Pack my bags with Contiki x Colombia

How do you pack for somewhere as diverse as Colombia? From coastlines to colourful towns, rainforest to coffee regions, this place packs a lot in.

So we partnered up with Colombia ( with a lil’ help from Alexa) to bring you the ultimate Colombia packing list. Just tell Alexa where you’re headed, and she’ll tell you exactly what you’ll need, before adding it to your personalised packing list. Got your camera for Bogota and beach towel for Cartagena?.

Got your eyes on somewhere else?

Whether it’s European cities or North American National Parks you’ve got your eyes set on, just let Alexa know and we’ll help you get that “just packed” feeling back.

How does it work?

It’s simple. Alexa asks which destination you're going to, and starts recommending items. Just tell her whether you’ve packed that item or not, and she’ll build your personalised list!

So, whether you’re curious about Colombia, heading to North America’s national parks, or looking to explore historical cities of Europe, we’ve got a list just for you.

Alexa image

Remember, keep the Alexa app handy for when you're shopping for your holiday, and you might not overpack this time.

For this skill to work, we need access to your lists in the Alexa app - that's where we save the items on your packing list you still need to get.