Trip winner: Rachael Higgins

See the magical Cliffs of Moher
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Taylor Wright Greekislandhopping

Prize winner: Taylor Wright

Take a stroll before dinner in Santorini island

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Megan Riordon Egyptandthenile

Prize winner: Megan Riordon

Ride camels in the desert

Do it on Egypt and the Nile

Adam Johnston Kiwinanapanorama

Prize winner: Adam Johnston

Take the plunge in Queenstown

Do it on Kiwiana Panorama

Francis Perez Peruuncovered

Prize winner: Francis Perez

Relax near the mysterious site of Machu Picchu 

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Jacky Chong Japanunrivalled

Prize winner: Jacky Chong

Zoom through Tokyo in a MariCAR

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Christina Tran Vietnamhighlights

Prize winner: Christina Tran

Walk through a maze of 36 trading streets in Hanoi

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Jeremy Bland Incapanorama

Prize winner: Jeremy Bland

Hike the Rainbow Mountain

Do it on Peruvian Highlights

Chelsea Kalyn Incapanorama

Prize winner: Chelsea Kalyn

Feel a sense of achievement by reaching the Machu Picchu

Do it on Peru Panorama

Lauren Rossini Adriaticspirit

Prize winner: Lauren Rossini

Take a walking tour through Dubrovnik's UNESCO-listed old town

Do it on Balkans Discovery

Elsa Pierre Europeanhighlights

Prize winner: Elsa Pierre

Make a wish at Trevi Fountain

Do it on European Highlights