Visit Iceland with us

With its huge glaciers, volcanic landscape and incredible Northern Lights, Iceland is a country of unique and otherworldly beauty. Our vacation packages will allow you the opportunity to experience first-hand its visual splendour, whether that’s thundering waterfalls like Skogafoss and Seljalandsfoss, geothermal phenomena like Strokkur and lake Víti or charming Reykjavik, Iceland's colourful capital. Our most popular trip, Fire and Ice, will have you soaking in the Blue Lagoon, taste the local cuisine and check out pony-sized horses in Skaftafell. Time to tick this beautiful destination off your bucket list!

Why travel to Europe with Contiki

You’ll immerse yourself properly into every place you visit. Whether it’s Berlin’s illuminating history or the quaint villages of Santorini, you’ll explore with a local guide who knows their stuff and loves what they do. You’ll expand your horizons and see new ways of living with unique experiences, like learning to be a Gondolieri in Venice or dining in a restaurant that supports refugees in Austria. But Contiki is about more than the destination. It’s about the people, AKA your Contiki crew. Who you’ll build amazing connections with from the very first coach ride, and maybe even become BFFs for life.

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