Contiki Croatia sailing boats

How would you like to spend balmy days and starry nights aboard an elegant sailing boat? Our sailing boats are equipped with everything you'll need, including hot water, power points, included breakfasts and the perfect spots for sunbaking. You bring the other essentials, like tunes, friendships and stories from the night before. All aboard!

Premium sailing boat

There'll be fun and frolics aplenty on board this premium sailing boat, where you'll be tucked into cosy twin-share cabins complete with private bathrooms and the wonders of air-conditioning in every room so you can stay fresh. Each boat has a spacious sun deck to enjoy the wonderful Adriatic scenery.

These boats are our luxe option - think air conditioning in every room, linen service, buffet breakfasts and free tea and coffee in the afternoons. Our premium sailing boats are all A+ Class category and include the Dionis and Eos.

Contiki Croatia Sail Boats Donis Plan


Premium sail boat

Sail boat Dionis sailing on a see
Sleeping cabin on sail boat Dionis
Deck with sunbeds on sail boat Dionis
Wooden tables on sail boat Dionis
Contiki Croatia Sail Boats Eos Plan


Premium sail boat

Sail boat Eos sailing on a see
Cabin with beds in Sail Boat Eos
Deck of sail boat Eos full of sunbeds
Living room on sail boat Eos

Traditional Sailing Boat

You'll become fast friends with your new Contiki crew on board this traditional sailing boat, as you cruise the Adriatic Sea by day and bunk down to the gentle rocking of the waves each night. Bask on the sun deck, keep cool under the air-con in the salon, or take in the views over the sparkling Adriatic coastline. It’s all yours!

These boats are all A Class category, which includes boats like the Panorama, Skarda, Labrador and Lopar.

Contiki Croatia Sail Boats Panorama Plan


Traditional sail boat

Sail boat sailing surrounded by bigger ships
Bunk beds on a sail boat
A bar full of glasses on a sail boat
People on a deck of sailing boat
Contiki Croatia Sail Boats Labrador Plan


Traditional sail boat

Sail boat Labrador sailing on a see
Room with beds on sail boat Labrador
Woman standing on a deck of sail boat Labrador
Restaurant on sail boat Labrador
Contiki Croatia Sail Boats Lopar Plan


Traditional sail boat

Sail boat Lopar sailing on a see
Bed with pillows on sail boat Lopar
People relaxing on deck of sail boat Lopar
Sail boat Lopar on the see

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