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From the manic markets of Cairo to the humbling history of the valley of the Kings, Egypt is best experienced with someone who knows their stuff. That’s why our local guides are experts in all things Egypt, helping you to avoid the tourist traps and get under the skin of this enigmatic country.

Meet Sherrif, one of our expert Egyptian guides:

What's your name?
Sherif Aboelwafa

What's your job title?
Contiki Tour Manager in Egypt

How many trips a year do you do?
Around 20 trips a year

What's the best part of your job?
When I’m able to convey a beautiful picture about my country to our travellers, allowing them to fall in love with it and become interested to learn even more.

What's your favourite part about ancient Egypt?
Easy. It has the longest recorded history in the world as well as the best preserved temples.

What's your favourite hidden gem in Cairo?
The gigantic statue of Rameses II is about to hit the big gallery of the new museum, which is yet to be opened...

What's the biggest misconception about being a Contiki Trip Manager?
People are surprised at how many awesome sites we can visit in a limited amount of time!

Favourite thing to eat in Egypt?
All the delicious local food, like falafel, shwarma and kabab.

What surprises people most about Egypt?
Although the pyramids of Giza are an obvious highlight, people are surprised at how many more amazing sites there are to uncover.

What's your favourite thing to show people in Egypt?
I love to show our travellers the authentic, daily life of Egypt and what the amazing locals are really like.

Your job in three words?
Service, knowledge and passion!

Taylor Mikulsky

Incredible trip!!!
Sheriff, the tour guide, was incredible. He did such a great job giving us information about the temples and tombs, while not dragging it on. We spent an adequate amount of time at each site. The accommodations were similar to what you would think. Egypt was such a beautiful country, and highly recommend anyone even thinking of going, just going!