Podcast Transcripts


Scotland Local Playing Bagpipe

Episode 1

From bagpipes to hip hop, the revival of Scottish Trad music.

Woman Looking At Town Below

Episode 2

Convince Me... How I can make travel matter.

European Landscape

Episode 3

Travel Without Labels.

Woman Taking Care Of Nature

Episode 4

Moccasins and mukluks; reconnecting with indigenous cultures + navigating female solo travel.

Europe Sightseeing

Episode 5

Travelling with pride… globetrotting as an LGBTQ couple.

Group On Jungle Trip

Episode 6

Why travelling sustainably is easier than you think + vegan travel hacks.

Modern Art Tour

Episode 7

Man up: Talking male mental health and body positivity + the ultimate Europe 2019 bucketlist.

 Asia Local Experience

Episode 8

India’s Female Revolution.