12 days visiting Denmark, Sweden, Finland & Norway

From colourful Copenhagen to harbourside Helsinki, this trip gives you 12 days of pure Scandinavian magic. Expect fresh air, fresh seafood, hot saunas, jaw-dropping fjords and enough natural beauty and cultural heritage to take your breath away.

A Scandinavian adventure

Follow filmmaker and storyteller Jake Rich as he takes the ultimate Scandinavian adventure and goes on the hunt for "hygge".

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Hang out in Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden | Day 8 to 10

The perfectly preserved historical centre of Stockholm is as charming as it is colourful, with its cobblestone streets, royal architecture and gabled buildings. But there’s more to this city than its elegant good looks. A vibrant, future facing culture makes the city a fascinating fusion of contemporary and traditional Scandinavia.

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Take a polar plunge

Voss, Norway | Day 6

Voss is most notable for its beautiful lake, not far from Norway’s famous fjords. There’s plenty of adventure to be found here, from bungee to white water rafting, but sometimes you’ve got to throw caution to the wind and take a leap of faith. Take a polar plunge with us into the icy lake and have a rejuvenating swim (before a hot shower and dinner, obviously).

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Cruise to fjords & glaciers

Geiranger Fjord, Norway | Day 6 & 7

Norway is famous for its deep blue fjords, which carve their way through wild vegetation, thundering waterfalls and snow-capped mountains. And Geiranger may just be its jewel in the crown, a UNESCO heritage site which is considered to be one of the most beautiful fjords in the world. Take a cruise along the sparkling waters and try to keep your jaw closed. The Bøyabreen glacier is a similarly unique sight to behold, where you can sit at panoramic windows as huge blocks of ice crash into the valley below.

Take a bobsled run

Lillehammer, Norway | Day 7

This bob and luge track - the only one in Scandinavia - also includes an enormous activity park with pulse-racing activities from roller tracks, bubble football and paintball in the summer to ski jumps, tobogganing and, of course, bobsleighing in the winter.

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