What makes Christmas trips so special? We think everything’s a bit more magical around this time of year - and when you throw in the excitement of group travel and all the food, history and traditions that come with it, you’re left with an unforgettable cultural adventure. Trust us, you’ve not experienced the true meaning of Christmas until you’ve done some European Christmas market tours, sipping a steaming mug of mulled wine as twinkling lights guide your way.

So where’s the best place for a Christmas getaway?

It depends what type of traveller you are. New York always has something magical in the air during the holiday season; or if you don’t care for traditions and want to spend Christmas on a beach with a cocktail in hand, we recommend Australia or Asia. But if you’re looking for classic festive adventures, Europe will always rule the roost. Ski season in the Austrian Tyrol is perfect for those cosy winter vibes, while you can take some great cheap last minute Christmas trips in places like Prague, Budapest or even the Iberian Peninsula if you’re hunting some winter sun.

But for our money, two of the best places for Christmas tours have to be Amsterdam and Paris.

Whether you’re cruising down the Seine, or seeing the Eiffel Tower lit up at night, you’ll be full of festive spirit on our Paris for Christmas trip. Amsterdam is all sprawling canals and charming gabled houses, with lively parties, vibrant markets and delicious food. Take our Amsterdam for Christmas tour and you’ll be admiring all that beauty from the water on an included canal cruise and eating cheese in the pretty district of Edam. Take advantage of our Christmas travel deals below and enjoy a festive winter holiday season with Contiki!


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Which Christmas market is best in Germany?

The most famous Christmas market in Germany is probably the one in Nuremberg, but there are also incredible Christmas markets to visit in Dresden, Cologne, Hamburg and of course Berlin. Germany arguably has the best Christmas markets in the world, where you can enjoy nourishing bratwursts, steaming mulled wine and hot chocolate, of course.

Which is the best German Christmas market to go to?

Our favorite Christmas market has to be Winterwelt in Berlin. Starting all the way back in November, this huge market transforms Berlin into a festive playground, alight with twinkling lights, nourishing food and steaming mugs of mulled wine or hot chocolate. And, because it's Berlin, the whole thing turns into a party in the evening.

Where is the best place to go for Christmas markets?

Europe is the place to be when it comes to twinkling Christmas markets, but where to go in Europe is a more difficult choice to make. There's Vienna, Austria, which has the perfect regal architecture to buoy up that festive spirit. The first Viennese Christmas market took place in 1298 and to this day there are 20 beautiful markets to choose from. Germany is similarly famous for its Christmas markets, with particularly famous events taking place in Nuremberg and Berlin. Prague, Copenhagen and Stockholm all have wonderful markets of their own.

Which city has the best Christmas market?

There are lots of incredible Christmas markets all across Europe, but for our money, the best ones are in Berlin and Vienna. These are authentic locations to experience twinkling Christmas lights, rich and nourishing food and hot mugs of hot chocolate or mulled wine, as well as live music and many different cultural quirks.

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