

My Contiki was: Amazing, exciting , Fun

  • Raechel Level 3 Traveler
  • 3 Contikis
  • 12 Countries

I'm pretty sure the only reason it was so short was because it was such a blast! I met some really beautiful friends, we had some crazy parties with some locals, the bars were pumping (even though it was almost the end of summer) ; and the beach parties were just as fun.
The sightseeing was spectacular. Greece has such a rich history and culture (take a camera, yet even that wont capture the beauty).
One tip: eat your veggies before you head into this one, Contiki Cough was not as awesome.

My Contiki was: Hot, Lively, Beautiful

  • ashleigh Level 2 Traveler
  • 2 Contikis
  • 8 Countries

This was the fastest, most amazing 9 days of my life. We had a great group of people and an awesome tour leader, Lisa. Words can't describe the fun we had, and all the fantastic memories we made, do this tour, you won't regret it.

  • CarolineSC Level 5 Traveler
  • 5 Contikis
  • 12 Countries

I strongly recommend this tour! This trip has so much to offer... Culture, Adventure, Night Life & so much more that words cannot describe. Our tour guide Paddy was amazing. I've had great tour guides in the past but he is number 1 in my book! After finishing in Hanoi I decided to extend my trip & go back to Laos for 12 more days because I absolutely fell in love with the country. I can't imagine anyone not having the time of their life. I will definitely be back & I thank Contiki for this awesome fantastic experience!

My Contiki was: Amazing, Life Changing, Adventure

  • Chelsea Level 2 Traveler
  • 2 Contikis
  • 11 Countries

This trip was one of the best times of my life!

You get to see the main attractions of the bigger European cities, however I did leave some saying that there wasn’t enough time. But it encourages me to go back, which isn’t a terrible thing :) There is also a mix of historical and scenery towns and some nice down chill time so that you're not always going full ball. An awesome mix.

Some of the optional activities are things I'd never seek out myself but I am so happy I did them! Worth the extra money. Don't pass up the opportunities!
The tour manager was a great guy who could point us in the right directions during our free time for food etc., and teach you the language’s pleasantries, and our bus driver was such a character.

Accommodation was actually better than expected. Staff at the cites were awesome too.
The nights are quite focused around going out, or parties, drinking, and having a good time which I certainly enjoyed. Time to bond even more with your new life-long friends. I went alone and it is nothing to be intimated about! I would actually totally recommend it, it makes you come out of your shell quicker, and even more, and you will form even better relationships with the others.
I think this tour was just about the perfect length. Take some vitamins before you go though, everyone but 1 person on my bus ended up getting 'contiki cough' throughout the trip.

Went on this in July 2011 and enjoyed it so much am currently planning out my second Contiki :)

My Contiki was: Adventure, Unforgettable , Party

  • Jessica Level 6 Traveler
  • 6 Contikis
  • 2 Countries

What a wonderful trip!

New Orleans was vibrant, loud and beautiful! Bourbon Street was a fantastic experience and a good ice breaker to get to know your new tour mates.
Orlando was theme park heaven with great days spent at both Disney World and Universal Studios! Disney World really did feel like "the happiest place on earth" and I couldn't wipe the smile off my face!
Miami was sun soaked, breath taking and alcohol filled! A pub/club crawl is a must.
Cocoa Beach was a personal favourite due to my love of surfing and the great man Kelly Slater. The beach was gorgeous and you have to take a walk down to the "world's biggest surf shop" - Shopping Bliss! Also the nicest hotel of the tour!
St Augustine was rich in history and beauty. The water was crystal clear and the old buildings divine!
Savannah & Raleigh were also gorgeous, history filled towns that had their own hidden treasures.
Washington was a buzz with the upcoming election and the monuments were very interesting to see.
New York is New York, what more can you say! Even with Hurricane Sandy causing havoc and closing down parts of NYC you could still appreciate the bustling, beautiful city that it is.
The only negative was that we were joining a tour that had already started and it would have been nice to know that but all in all a wonderful, life enriching experience!

My Contiki was: Vibrant, Fun-Filled, Enchanting

  • Giselle Level 2 Traveler
  • 2 Contikis
  • 13 Countries

I had the most amazing time on this tour. There were alot of early mornings and moving quickly from place to place, however overall it gives you a nice little taste of what Europe has to offer. Great way to meet people and create amazing experiences.

