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What’s the difference between your trips?

Once you’ve decided where you want to travel with Contiki, then you need to decide how you want to travel, and that’s where our travel styles come in. Our trips are grouped into helpful styles where they share similar attributes, making discovery and comparison fast and easy.


Discoverer (See it all, do it all). See more of each destination on our most popular travel style, with a wide range of experiences included, spending your nights in comfy, conveniently located accommodations.


In-Depth Explorer (Go local). Culturally rich, food-centric and getting under the skin of a particular country or region, with nights spent in cozy accommodations close to the action.


Iconic Essentials (Stretch your budget). Explore with only the essentials included to keep costs down. Customise your trip with Free Time Add-Ons and sleep in accommodations that are simple, unique and super fun.


Sailing (Sun, sea & sand). Have you’ve got your heart set on sailing Australia’s Whitsunday Islands, cruising around Croatia’s Isles, or living it up nautical style on islands around Turkey?


Short Trips & Festivals (For life's moments). These trips are about celebrating life’s moments, dancing till dawn at festivals or seeing in New Year some place seriously special.


Ski & Snowboard (Keep it cosy). Do you have some sweet skills on the slopes, or want to see mountains dusted with a sprinkling of snow and give skiing/snowboarding a go?


Knowing how you want to travel is mighty important, as it means you’ll be travelling with people who want to do all the same stuff as you, and you won’t be disappointed with your travel experience.

How do I know what’s right for me?

To know which travel style is right for you, you need to know exactly what it is you want to get out of your trip. We’ve created a helpful quiz here to learn your travel style.

How do I book a trip?

Our website and search function will show you all the different regions we explore, and from here you can filter by type of trip, length of trip, price, etc. If you’re more of a people person and want to chat to one of our team, give us a call (find and we can book your trip over the phone or via onsite chat).

Can I book more than one trip at a time?

Absolutely. Why limit yourself, right? In fact, if you book more than one trip at a time, we’ll say thanks by offering you a discount on your second trip. 


Please note each trip will need to be booked individually online.

What is your cancellation policy?

We get that sometimes plans change unexpectedly, so our cancellation policy offers you absolute flexibility:

FLEXDEPOSIT – FlexDeposit is a policy that is automatically applied once you've paid a deposit on any Contiki trip. It means if you need to cancel for any reason, your deposit will remain secure until you're ready to use it, ensuring your deposit isn't lost if you can't travel on your original trip as intended.

FlexDeposit can be used up until your 36th birthday, after which time it can then be transferred for use with any other travel brand within The Travel Corporation family of brands. It can also be gifted to a friend within 5 years of the original booking date.

You can find out more info by visiting the link below:

–  Find out more about FlexDeposit here


If you would like to cancel your Contiki trip for any reason, please refer to the booking terms and conditions that can be found here.

Do I have to pay all at once when I book?

If you are booking your trip well in advance of the departure date, you only need to pay the deposit upon first booking, this will secure your place on the trip. The remaining cost is due 60 days prior to departure. If you are booking 45 days or less before the trip departure date, you will need to pay the full amount of the trip up front. 


Click here to find out more about our flexible deposits & freedom guarantee.

How much is the deposit?

To see how much deposit you need to pay on a trip you are interested in just select a date for travel, scroll down to the ‘your trip summary’ section, and your deposit amount will be listed there.

How do I make payments?

You can make payments towards your booked trip through Manage My Booking.

Can multiple people make payments onto one booking?

Multiple people can make a payment on a booking, but only if they are travelling on the trip and their name appears on the booking. 

However, anyone who is not on the booking can also make a payment via Manage My Booking once it is set up. So for example if your parents want to pay for some of your trip, this can be easily organised once you book your spot.

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Confirmation and documentation

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Okay I’ve booked, now what?

Once your booking has been confirmed it’s important to provide us with all required details before you travel, and you can do this at My Contiki. 

Just head to www.contiki.com and click on the profile icon on the top right hand side to log in or sign up. Here, you can also amend your booking details and access trip itineraries.


You’ll also need to make sure your trip is paid off in full no less than 60 days prior to departure. Necessary documents for your trip will then be sent to you around 21 days prior to your departure date. These documents include vouchers, airline tickets (if purchased through Contiki), a day-to-day itinerary including information about the Free Time Add-Ons available on your trip, and a traveller's information booklet (subject to the region you’re travelling to).


Please leave enough time to read the documentation and complete any necessary declarations etc required for travel.

What do I need to get onto the trip?

On arrival, you will need to provide your Trip Manager or Contiki rep with your booking confirmation, travel insurance details, passport details (If travelling internationally) and emergency contact information. 

Please ensure you also have a physical copy of your passport if you’re travelling outside of your country, and proof of any visas purchased.

When will I receive documentation?

All documentation will be sent via email around 21 days prior to your trip departure. You can also access information on your trip by signing up to My Contiki via the top right icon of the homepage.

Can it just be emailed to me?

If you’d rather have your documents emailed over to you, please just let your reservations agent or travel agent know and we’ll sort this out for you.

Can I book out a whole trip?

Yes, you can take over and book out an entire Contiki trip! You just need to have the minimum amount of people travelling together on the same itinerary, booking at the same time.


Please chat to us prior to booking to discuss the best options for booking out a complete trip.

Do you do custom trips?

We are able to create custom trips using our social travel practices, these include new destinations, activities and itineraries. Custom trips require a minimum number of people who are all travelling together and booking at the same time. 


To discuss options please contact our reservations teams with your requirements or email them customgroups@contiki.com.

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