This fun-loving Balkan state has kept its quirky culture and underrated attractions on the downlow for far too long. Landlocked Serbia makes up for its lack of coastline with rolling green plains, limestone peaks and spectacular fortresses, and offers natural kicks aplenty with refreshing summer lakes and skiable winter mountains. The best place to party in the Balkans, Serbia’s bars and clubs are some of Europe’s best and most affordable with the nightlife in Belgrade totally legendary. Trust us: if Novi Sad’s EXIT festival isn’t already on your bucket list for Serbia travel, it soon will be.


Language: Serbian
Currency: Dinar
Electricity: 230V
Visas: Click here to see if you need a visa to enter Serbia.
Dialling Code: +381
Time Zone: (GMT+01:00)


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What To Pack?

Backpack - While wheelie cases are all well and good, Serbia’s distinct lack of elevators will destroy your love for any luggage you can’t sling over a shoulder. Opt for a backpack or sports bag instead.

Light summer clothes - Be prepared for hot summers and humid weather, with light and breathable fabrics, as well as sunglasses and sun block.

Swimwear - Don’t be fooled by Serbia’s lack of shoreline. Fresh lakes and clear streams are ripe for a summer dip, so don’t forget your swimming togs.

Waterproof - The weather in Serbia is wettest in the warm summer months, so avoid getting a sweat on with breathable wet weather gear.

Warm winter gear - Be prepared for winter snow in December and bring a warm jacket, hat and thick socks, plus decent footgear. There’s nothing more depressing than cold, soggy feet.

Medical kit - Unless you’re planning a two-week wilderness trek, the basics should be fine, and you can stock up on extras in pharmacies across the country.

Passport copies - Bring a printed photocopy, take a photo or scan and store a copy on your smart phone, email or on the Cloud.

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