It would take you several lifetimes to fully explore Russia’s array of historical riches and cultural delights. After all, this is the world's largest country, a place where the average trip can take in everything from a scenic cruise through the canals of St Petersburg to a night experiencing the legendary vodka-fuelled Moscow nightlife. So how on earth do you decide what to see? Allow us to walk you through it.


Language: Russian
Currency: Russian Ruble
Electricity: 220v
Visas: Click here to see if you need a Russian visa.
Dialling Code: +7
Time Zone: (GMT+02:00 - GMT+12:00)


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What To Pack?

A copy of Gorky Park - There's no more atmospheric location to immerse yourself in Martin Cruz Smith's spine-tingling Cold War crime thriller.

Painkillers - Whether it's the famed Russian Standard vodka or one of the country's many other varieties, Russians like to drink! Be prepared for a hangover or two.

Translation app - Keen to avoid some nasty surprises at the dinner table? Use your smart phone to translate Russian to English.

Travel adapter & voltage converter - Russia uses the standard European 2-pin plugs, so most travel adapter plugs should have you covered.

Russian phrasebook - The Russian language is very difficult to learn, so your best bet is simply to learn some common Russian phrases or at least a few Russian words.

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