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Can you do your interview by video call or telephone?

We are moving with the times, so yes, we can offer some interviews by Microsoft Teams but it is important to say that we find it challenging to assess all the same key criteria for the Trip Managers position in this way compared with the tangible environment of a traditional interview. Interpersonal skills are important, and we can't always figure this out with technology in the way we would like to.
To allow our candidates more accessibility, we will offer many different opportunities for you to attend an interview in person in locations around the world and as a last resort will run some interviews on a virtual platform.

Is there any compensation for travel?

We do appreciate that many of our applicants travel from near and far for these interviews but we do not offer compensation for this travel - those of you who are successful will have the job of a lifetime with many opportunities to come!

When do applications open?

Applications for Europe-base Contiki Trip Managers open in August/September each year. By registering your interest, you will be the first to know when we open our applications - so put yourself in in front of the queue for an interview and register now!

What kind of passport or visa will I need to work as a Contiki Trip Manager in Europe?

You must be able to work across the European Region. This means being the holder of one of either a European Passport or a working/residency visa in a European country before commencing training in February 2025.

Is there anything else I should know?

Yes - you have to put in an application to give yourself the opportunity! Register your interest now so that you are first to know when applications open!

Still not sure?

If you require further information email us: ukeujobs@contiki.com

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