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Cairngorms Woods

Hiking and Wild Swimming in the Cairngorms

5 days in Europe

A wild retreat in the Cairngorms of Scotland, with hiking, lake swimming, cosy campfires and all the comforts of a Scottish lodge.

From £835

Croatia Bridge Landscape

Hiking and Biking in Croatia

3 days in Europe

You think you've seen some beautiful places in Europe, but you haven't seen anything like Plitvice and Krka National Parks, the twin peaks of Croatia's sensational scenery. This trip is all about getting you up close to the emerald lakes,...

From £705

Devon Morning Exercises

Surf and Yoga in Devon

3 days in Devon

What do you get when you add together epic waves, vegan food, vinyasa yoga and hiking?  This unforgettable wellness weekend, hosted by local guide Elly on the spectacular North Devon Coast.  Surf, swim, gaze at sunsets, sleep and...

From £370

Lake District Walk

Hiking and Bushcraft in the Lake District

4 days in Europe

Spend 4 amazing days discovering the picturesque village of Hawkshead, honing your bushcraft survival skills, practicing medieval sports against the surreal backdrop of the Lake District or kayaking in Lake Windermere. Finish off in style with a...

Austria Alps Bicycle Riding

Hike, Bike and Raft in the Austrian Alps

4 days in Europe

Strap on your hiking boots! This action-packed adventure takes you into the heart of the Austrian Tyrol, where you'll walk scenic trails, picnic by winding streams, raft down thundering rapids and take gondola rides up the alpine mountains. The accommodation isn't too bad, either: our exclusive Haus Schöneck - where you'll get to enjoy the wonders of Austrian cuisine (and schnapps, if the mood takes you).

Foodie Trips

French Food

Food and Wine in a French Chateau

4 days in Europe

This foodie adventure takes you into the vineyards of the Beaujolais Wine Region, where your accommodation - our exclusive 16th Century Chateau - awaits. Across 4 days you'll get stuck into all of the flavours of France, including wine &...

From £495

Trip In Nature

Truffle Hunting in Italy

3 days in Europe

What could be better than kicking back in a Roman villa, strolling through the woods and taking organic cooking classes? Answer: doing it all with a local guide and his adorable truffle-hunting dogs, as you walk winding trails...

From £805

Castle Landscape

Wine Cycling Tour in Burgundy

3 days in Asia

Does it get any better than this? Cycling through the French countryside, stopping off at wineries, chateaux and riverside towns, feasting in local restaurants and tasting world class drops everywhere you go. Welcome to the Pour de France...

From £925

Adventure Trips

Elephants Safari

Learn to be a Safari Guide in Kruger National Park

8 days in Africa & the Middle East

Love wildlife? Always wanted to be a safari ranger? This adventure puts you in the heart of Kruger National Park, where you'll get up close and personal with the Big 5 whilst experiencing what life is like for Game Rangers. With your expert Game Ranger guides, you'll participate in game drives and walks, discovering what it's like to live life on the wild side. 

From £1,195

Turtles In Tortuguero

Turtle Trek in Tortuguero

3 days in Latin America

Tortuguero is a coastal park of thicketed jungles, banana plantations and winding canals, stretching into the Caribbean sea. But it's most famous as a breeding ground for the green sea turtle. This adventure takes you along the winding canals, with plenty of time for hikes in lush surrounding jungles. You'll also get to visit a conservation centre and learn how the local community is protecting this precious reptile. But the trip's true showstopper is when you head to the beach with your local turtle ranger, to see the turtles in their natural habitat. It's strictly hands off, but it's also the kind of spine-tingling, life changing travel experience you'll remember forever.

From £389

Gorillas Uganda Trip

Gorilla Trek in Uganda

4 days in Africa & the Middle East

You've been in search of the Big Five, now what about the Big Six? On this trip we get up-close-and-personal, trekking deep into the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Reserve to meet the elusive East African Gorilla. Majestic, mountain-dwelling and pretty darn massive, these magnificent creatures are worth every second of the journey through the Kigezi mountains to find them. With an expert team of gorilla trackers and local guides, a special permit to spend up to an hour with a gorilla family, and an extra game drive at Lake Mburo for wildlife spotting, prepare yourself for the most unforgettable wildlife encounter and once-in-a-lifetime gorilla experience.

From £1,999

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