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The ancient city of Rome breathes history, but it is so much more than just an ode to its glorious yet violent past. Today, Italy's capital is buzzing and vibrant, complete with lively squares, gorgeous terraces and oodles of spaghetti and pizza just begging you to devour. When in Rome, right??

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Top attractions in Rome

The Colosseum

Emperor Vespasian commissioned this enormous amphitheatre 2000 years ago as a gift to the Roman people. Makes every birthday present you've ever received seem a tad insignificant, does it not? Many heads have rolled here during the bloody and ruthless games of gladiators and animal fights. Today, costumed gladiators who are slightly less vicious than the warriors they imitate prowl around the Colosseum chatting to tourists – the perfect selfie companions.

The Pantheon
This best-preserved ancient Roman temple is hard to miss as you enter Piazza della Rotonda. Like the Coloseum, it's also been standing for about 2000 years, an impressive feat considering the size of its unsupported dome. The Pantheon was easily the most influential building back in the days of Ancient Rome, and when old mate Michelangelo saw it for the first time, he reckoned it looked more like the work of angels than humans.
Piazza Navona
This lively square with three fountains is always packed with painters and salesmen trying to paint your picture or sell you their goods. Piazza Navona is located in one of the oldest districts of Rome, and is considered to be the city's most beautiful square. We'll back that – it seriously is cute!
The Vatican
This Catholic enclave has a wall around it that marks the smallest official state of the world, ruled by the Pope. Within the confines of Vatican City there are some remarkable sites such as the Saint Peter's Basilica and the Sistine Chapel, which will leave you in absolute awe. Even if you're not one for religion and history (or Dan Brown books), the artwork inside—namely the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel—is not to be missed.
Forum Romanum
Here, you can truly taste the intriguing scope of the city of Rome during the ancient times of its Empire. The ruins of Forum Romanum used to be the political, juridical, religious and commercial centre of the city. If you own an Apple product (chances are high…), make sure you download the Imperial-Fora app that allows you to go on a virtual tour around the Forum.

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