I made a travel blog of my experience:

My Contiki was: fun, crazy, amazing

Fantastic tour, highly recommended

Amazing tour!!!!!!! Got to go right to the top of the eiffel tower-absolute highlight. had the best tour manager and bus driver, they were full of heaps of useful advice and were just generally awesome, tour mates were awesome! made some friends for life :) got to try frogs legs, escargot! , gelato! it was amazing.accom. is very good too. definitely recommend this tour :)

My Contiki was: FREAKINGAWESOME, amazing, timeofmylife

  • Melissa Level 1 Traveler
  • 1 Contiki
  • 11 Countries

I was going through a difficult time this past summer and decided that getting away would be the best thing for me. Contiki could not have provided me with a better experience!

My Contiki was: Incredible, Fun, Exciting

I wanted to go aroud Spain because I am learning to speak español and I figured it would help to be completely immersed in the culture for a fortnight. I would have to say, it is tricky to get around Spain (especially the smaller cities) if you don't speak some español. People are very helpful around Spain but most of the locals I talked to do not speak English (apart from university aged guys).

The tour I was on was fantastic because we had a versatile and ... sensible group of people. Spain on its own (apart from Madrid, San Sebastian, and Barcelona), is kinda boring, especially in the Winter. If you don't like drinking (bars and clubs are awesome) or looking at a few landmarks and cathedrals; I would not recommend this tour. You would be better off in a tour that visited a few European countries than just Spain. But then again, for the time and distance covered, as well as the quality hotels... this is a good value for money tour.

There is a lot of time on the coach and a lot of one night hotel stays which got annoying. Despite this, I had a blast. Great mates in the group and fantastic crew. Just... rethink whether you want Spain in the Winter. Not so interesting.

My Contiki was: value, drinking, gets old quick

  • Ausmish22 Level 1 Traveler
  • 1 Contiki
  • 10 Countries

I booked the European Inspiration tour for January 2012 and toured alone, however I terminated the tour in Prague. I was absolutely disgusted in the quality and the calibre of people on board the tour including the staff. It should be age banded 18-25 not 18-35. I am 31 and I have never experienced such childish, immature, bitchy behaviour in my life. I felt like I was back in high school. I was totally ostracised by everyone. Most people on the tour were 18-20. I should have done my research then I would have known Contiki has a bad name for that exact reason. Trafalgar would have been a much better option. The tour manager Hannah was very immature and seemed to enjoy the childish atmosphere. She encouraged everybody to be rowdy and drunk and was always getting drunk herself, she swore a lot and was very unprofessional....perhaps attempting to lower herself to the standard of the passengers on the tour. She even implied that I should terminate the tour! Every stop we had entailed pub crawls of which eventuated in the stranger I was sharing a room with stumbling in drunk at 2-3am every morning, turning on lights and making lots of noise. I've never been so sleep deprived in my life. What an absolute waste of $3500. I am flying back to London at a cost to myself to resume interacting with adults not children!!! Shame on you where on your website does it stipulate that this tour is basically a 3 week long party for young teens who wish to take drugs, get drunk and act like idiots. Contiki take some responsibility!!! I'm absolutely appalled!! I will definitely be sharing my horrible experience with others!

My Contiki was: Childish, Immature, Horrible

European Highlights

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Europe
  • wvp Level 1 Traveler
  • 1 Contiki
  • 8 Countries

I met some wonderful people and visited beautiful places. Got to swim in Nice, partied in Paris, and so much more! I will never forget this experience!

  • MB2 Level 2 Traveler
  • 2 Contikis
  • 8 Countries

I had such a fantastic time on the Berlin - Budapest tour. Our tour guide and driver were absolutely amazing and went out of their way to make our experience special. All of the hotels were very nice and accommodating, and everything that was included (meals, walking tours, local tours and meals, stops, etc) was fantastic. All of the optional activities were well worth the money and I would recommend that anyone going on this trip do all of the optional activities. Our tour manager also had a list of tips for each city, which made checking out the sites and finding a good time super easy, and she also was great with explaining the maps and walking us through anything we needed help with. I really felt like I got to experience each of these cities and cultures despite only being there for a few days for each one, and I can't think of any way that this trip could have possibly been better. Thanks Contiki!

My Contiki was: Flawless, Incredible, Inspiring

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