Introduction to China

A China travel adventure offers virtually limitless possibilities, from space-age metropolises like Shanghai and Beijing to the snowcapped mountains of Tibet. The world's second largest country and comfortably its most populous, it's a kaleidoscope of sights, colours and experiences that would take several lifetimes to explore fully. So where do you start? Allow us to offer up a few pointers…

Language: Standard Chinese
Currency: Renminbi (Yaun)
Electricity: 220V
Visas: Click here to see if you need a visa to enter China.
Dialling Code: +86
Time Zone: (GMT+08:00)

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What To Pack

Comfortable shoes - Especially if you have big feet! You’ll be doing a lot of walking here, and you'll struggle to find larger shoe sizes in China.

A transformer - Most wall sockets in China will accept European, North American and Australian plugs, but Americans beware! Voltage here is 220V, so you'll need a transformer if you want to avoid frying appliances that run on USA voltage.

Toiletries - Bring enough to last your trip, especially if you're precious about the kind you use. You may have a hard time finding familiar brands here.

A scan of your passport - Either stored on the Cloud or backed up on your phone or USB key. The same goes for other important details like credit card numbers.

Space - Make sure you leave enough room in your luggage for all those gifts, souvenirs and trinkets!

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